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Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

F1RCGP race report

f1rcgpr7 1 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

7th race F1RCGP2009 in Shizuoka 1
TAMIYA CIRCUIT 2009 years Sunday, July 26

f1rcgpr7 2 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

Weather: Sunny, temperature: 33 ℃, Humidity: 67%, the surface temperature: 48 ℃
F1RCGP2009 7th leg Tamiya Tamiya RC circuit was a mecca of freaks. Weather forecast from the previous day was a good chance of rain, sunny day is completely different. The sun beat down hard, and hot day. The feelings of all the players participating, but to make the weather change, about not help feeling like the weather was amazing.

f1rcgpr7 3 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

For management staff, who belongs to the epoch in Shizuoka are in a long time, TEAM EPOX received the cooperation of the members. A total of more than 15 staff, We have to backup the entire tournament, F1RCGP Since its opening, the system is safe.

f1rcgpr7 4 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

Tamiya circuit is a circuit at a very old history. Open circuit goes back to 1978. The year 1984 began with TV Tokyo, “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” get to know everyone in the living room, and now Japan’s most famous circuit. The start of the 1992 national championships from Tamiya. RC nationwide event as a gathering place for fans to establish a position of immobility. In such a great venue for F1RCGP can do is very welcome as long as. SAKITTOSUPEKKU, one lap 150m, 30m and back straight, the track surface was decorated with special coating. The triangular layout is familiar, this layout has not changed over 30 years.

f1rcgpr7 5 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7
Participants in the day, F-1 local classes: 21, F-1 Class: 28, F-1 Grand Prix classes: Team 9, a total of 58 people. Local F-1 class, TAMIYA special provisions are implemented, which is more prone to take part in the Tamiya freak, F-1 to allow double entry of class. Just change the tires and motor, F-1 is to be casual to the point of challenge. Also, from the F-1 Grand Prix racing class house loan. RENAULT RE30 body was painted in beautiful colors, a modern F-1 was boldly challenging other teams to be armed with the body. This is impossible only in radio-controlled, race is timeless. F-1 is the scale Shimo Makoto enjoy, Shimo Yoshi speed pursuit, many people thought. Color is the future we hope to enjoy.
In this tournament, the players and Alex Racing DORAIBAZUPOINTORIDA , KONSUTORAKUTAZUPOINTORIDA Futaba F-1 Racing entry and the name of the players and Morita. Morita will play for the sixth game in CREST SPEED WAY Gunma tournament victory, has emerged as the top championship bound. Two points of conflict, showing how developments in the second half, I need to find out where.
The team will be significant from the previous setting TRG, to appoint a second driver Hasegawa. Gunma sixth game of the match from the 40 patterns have been tested many days. TOREMASU see that dramatically increased the speed in practice at the time of the fact. The system by the two teams who are also great for setting up speed. Class F-1 Grand Prix team is registered, 3rd to include up to three drivers can be registered. 1 person 2 people, two people who combined the power of the people, benefit from many times.

f1rcgpr7 6 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

Teams battle the first place: Futaba F-1 Racing, 2 place: Alex Racing, 3 place: RUSH, 4 °: ZEN, 5 place: Team of the race by Banchou. Alex Racing second in charge of the second half, 3rd, so you probably will change depending on future development of the team drivers Yokoi, look here.

f1rcgpr7  Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7 

In addition, F-1 local class, F-1 highlights the class is full, too. Influence the local circuit Tamiya did know, or who shows how the running, and if I push it to the local influence. And so I think most players are running around in TAMIYAREGYURESHON, the difference between the car and other places of fact, whether a drug, whether or not as I thought? Also, Tamiya F104, the first since the release F1RCGP will be the outcome of the battle between cars and Tamiya F103? And so on. The preamble is a bit long now, many places F1RCGP 7th Circuit Tamiya in Shizuoka game, finally started the race.

f1rcgpr7 7 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

Practice Day
The rain from yesterday morning. I had to come to practice on the track of several players, it was raining and the course closed at the discretion of the circuit manager. If true, all participating players will also be trying out a place setting when wet. The decision is a bit disappointing, all the players equal say in the matter, I think we can be. (The next race at the Circuit Kakegawa course is open even when it rains the day before.)

