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HPI the Blitz 1:10 scale 2WD EP Short Course Truck

bannert HPI the Blitz 1:10 scale 2WD EP Short Course Truck

 Awesome Short Course Action!

What is all this ‘Short-Course’ stuff about?

New for some, however, off-road short-course racing is nothing new. It’s what we have been doing within the R/C industry for years!
As the R/C industry takes a considerable amount of styling cues from full-size motorsports, the short-course R/C rage is no different. One look to the off-road sector of motorsports, short-course racing is what is in style or trend right now. But is it just that, a trend or fad?
In recent years, short course racing has come to be in the mainstream consciousness more and more, with crossover racing stars and major companies taking part in events like the X-Games, Baja racing events, rally racing, motocross freestyle competitions and even BMX dirt jumping and mountain bike trials. Off-road is BACK, and in a big way!
This doesn’t mean that HPI is brand new on the scene, though – ever since the release of the Savage in the early 2000′s, then the monster appeal of the Baja and 5T truck, HPI has been at the forefront of the off-road scene around the world. Our fabulous 120-mile trip on the famous Barstow to Vegas off-road run and the even bigger 800+ mile jaunt around the edges of Iceland proved that the Baja was not only rugged enough to make the journey, but that it could go much farther than anyone could anticipate!
While our 1/10-scale BLITZ Short-Course Truck is new, HPI is not new to the game of off-road.

chassist HPI the Blitz 1:10 scale 2WD EP Short Course Truck
The Blitz is the perfect off-road basher, as well as a supremely confident racing machine. Based around a lengthened version of the E-Firestorm chassis – which has proven its worth when fitted with a monstrously powerful Flux brushless motor – the Blitz includes features that you wouldn’t expect, but drastically improve durability, handling, rear traction and utter coolness!

The Blitz can take big air: take-offs and landings are a breeze, just control the nose of the truck with a blip of throttle or a dab of brakes.

The Blitz lands superbly off the jumps: a massive skid plate adapted from the Baja 5T protects the front end while the long-stroke suspension cushions the blow.

The Blitz handles like a dream: officially licensed Maxxis Trepador Comp tyres grip all surfaces and 3-degree rear uprights help keep the rear end planted.

expo 725 HPI the Blitz 1:10 scale 2WD EP Short Course Truck

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