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F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Race Report F1RCGP

f1rcgpr8 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Round 8 F1RCGP2009 in Shizuoka 2

f1rcgpr8 1 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Weather: Sunny, temperature: 34 ℃, Humidity: 60%, surface temperature: 39 ℃
F1RCGP2009 eighth leg of the circuit of the world’s largest class was held in Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit. Shizuoka final two races at the same time, the size and suitable for decorating the end of the round of Honshu, the first eight races held in enhanced facilities, and also overlap Obon holidays, like I had a time where all participants feel relaxed and productive . This F1RCGP2009 eighth leg of the circuit’s annual Kakegawa, RC Festa 2009 held concurrently with the things and say, part of the day F1RCGP, part of the night by touring the three-hour endurance race will be two-part.

f1rcgpr8 2 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report
Sunny weather is forecast from the beginning of the week unusual. Weekend Saturday, Sunday is the rain without worry, practice, production was held at the weekend with a dry surface. However, hurricanes occur in southern Honshu and No. 9 is forecast for Sunday night flowing through the clouds. Weather is a little nervous about the race of the night.

f1rcgpr8 3 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report
Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit opened in December 1996. Sakittosupekku the land area of about 7000 square meters, one lap course is a whopping 320m, 70m have the home straight, medium-grained asphalt pavement. Corner specialty is riding through the home straight, followed by falls from one corner chicane. So far a few things here and I think we were engaged in a battle of the name. Green Zone is a well-kept lawn maintenance works perfectly as an escape zone. Usual practice is for the main engine car, and found oil on the road, the grip is always good. Around the road course and adjacent fields for the crawler. Has one more day to enjoy with his family.

f1rcgpr8 4 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report
Number of participants in the day, F-1 local classes: 21, F-1 Class: 19, F-1 Grand Prix classes: 10 Team 16 from a total of 56 people. Tamiya Shizuoka Seventh Circuit, following his tournament, also held in this special provision TAMIYA F-1 set a local class. Feel free to enjoy the F-1 as a class is like is taking root. However, F1RCGP Official class CAN do an F-1 class, F-1 Grand Prix class. F-1 cars in the local class rules, so I fully Meru Official class vehicles are more and more looking forward to the challenge.

f1rcgpr8 5 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report
Management staff will continue to last, TEAM EPOX members and asked everyone. The management, everyone, players and big success. Reta smooth progress in the race, gave me back up the entire tournament. F1RCGP is頂I help you enormously to teams of each venue like this. In doing so, the compact organizational structure, enabling global Rajikonkaresu.

f1rcgpr8 6 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report
In addition, F-1 Grand Prix class, two more joined the new team tournament. Shizuoka familiar with two teams each, one PAPER MOON. Koketsu, PAPER MOON is the center of the owners, TAMIYA F-1 WORLD CHAMPION led by world-class team of Arakawa. Second, Team EPOX in large active young drivers racing circuit in Kakegawa, American Akahori, young team consisting of players power. Management has been made by Mizoguchi and accurate to the axis of the owners of the shares one major tournament can count on one thing.

f1rcgpr8 7 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report
Where the action is, F-1 Grand Prix class Morita Futaba F-1 Racing players will be three or straight? ! And Alex Racing Doraibazupointorida Kambayashi players are determined to win here or a shot put world champion? ! I said. Series 10 races, will compete in five of his points valid F1RCGP has been witnessing a race to a climax top. Kambayashi player Alex Racing, Futaba F-1 Racing Morita two players came down with a sense of the name players accelerate it by dividing the points into what will anyone is interested I have it.

f1rcgpr8 8 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report
Furthermore, such a constructor is also interesting to know the car manufacturers and car showdown. The F103 was first golden season, joined by a new manufacturer models so far, TECH F125, TRG 109 and T cars are becoming more creative design without the bar. And recently became TAMIYA F104 was released from being tested followed by the deployment of combat forces. Currently, F-1 Grand Prix win in this class machine, F103 series (including conversion) is five wins, TECH has two wins. Or two to win this on any machine other than the vehicle, looking forward to the future.