f1rcgpr7 8 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

The weather forecast for tomorrow is 60 percent chance of rain is still no less than forecast. Their preparation for the wet road, and KYAPPUDOTAIYA pattern was preparing to rubber tires. F1RCGPA the side of the operation, for players who do not have a rubber tire, Pit Shimizu F103 of preparing 60 sets of rubber tires. You expect anyone to rain on the day, you feel that the measures he takes. The circuit in Tamiya, the state was declared wet, the tires of the adhesive coating of rubber bonding, tires pasted to the surface of double-sided tape is that of NG. F104 is now not yet released the rubber tires, F104 secure grip when wet and is hard at. Case said, F1RCGP But the F104 is the next place that I have been working to prepare the rubber tires.

f1rcgpr7 9 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

F1RCGP to war several times, most of the players are already familiar, making cars that are supposed to rain. For dry and wet draws for cars, mechanical or wrapped in a rubber tube and Tupper, the key contents ITA deft. Compared to other categories, F-1 is difficult to flooding during the wet composition. For the tires out of the body, not even inside the body floating in the mist and the water splashes up. However, it would be best to give all possible measures. Wet first player in particular, around the first player who is accustomed to, let’s listen.

f1rcgpr7 10 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

No practice today for the first time F1RCGP Day and the conditions tomorrow are expected to track the storm! In the rain to be expected by anyone, I smiled the goddess of victory?

f1rcgpr7 11 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

Day tournament
Morning of the day, everyone will be surprised. sky, the sun is shining. Rain has been so much rain falls, the rain clouds and it was going where. Today is a good way, contrary to all expectations, I like the hot summer ahead of the race. Courses are already open, and the diligent practice of each player. Rubber tires for the wet heavy sponge replacement tires, and back to the mechanics of economic measures for a waterproof dry, take all the fancy footwork in the corner. The track was wet for a day in advance, yet the grip is low, but it may come up to the people. When you look at the morning practice, players DORAIBAZURANKINGUTOPPU Alex Racing has been steady and marked a good time. In addition, TRG will also look good. RIAGURIPPU also been secured, I saw the excellent sharpness of the corners. And Futaba F-1 Racing team KONSUTORAKUTAZUTOPPU Morita, David showed a sail fast players. TECH the F125 was launched in sharp corners. Local F-1 class, F-1 class, accustomed to driving lines RIMASU local influence. In particular, F-1 of the players line up class Yamazaki, F-1 is the reference for the Grand Prix class player. Then, after sufficient practice time for each player, the race finally started. DORAIBAZUMITINGU and, at the opening ceremony, officials from the long match in Shizuoka F1RCGP 7 has been loudly proclaimed the opening of the circuit Tamiya.

f1rcgpr7 12 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

First qualifying round
Local F-1 class first qualifying round, this round, players Yamamoto, Shoji players, the players to compete Kubota Akihiro 0.7 seconds, the race is already strained. Kubota Akihiro one player divided painted red to blue to white heat 17L4: 12.130 to lead off with three players divided Yamamoto painted in yellow on the heat, each player Shoji, 17L4: 11.420,17 L4 : 11.710, 17, both in great running into you lap. Closely by the End of 17 laps, 16 laps in a single 8 and say, race is a class at the local level. This round, ROKARUKURASUBESUTORAPPU, Shoji, 14 seconds 430 players. The first criterion is the start time.

f1rcgpr7 13 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

F-1 qualifying round first-class, one of Ferrari in the first Heat player Sugiyama 17L4: 05.010, the best 14 seconds 100 times a threat. Of course, MABUCHI motor 540 in F-1 class is fast-paced. However, a scene that appears to be increasing slightly in error. I fall on a hairpin curve after another car in the middle of the course. No mistakes, no matter how you get the time up is like running MAZU important. Heat the final third, the race will be the role model, Lucky Strike players showed Yamazaki color! Total only one 18L4: 13.820, the best 13 seconds, 13 seconds 910 mark. Won the provisional pole position in the sail fast and surprised everyone. , 2nd place: player Sugiyama, 3: Akabori player 17L4: 06.880. Slightly less than sense of place is the difference from the spread.