f1rcgpr8 9 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Practice Day
Linger after a long practice day. Alex Racing player Kambayashi, Yokoi Player, Team Tech F-1 players Tamura and Anthill players are working hard to set up a vigorous defense. Kakegawa Circuit here, F1RCGP2009 course that requires the most speed. Each player, set the gear ratio, which is like taking a lot of time in the selection of wing and aero parts. During such, the team had one team attention. House loan. RENAULT RE30 player is yellow Nakao, ZEN the “L79″ type is based on the body and has been running very well balanced. More and better rear wing, had been reinforced with a wire running like the wind Manai. Different colors in the body of nostalgia to twist things could sail fast like some of the things you say can prove things run faster.
Meanwhile, the local Team EPOX, Akahori players are players fast-paced laps. Teams race the top surprise team, the time of the first half hitting 22 seconds. Akahori F103 players use the information for 22 seconds and also comes with a 20, Alex Racing Futaba F-1 Racing, and the pit starts to buzz. Team EPOX driver is driving, knows that line Kakegawa Circuit, which is a role model for everyone. Over the fence, a variety of players, including the ones gallery. F104 players use the bounce because the symptoms are found in small gaps, the team once it is aligned two people here will no doubt A main advance.
Alex Racing, the car had been Modefaido Kambayashi players. The main changes to the rear section, we have added the two books Saidodanpa. (Manufactured by Kawata) last two races, Futaba F-1 Racing is the only situation in which to lose the top spot, this is the state that contains the equivalent spirited races. Saidodanpa added a new machine is faster and increasing the exit speed of a spoon curved corners. Team EPOX nearly 22 times to even things out and have a half second. F-1 Local Class, F-1 class player is like a rough sets have been hung Mari soup in the evening. F-1 Local units in 26 seconds, F-1 class and one 24 seconds, about two-second gap. The difference is larger than other circuits. So long straights, F104 also hear the Narotoreddo the aerodynamic advantage. Production is what really happens.
Today is sunny, and everyone can freely test run. Battle of tomorrow will no doubt become a high-level things. Each of three classes, or who will win, where the time difference is so narrow it is difficult to predict the state. The fast track is an absolute advantage in the pole position. As you become a theory that what really upset happen?

f1rcgpr8 10 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Day tournament
Day event, sometimes dazzling sunlight comes in through a break in the clouds. Very hot day. The path of Typhoon No. 9 recently occurred, and say things will speed care, early and open gate, even without making a fuss this morning we are preparing our staff and management. In accepting the F-1 motor, you can check the local Class. In addition, each will receive the decal maker F1RCGP support. Precisely because there was a staff meeting the day before operation, practice, opening ceremony, at any time progresses ON. The race schedule has changed significantly, and things so far, the two qualifying times, the final A, B is said and done only main thing. Because some of the things of the night race, the content is a bit clogged. For our players, it takes one to make a mistake and soon reach the qualifying time, A people who main aim is qualifying race will become more serious things. In the morning practice, running the same pace as yesterday everyone. F-1 Grand Prix team class was a little upset, Team Tech F-1, Futaba F-1 Racing, ZEN is also speeding up. This area Grand Prix class. Teams identify their problems overnight, and the ability to resolve outstanding. Team Tech F-1 in particular, brought the wing made Po Rica is a good result out like that. Just look at the process and the race is curious is why we are the class of Grand Prix classes.
So begins the opening ceremony, remarks from the Chair declared athletes have been declared dry, finally Kakegawa F1RCGP 8th round in the circuit is started. How fast will win the coveted Battle Who’s who you burn off, a variety of drama, so I think there is, let’s go look at closely.

f1rcgpr8 11 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

First qualifying round
F-1 local classes first qualifying round, slightly more clouds, the breeze blows, we start the qualifying race. In this round, the players and flat, wilderness (win) does a great race in the gallery is also excited about the players. Ferrari was painted in crimson color with two beds. Players and flat to a good start early in the race 25 seconds out of the lead 920. Okamoto, without the two players from the midfield to run the place, two wilderness become the market leader (win) 10 marks the anniversary with players. Players and flat 10L4: 21.350, wilderness (win) is about four seconds behind the players, 10L4: 25.190. This 10-lap mark only two players. Nine fastest laps, the players competed in earlier missed Okamoto, 9L4: 00.250. The rear, the 1.4 seconds in the six units deployed Meku. Yamamoto, Watanabe, this volume, Sakurai, Ito, Saito was by the players, particularly players Watanabe, this volume is one player I had not raced in a stable state of the surface heat, further in the next round time up seems to be possible. A border is a main player in pink color Kenji Suzuki. 9L4: 08.750 is. Do not put single already with nine laps, A high-level qualification has become the main say tough.

f1rcgpr8 12 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report
F-1 qualifying round first class, each car speed up dramatically, followed by a 10-lap race for granted. There is a hell of a time beating issued, Hibino player 10L4: 00.960 (Best 23 seconds 950) Reach into force on 11 laps. At this time approximately 2 to mark the seventh time in Butchigiri second. American car Hibino, 7up simple color F103. Aerodynamic body parts Ronozu relatively simple. Flowing from the end of the straight, clean lines were impressive take. Contrast, state-place finish two balls later. Players and flat 10L4: 07.240 to lead the 10 largest wilderness (Naoki) player 10L4: 14.730 is up and about seven seconds ahead. Best race of this round, three heats of the players Suganuma, players battle Abe. 0.5 ~ 0.7 in the middle of the battle from a second, last, but I HS player of the half-spin, spectacular goal top 10L4: 10.350 was. F-1 from the class, each player during qualifying, so time to compete in a row in a very narrow box at the bottom position every lap. You can not miss a moment.
F-1 Grand Prix class, or even speed up. 30T is the motor speed will be really suspicious or commercial. However, F1RCGP so the main class, where I hope to get a big surprise to everyone in the high-speed race. Having them do get surprised by player’s breath 1, Team EPOX Akahori of the players. Wow, the Doraibazupointorankingutoppu, Alex Racing Top goals while playing the Heat players and Kambayashi, Get provisional pole! Round And best lap, 22 seconds 120 mark also. Akahori Player Team EPOX 11L4: 07.310, Alex Racing Kambayashi player 11L4: 08.490, ending the 11 single-lap time. Place 3 or later, Big +3 Racing (Racing Big Three plus) players Kawano, Team Tech F-1 Anthill players and lasts up to 10 players place Nakao house loans expanded 3.3 seconds to cut the eight-ho name. Grand Prix is really high class level, there are spectacular. 11 to 12 laps put you in the name of the player. Meanwhile, ZEN players Hashimoto 10L4: 03.820 in the 15th, Team and goes – I? Kawanishi, Yoshiyuki players in 10L4: 02.840,10 L4: 05.680 and stagnation. Take place and the pressure is already reach the final two rounds of what you want to inspire to.

f1rcgpr8 13 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Second qualifying round
The second round of qualifying, final qualifying round will be smiling today, but this is crying. Since you completed the preliminary arrangements and in the morning, one player in particular was a disappointing second round, which is like a hastily set changes.
First Local Class F-1 Qualifying second round, plays the revenge has just missed out on the players competed Okamoto. Players and flat, wilderness (win) players kept up the chase, 10L4: 24.600 mark. It emerged fastest overall 2. Best lap round, the player 25 seconds flat and 780, second best is Okamoto, wilderness (win) 26 seconds put the two players almost to 090 units and 25 second places. Mark the anniversary of 10 players is now three. Later one lap 9, the player follows from Saito, Top 10 Sakurai (Takao) until the players do not have a difference of about only 2.5 seconds. Is very hard-fought. The qualifying Sutaggasutato method, after the second round, start fast forward players, players say things approaching from behind at a fast pace from his players and is promoting the race and say things like make way , the local class is a little inexperienced players, many now tend to multiple crashes. Grip as well, players have two rounds of time up to 66% are absent but also supported it. Unfortunately missed the top 10 players in the crash is a hope and luck the next race. Local Class F-1 pole, determined players and flat. Issued in one round of 10L4: 21.350 became effective.

f1rcgpr8 14 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report
F-1 class the second qualifying round, F-1 class has been cut Sutaggasutato well, 84% or more players are self-updating time. Here, again, 7up players issued a super lap color Hibino. Class only 11 laps, 11L4: 24.170 marks in the excellent time. Best lap also, shortened 0.37 seconds, 23 seconds 580. Won a stunning pole position. Would stop this momentum players who Hibino, is off the van, wilderness (winning) players, 10L4: 05.380 mark, signed players and flat, two rising fastest. Suganuma of the fastest players up to the squad is no different Nemasu the earlier rounds, seven had emerged as the fastest color Sakurai Williams (Yuta) players. Go to battle hard with the players and Murata, 11, was jumping up from the place. 10 wilderness place (Naoki) player 10L4: 11.990 players were updated all the time until the first two rounds. Someone to go round, the race will be the time up we are very excited. This final round, players with the most time up, players Torii Hitomi. 1L0: 26.730 from, 9L4: 04.460 to update and showed me the last sail fast.