f1rcgpr7 14 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7
Class F-1 Grand Prix, a go from the first qualifying round of 13 at a high pace expanded further with the second mark. The strength of the sun, the temperature is 30 ℃ over adverse conditions, dust off the track gradually, it has a grip on the running line. Heat 1 of the top point of the player holding Alex Racing, TRG! Rookie race, the top goal Hasegawa. 18L4: 05.490, give him the best 13 seconds 350. This is everyone KIMASU regular race drivers. This Heat, ZEN players Yashima, suffering from the change of settings designed for a wet track, the pace GARIMASEN. Also, Futaba F-1 Racing David retreat in the middle of the players made a big mistake. The second heat, Futaba F-1 Racing sail fast Morita players. The ZEN players and Hashimoto, Alex Racing is followed Yokoi player. GARA the early pace, but a little catch on the curb, Morita player 18L4: 05.910, Best 13-second mark to 230, total time of 2 seconds. This round, the top seven, ZEN player Yashima a 18-lap mark and is likely to be fighting a very high level.

f1rcgpr7 15 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

Second qualifying round
Second Qualifying Round, lasted from the morning practice, and digested by a round, and gradually up the road surface grip. This target is expected to be a good time. Also, by the start of the heat, the order was read to fast, so you can start, you will be less confusion in qualifying.

f1rcgpr7 16 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7
Local F-1 first class second qualifying round, with a sail fast, stable running throughout the first Heat player Kubota Akihiro. Great line-up before entering the straight, particularly in the fast growing speed. Time 17L4: 07.270, best is 14 seconds! 320. Than the earlier rounds are up more than 0.25 seconds. Followed by the second heat, the battle Okamoto major players. To drive the F104, a competitive exchange , running in a stable drive. Battle of the close of the Wisteria While the players and winning in 0.69 seconds, Legue goal. The third heat, leading to another car at high pace from the start of the player Shoji, Kubota Akihiro with players of the 13s just a 320 with a best time, the top goal, 17L4: 10.090. The last three players have put in 17 laps. Ferrari team win wilderness 17L4: 13.950, and Yamamoto players a second time round was BIMASEN, 17L4: 15.710 marks. The winner of this round’s end, one of the first heat race, Kubota Akihiro players, and lead in the second difference of about three seconds. Shoji second player, Yamamoto’s order of play. Top 10 of the big jump up in the earlier rounds of the top 16 players Harano Naoki, 10 people on a provisional sixth, 16L4: 01.540 U immediately but 17 laps into the office said.

f1rcgpr7 17 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7
F-1 class the second qualifying round, to sail fast players, and three times the preliminary count, 17L4: 05.770 give. The 040 was the best 14 seconds. However, it ran at a pace more than the players and the final heat Yamazaki, Shoji player. 13 battle it out for a second, if the players involved in the crash of regret Shoji, both 18, were in full sail fast to get around. Yamasaki will update the time the players themselves, but one of the 18L4: 13.370 marks. 940 best of 13 seconds. Shoji is a player, 17L4: 06.890, best is 13 seconds 980. The whole time while prone, the round was played in a record can not unexpected accidents and crashes. Or go to the stable, no matter how you feel are the key to victory.

f1rcgpr7 18 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7
F-1 Grand Prix class, second qualifying round. There was a storm in the heat. TRG running with a best lap of Hasegawa, SHI KATTA in the second half, the big drops of rain RIMASHITA moment. And some sun, rainy weather conditions. RI ITA 1-2 minutes by rain, HITOKYANSERU. After the five-minute interval, the heat can get to the final round. Followed by the second heat, rain and dry in a wink, a dry start. Futaba F-1 Racing car from the other players early Morita 2-3 seconds separated the top determines the goal, the record heat this BIZU as I thought, 18L4: 05.110, in spite of all the runaway top slightly above the best of only 0.8 seconds. Also, many players consider 13 and the second was not only the best of the midfield, is estimated to fall slightly above the road surface in rain. Followed the last heat, heat it again. Virtually no INBABARU only about 10 minutes, but I think it was the lack of time to run the battery charger, Alex Racing ran a great run at exactly the players. Hasegawa has a 060 best of 13 seconds and then follow him out, many small mistakes, in the middle stall. Futaba F-1 Racing has changed the race in a clever David RI MASU the two players.” as players finish in the top of provisional pole position time, 18L4: 02.160 marks. Best 13s 140.2 ranked players David, 18L4: 05.680, best is 13 seconds 400. As early as 13 to be paid a second time quite early, the top is TENAI deployment. In general, the first place: Alex Racing players, second: Futaba F-1 Racing team Morita, 3rd: TRG Hasegawa, fourth: Futaba F-1 Racing David athletes, fifth: ZEN players and lasts Hashimoto .