f1rcgpr8 15 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report
F-1 Grand Prix class, second qualifying round. Super Lap issued earlier round of the Team EPOX Akahori players, really F-1 Grand Prix and the race’s first class, you can Get the pole? I just hope that everyone is high. However, the scene after the start accelerating now, from the greatest momentum spin 180 degrees. One lap is 25 seconds away and hit the cars would have swallowed up the rear group. Top of the runaway at this point, Alex Racing Kambayashi of players. Falls in the chicane and bounced a cool race. However, the odd player catching up was not followed Akahori. 21 seconds out of the 980 best lap, and hectic chase players Kambayashi, following a path with many predecessors. 0.76 in the last two and a second place finish, and showed me the power forward in the final battle. However, the pole position, Alex Racing Kambayashi players. The first round of the Olympic Team EPOX Akahori time exceeded 2.22 seconds, 11L4: 05.090, best lap was 22 seconds 010. Career pole position three times in the season’s four for the victory of good grids seizure. 3-place finish, ZEN players emerged Hashimoto. Top two are open, but little from one groove, 11L4: 09.010, marked a 22.210 best lap. The fourth player in Anthill Team Tech F-1, also finished on a range of different vehicles. PAPER MOON place five players from jumping up 12 Arakawa place. TAMIYA F-1 and only owner of the power of the world champion can be expected to advance further in the final top. 10th Team Tech F-1 from the top players Tamura up only 7.75 seconds. Who will win the race yet, is to predict a difficult situation, “The fast track is an absolute advantage in pole position” in the end wanted to leave, but said the notion that it’s not, where I think everyone you.

f1rcgpr8 16 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

■ ■ qualifying
Class F-1 local
Hitoshi Kenzi one place and 1R10L4: 21.350

Rank 2 Okamoto Tiyuki 2R10L4: 24.600

3 wins wilderness place 2R10L4: 24.940

Rank 4 Minoru Saito 2R 9L4: 01.520

Volume 5 of this place Taku 2R 9L4: 01.680

Rank 6 Itou Tatsuo 2R 9L4: 02.350

7 Watanabe place 2R 9L4: 03.290

Rank 8 Kenji Suzuki 2R 9L4: 03.400

9 Shinya Yamamoto Takashi place 1R 9L4: 03.530

10 Takao Sakurai place 1R 9L4: 04.100

11 Matsuura Kenta place 2R 9L4: 10.240

Takashi Suzuki capacity 12 place 2R 9L4: 11.450

13 Masuda Toyohiko place 1R 9L4: 12.910

14 Aono Atsushi place 2R 9L4: 14.490

15 place Yoshifumi Saito 2R 9L4: 18.210

16 Shigematsu Takakazu place 1R 9L4: 18.580

17 Akihiko Koda place 2R 9L4: 19.960

Rank 18 Takeuti Hideto 2R 8L4: 03.650

19 Yamasaki Takashi place 2R 8L4: 11.220

Rank 20 Yamaguti Takashi 1R 8L4: 14.730

21 Mizuno Osamu Yoshi place 1R 8L4: 14.750

f1rcgpr8 17 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

F-1 class
Hibino Tatsuya one place 2R11L4: 24.170

2 wins wilderness place 2R10L4: 05.380

Position 3 and Tadashi Kenzi 2R10L4: 05.500

4 Terada Masayuki place 2R10L4: 06.690

5 Murata Takahiro place 2R10L4: 07.530

Rank 6 Suganuma Yuuya 2R10L4: 07.940

7 Sakurai Yuuta place 2R10L4: 08.110

Rank 8 Itou Shigeharu 2R10L4: 08.760

Rank 9 Motizuki Ken 2R10L4: 10.810

Rank 10 Harano Naoki 2R10L4: 11.990

11 Abe Noriyuki place 1R10L4: 12.110

Kenji Suzuki 12 place 2R10L4: 12.270

Small 13 place Kou Hiroshi 2R10L4: 12.850

14 Watanabe place 2R10L4: 14.100

15 Tanaka Akihiro place 2R10L4: 21.270

16 Torii Hitomi place 2R 9L4: 04.460

17 Akihiko Koda place 1R 9L4: 08.120

18 Shigematsu Takakazu place 2R 9L4: 15.150

19 shows Daisuke Sakaki place 1R 8L4: 12.740

f1rcgpr8 18 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Class F-1 Grand Prix
Kamibayashi Hiroshi 1 Rank (ALE) 2R11L4: 05.090

Place 2 Satoshi Makoto Akahori (EPO) 2R11L4: 05.850

Rank 3 Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 2R11L4: 09.010

4 Shinya place Anthill (TTF) 2R11L4: 09.880

Arakawa Tsutomu 5 Rank (PAM) 2R11L4: 10.140

Place 6 Morita Shigeru (FUR) 2R11L4: 10.700

Rank 7 Yokoi Akihiro (ALE) 2R11L4: 10.780

8th David Tse (FUR) 2R11L4: 11.210

Rank 9 Kawano Takayoshi (BI3) 1R11L4: 11.420

Hideki Tamura, 10 place (TTF) 2R11L4: 12.840

Place 11 Naoki Kuroda (FKS) 2R11L4: 13.690

12 Takahiro Shimizu place rocks (EPO) 1R11L4: 13.810

Rank 13 Noriaki Nakao (LOH) 1R11L4: 14.750

14 Toshiaki Koketsu place (PAM) 2R11L4: 20.260

15 Kawanishi, Noriaki place (IKE) 2R10L4: 00.070

Go 16 in place Yoshiyuki (IKE) 2R10L4: 00.700

f1rcgpr8 19 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

For final
We are following C main players, but will be confirmed at the final qualifying position, A, B were the main players are waiting for the race. What if the main goal was also pleased the top, which feels good. Players do not give up until the very end, things will Riru the goddess of victory. Looking over the other players, Motamente, cut tires, and working carefully and grease. Only high-speed circuit appears to be mainly heavy vibration in the car take the burden. Like-tighten the screws and other items that are required. Team Tech F-1 provides for the setting is worried about something like Anthill players. Tech athletes to use this machine, all F-1 Grand Prix class A to reach the main it is like a rich amount of data. However, even a headache or too much?
Also, Alex Racing Yokoi of players is to keep such a strong stand on Hitotoppu 1:00 in qualifying. Or players that can frustrate colleagues Kambayashi? Or turn to assist you, there are also interesting. Both drivers won the main A team is only because only four teams will be an important element in the strategy team. Before the final, the rows of cars lined up on the grid next to the player, calling out the names Aremasu. Starting from pole position to maneuver units. Each player, and we are engaged in the final Ra motivation.

f1rcgpr8 20 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Main Final B
F-1 race a local class B main. Showed outstanding reflexes at the start, Matsuura player determines the good from the pole star. In its rear, American Suzuki, silver color, followed by Ferrari color players Masuda, Aono, followed by the players. Suzuki’s two fastest lap was the best player 27 seconds 760.4 fastest athletes in Aono, 26 seconds Ferrari 760. Aono, gradually catching up in front of the players, the two fastest group of cars are replaced with two Ferraris. Meanwhile, the player takes away Matsuura. Matsuura players, the white color scheme, the original color of the red line. Lead is still about two seconds. Behind the Aono Ferrari still has the players competing Masuda. Then, in the chicane to fall between two cars crashed, two Suzuki again regained the position players. But the faster pace of average players better Aono, and two Shimasu place. Second and third place amid a heated battle, Matsuura further extend the lead players, played a top goal. About four seconds ahead of second place, American Aono, Silver Arrow Suzuki third player, 4 is an amazing place, well break out the confusion, Yamaguchi, 10, joined the players start second. Matsuura is still elementary school players, players are looking forward to the future.

f1rcgpr8 21 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

F-1 Class B main finals. I sat in front of the stretch in the timing of the start, two players from the Red Bull Suzuki color grid. Pole players caught in the chicane Abe falls, rising to the top. However, it also short-lived, returning stabbing players in the players Suzuki and Abe, the top one concludes the first lap. Suzuki is a little perplexed at what the players, crashed in the last corner, unfortunately retreat. Olympic curlers Abe painted bright red running with the leaders. Its back, two-color approaches Watanabe Panasonic players running in the place. Both players, hanging down the back straight, pass the player Abe, Watanabe players reach the curve in place spoon. Floats to the top. Then, place three on the road, the Red Bull athletes Oe, Takeshi charge with 24 seconds out of the 840 best lap. Abe signed a player, Watanabe approaches to the leading players behind. Watanabe players to be outdone, 24 seconds up the pace with 820, but where players Ri Ritai Red Bull Oe, Oe preceded Rae even better than the average player. Both vehicles, Panasonic TOYOYA against Red Bull, the situation resembles a real car like. This battle will be brought to the fore in the last lap last corner. Oe the curve at the end of spoon players, but side by side and touch the players and Watanabe, Watanabe driving players to leave a little space. It was too close to call until the very end, the top goal Watanabe Ge Ri Panasonic players. Oe player wowed the audience with Red Bull is fair play, narrowly ranked second from the race venue was greeted with a standing ovation.

f1rcgpr8 22 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

F-1 Grand Prix Class B main finals. FUKUSHIMAYA TEAM KIWI Maruboromakurarenkara at the start of the step leading players Kuroda, showing a bold offensive players Nakao house loan, players pass the spoon curve and then Kuroda. Lone house on top of one players Nakao concludes the first lap. Order is Nakao house loan, FUKUSHIMAYA TEAM KIWI Kuroda, Team EPOX followed in the order of players. Renault Color Nakao of the top players in the nostalgia. Further Ki Chimasu venue. However, FUKUSHIMAYA chicanes Falls Kuroda Maruborokara players, players shake Nakao ahead, the path followed from the out at home straight. Kuroda players will rise to the top again. Nakao was second with 1-2 players still in second. Here, three heats up race for second place. Team EPOX players, PAPER MOON is Koketsu players. They are two different people without a second one, very narrow. The attention of the venue. Then, two in the middle and run the place alone, one player caught in the turf loan Nakao Corner House, stack. Position will drop significantly. Two become the market leader here,  Koketsu both players. Special battle hung in the second half begins. F104 driving a Team EPOX, F103 Koketsu players in PAPER MOON, Great battling each other not budge an inch. The car is fast chicane Falls, bouncing pattern of the back straight on the turn. Koketsu players are moving in reverse. The car felt good and bad points of each other there is like a last-minute limit. Several times and are neck and neck, the back straight on the turn player  Me is the most weak players and Koketsu, moved up to position 2. Meanwhile, FUKUSHIMAYA Kuroda players to build a gap of about five seconds, top goal intact. Tracking the players to take home second place finish Koketsu, Team EPOX joined the players.

f1rcgpr8 23 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

■ ■ Main B Final Standings
F-1 local class B main
Matsuura Kenta one place 18L8: 10.300

Rank 2 Aono Atsushi 18L8: 14.180

Takashi Suzuki 3 position function 18L8: 21.870

Rank 4 Yamaguti Takashi 18L8: 21.980

Yoshifumi Saito 5 Rank 17L8: 06.860

6 Akihiko Koda place 17L8: 13.850

Rank 7 Shigematsu Takakazu 17L8: 14.940

8 Masuda Toyohiko place 16L8: 26.790

9 Yamasaki Takashi place 15L8: 07.770

10 Mizuno Osamu Yoshi place 15L8: 10.390

f1rcgpr8 24 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

F-1 Class B main
Watanabe one place 19L8: 03.400

Place two small Kou Hiroshi 19L8: 03.700

Rank 3 Abe Noriyuki 19L8: 15.650

4 place Torii Hitomi 18L8: 01.340

5 Tanaka Akihiro place 18L8: 04.600

Rank 6 Shigematsu Takakazu 18L8: 16.310

7 Akihiko Koda place 18L8: 23.880

Rank 8 Kenji Suzuki 16L8: 24.180

9 shows Daisuke Sakaki place 16L8: 26.210

f1rcgpr8 26 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

F-1 Grand Prix Class B main
Naoki Kuroda one place (FKS) 21L8: 08.130

Takahiro Shimizu place two rocks (EPO) 21L8: 13.250

Toshiaki Koketsu 3 position (PAM) 21L8: 13.590

Rank 4 Noriaki Nakao (LOH) 21L8: 22.740

Go 5 in place Yoshiyuki (IKE) 21L8: 23.610

Kawanishi, Noriaki 6 position (IKE) 19L8: 15.450

f1rcgpr8 27 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Local Class F-1 A-Main
Local Class F-1 A-Main final. First got out of the start, players and flat color Ferrari from pole position. Behind the multiple crash at the chicane two groups waterfall place! From the first group of top players dropped Okamoto was painted black color white. Falls Rimasu the chicane. Possession of second place has changed, players Yamamoto Yellow Arrow. But time takes time from 26 seconds 27 seconds late. The faster pace of around 0.2 seconds, three players will be surrounded by the pink color of the Suzuki group place. Here, players show the guts Yamamoto. 2 Yamamoto to race for second place, Suzuki, Watanabe, Panasonic color, but the battle is trying to involve the American wilderness to Ferrari, a painful crash in the chicane Falls Yamamoto players! Soon after, two more battle Ri Garimasu place. Now, Watanabe, wilderness, Okamoto, Ito, Saito joined the players, the five major battles in two seconds ahead 2-3. Meanwhile, sky, and the dominant players and the top flat. Panasonic color Watanabe currently running in place two players. The well-ins with their players Ferrari wilderness. And two players to rank wilderness, chasing players and flat, was probably time up here. Paul and team to race to flat rock-solid players made the Wynn. Okamoto busted three players battle for third place in the first half, but Watanabe to inspire players to capture the last lap, leaving him. 3rd place: players Watanabe, fourth: Okamoto players finished in that order.

f1rcgpr8 28 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

F-1 Class A-Main
F-1 Class A-Main race. Hibino 7UP players of color, lay the lead at the start as early as great. Chicane waterfall dive, and after two very place in the melee, two wilderness Rotasukara second start (win) is back as early as the players involved in a crash. On lap one, the one place: 7UP player color Hibino, 2nd place: Murata players with a yellow tone, 3rd place: players Brabham Terada, fourth: First order of players through Williams Sakurai. Hibino top players, three players ranked Terada driving time of 24 seconds early. Changed, or the two largest players fail to Murata some speed, mid-24 second time. Brabham players to gradually Terada, Murata 2 ranked player behind approaching, the end of the straight path. Two moved into place. Then, the three exciting race for second place, Murata, wilderness (win), three three-way player Sakurai player. American wilderness and Murata (win) contact between the players, the stable running jump up to three position players Sakurai. Then, the players and flat from the back of Ferrari’s charge in the late opposition from the six fastest. Murata players, the players left without a victory wilderness, the back of the players at once Sakurai. However, in an ingenious way players block flat Sakurai players and Ferrari Williams. Kita Harano player is flat and the gap from the back (win) and the players, the state is sandwiched between the players and Sakurai. Then, what’s urgent, painful crash in the chicane dive falls flat and players. Upset one’s rope out. Sakurai three players place a comeback. Hibino top players, meanwhile, between the two players Brabham Terada already gaining monopoly position in 4.7-second lead. Then, eight-minute call. Hibino players showed a great race, I decided the championship.

f1rcgpr8 29 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

F-1 Grand Prix class A-Main
Class F-1 Grand Prix final A-Main. Alex Racing to the top of the pole position players Kambayashi, entrance to the chicane Falls 10 units simultaneously. An upset here. Morita players Futaba F-1 Racing, David Player, Team Tech F-1 players Tamura, BIG +3 Racing Tech Kawano all the players driving a car crash four players! 、Futaba F-1 Racing 。 Falls Rimashita chicanes already. Drivetrain problems. The team, David Wing players system problems, the follow-up to Marshall, catching up from the back. Futaba F-1 Racing for the first lap will be tough. One shot took the pole position players Alex Racing Kambayashi, second: PAPER MOON Arakawa, third place: Team EPOX Akahori by the players. Place after 4, ZEN players Hashimoto, Tech runners only survived in the chicane Falls Team Tech F-1 followed by Anthill player. Alex Racing Yokoi players body system is in trouble, driving the rear. Start 2 grid, while driving three position players Akahori Team EPOX, two charges of driving PAPER MOON position players Takeshi Arakawa, Falls chicane good, like there is a step in the rise of the hairpin, takes to shake the Arakawa . However, even desperate block Arakawa did not pass in punching hard. Then the end of the straight, when one gets to a corner, the players caught in the grass Akahori, Stack! Reduce to five grid places at once. Then, ZEN players on behalf of three moved into place Hashimoto and fourth Anthill Team Tech F-1 players. Later, Akahori player tournament will be 21 seconds, the fastest 990 mark, hectic chase. Rank Team Tech F-1 driving four players signed Anthill, ZEN can place up to three players behind Hashimoto. Far the top player Alex Racing Kambayashi, second, PAPER MOON Williams Arakawa order. Backward, and three second-half race for second place, and then rapidly heated up by a neck. Hashimoto ZEN players, but players Akahori blocks well, runs a line of players who are tough line on the leading edge of such hairpin Akahori. 4 laps around the ZEN player Rimashita Hashimoto, and it comes before the players finally falls Akahori chicanes. Akahori player is still standing tall, pursues a two-place, at this point after eight minutes, will be the last lap. In front is the top race, Alex Racing Kambayashi players, PAPER MOON Arakawa only the pursuit of beating two seconds, winning impressive! Paul three times to win his career win four ornaments, dominating the top rankings as well, further expanding the lead point, F1RCGP2009 the Doraibazuwarudochanpion, almost succeeded in determining the land of Kono Kakegawa. The other two races, and the challenge of the record is 50 Itai luck aiming point by a full point. Meanwhile, second Arakawa PAPER MOON, both third player Team EPOX Akahori, F-1 Grand Prix class debut, happy podium. Congratulations.

f1rcgpr8 30 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Awards podium champagne
F1RCGP with the inclusion of the usual champagne, a podium awards. Local F-1 class, F-1 class, F-1 Grand Prix Class 3 recognizes the top three in each class. In each class, “The fast track is an absolute advantage in pole position” in accordance with accepted theory says, Paul was to win many races. Especially in terms of setting, I think there were many who struggled with the aero package? Various problems, and gained victories among them, I think winning is an extraordinary thing. I also help the heat, you name us what we really Zubu champagne until wet. The usual is something entirely different, temporary bliss, and warm applause from the gallery had.

f1rcgpr8 31 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

■ ■ A-Main Final Standings
Local Class F-1 A-Main
Hitoshi Kenzi one place and 19L8: 21.030

2 wins wilderness place 18L8: 04.280

3 Watanabe place 18L8: 07.910

Rank 4 Okamoto Tiyuki 18L8: 08.350

Rank 5 Itou Tatsuo 18L8: 13.210

6 Minoru Saito place 18L8: 14.330

7 Takao Sakurai place 18L8: 15.250

Shinya Yamamoto Takashi eight place 18L8: 22.340

Rank 9 Kenji Suzuki 18L8: 23.790

10 Taku place this number 17L8: 13.990

f1rcgpr8 32 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

F-1 Class A-Main
Hibino Tatsuya one place 20L8: 11.360

Rank 2 Terada Masayuki 20L8: 14.350

Rank 3 Sakurai Yuuta 20L8: 20.720

4 wins wilderness place 20L8: 21.480

5 Murata Takahiro Rank 19L8: 00.810

Rank 6 Harano Naoki 19L8: 01.270

Rank 7 and Hitoshi Kenzi 19L8: 01.700

Rank 8 Itou Shigeharu 19L8: 01.970

Rank 9 Suganuma Yuuya 19L8: 04.410

Rank 10 Motizuki Ken 19L8: 10.240

f1rcgpr8 33 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

F-1 Grand Prix class A-Main
Kamibayashi Hiroshi 1 Rank (ALE) 22L8: 20.690

Arakawa Tsutomu 2 position (PAM) 22L8: 22.620

Rank 3 Satoshi Makoto Akahori (EPO) 21L8: 00.470

Rank 4 Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 21L8: 01.940

5 Shinya place Anthill (TTF) 21L8: 08.620

Rank 6 Hideki Tamura (TTF) 21L8: 14.470

Rank 7 Kawano Takayoshi (BI3) 21L8: 16.150

8th David Tse (FUR) 20L8: 02.330

Rank 9 Yokoi Akihiro (ALE) 20L8: 15.290

10 place Morita Shigeru (FUR) 0L retire

f1rcgpr8 34 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Award Besutorukkinguka
Besutorukkinguka Award, the Red Bull athletes Kou Hiroshi small, RB5 was determined. Closest to real color was wonderful shows at a glance from a distance. In the wide front wing, there is also a contemporary point. Might be proud body brought come, please join the race. (Besutorukkinguka award is actually for the body of the car running. Not just for decoration only brought in will be exempt.)

f1rcgpr8 35 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Awards draw overall
Is the number of participants this time were many, the things Mashita finish the race safely and on time schedule. It started with the Team EPOX is operated thanks to the staff. We use your thank you for this place. Now, the entire long-awaited ceremony, and, banquet, we moved to draw fun. This capped F1RCGP offer a free gift from manufacturers willing to agree to sponsor each capped, the award goes to all participants. As it is usual lavish gifts, I like everyone was very happy. In addition, the banquet, you interact with various regional players, I would positively impact the communication. Come take advantage of this opportunity, a lot of fun making friends in the future I hope that if RC頂Kere send your life.
And closing ceremonies. Presents a review work from today’s race game in the last chairman, and then greet the president. Close all books in this year’s round of Honshu. See you next time somewhere, and say things, this convention has been successfully completed. Thank you.

f1rcgpr8 36 F1RCGP Round 8 Race Report

Camera data F1RCGP major tournament
Camera data F1RCGP first major competition will be 8 races. Who was also played, even more people in, and it’s helpful when you join or how the next. F1RCGP2009 Round9 is next scheduled to be held Oct. 18 (Sun) RC Oita Marathon Kusumi circuit park. Before that, Tokushima Prefecture in Shikoku, BIG +3 RC circuit at, F1RCGP Festa in Shikoku is made. This competition, F-1 Grand Prix class on other classes, competition is expected to be elaborate. RC F-1 fans are planning to play for the tournament feel. Come and we look forward to your participation everyone.

Share Share Puroposhea Car Amplifiers

Share of players who share Prefecture motor battery

Cooperation capped a run of the tournament staff, Epoch Co., and everyone in the TEAM EPOX, like Tamiya, Inc. gave us a rental circuit manufacturers like sponsors, represents an official thank you to everyone in and . Thanks so much. The  Sama, Mashita the thing to end the tournament successfully. The remaining two series races. Since we intend to take the race to enjoy making everyone, thank you in the future.

Translation from: http://www2.odn.ne.jp/~cai36980/F1RCGP/Racereport2009/rr2009r8.html

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