f1rcgpr7 19 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

Third qualifying round
Across the final qualifying round of lunchtime third and final stage in the practice setting in your lunch break. Players have not yet made time to update SHIKUMO are looking back to using our time.

f1rcgpr7 21 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7 
Local F-1 class last round, players are great running SEMASU Kubota Akihiro even now. Better than just bending, S RAMANAKU was out of character and approach. Total 17L4: 04.870, what is best about the best 14 seconds 200 seconds and the 2.5 update. This class has won the pole position players Kubota Akihiro. Heat in the other two major players battle for the Heat, Matsuura Kenta. It is still his primary school students. Tip in the red body color and white, with no noticeable color, but shows us the presence in the race. 16L4: 02.840, but the heat was the second time, the 11th overall SHIKUMO. 14 still had to jump up from the place, the player is certainly promising. Other local class is in the final round, the top five to be updated all the time, the position has had no major changes.

f1rcgpr7 20 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7 
F-1 class, a player first Sugiyama of heat, or to win back what has failed in the earlier heat, self-update the time with no mistakes in practice. 17L4: 03.350, best 160 time is 14 seconds slow. 2 players Akabori second by a neck, followed by a second player Hibino. Actually, to presage the beginning of what the Miami Heat. It is up to update the most from the best players. Heat continue, players 17L4: 02.830. Heat the wrap in just 13 seconds to 2 player Snake Kubota Satoshi, Terada player. This last round, you can update your time, and also updates the next person, and just goes GORUDENHITO of WARI. F-1 level back up from the class driver, the system begins to start working SUTAGGA appears to be a major cause of expansion has been smooth. F-1 class in the final heat, and split-time players and Yamazaki, 18L4: 13.320 in pole position! Best lap, the player Shoji, 13 seconds 830. MABUCHI 540, but was impressed with everyone’s time to get here. Looking back over the top 14 best names in the first round three update. Updated at best 70 percent or more players. It is really fantastic!

f1rcgpr7 22 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7
Class F-1 Grand Prix final round of qualifying, F-1 increase in the floating-class atmosphere, one of the first lap of Heat TRG Super Hasegawa, 18L4: 00.770, the best 13 seconds in the 140 provisional pole position. This Heat, or the contented place had problems in the car, cut the pace early in Alex Racing players still 18L4: 03.540 reasonable time, then, by a narrow margin of Futaba F-1 Racing 18L players of both David and the three second mark. In the final heat, Futaba F-1 Racing team to record a tremendous time of Morita. From the beginning to end, a perfect line, to maintain the pacing, and the only one tournament! 19L4: 12.570, the best 13 seconds in the 030, won the pole position! Heat’s second goal of the two players Alex Racing Yokoi nearly six seconds to build the lead, was the runaway. Yokoi from players, three players go in 5 seconds 18L. Led by Alex Racing player Yokoi, TRG Takeshita player, ZEN player Hashimoto. I feel fit to come 0.95 seconds. In general, second: TRG Hasegawa, 3rd place: Alex Racing players and results, in this class, the top seven, even 77 percent overall update of the best players. The Miracle in the very exaggeration to say that is not round, it was special stage.

f1rcgpr7 23 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

Qualifying position ■ ■
Local F-1 class
Kubota Akihiro a place 3R17L4: 04.870

2 Syouzi Akira’s 3R17L4: 09.170

3 Yamamoto Takuya’s 3R17L4: 10.000

4 Victory’s wilderness 3R17L4: 13.870

While Akira Fuji’s five Yun 1R16L4: 00.120

Volume 6 of this table top 3R16L4: 01.170

7 Harano Naoki place 2R16L4: 01.540

8 Sakurai Takao place 2R16L4: 01.700

9 Sakurai Hiroshi Serpent’s 3R16L4: 01.880

10 ° Itoo Tatsuo 3R16L4: 02.310

11 Matsuura Kenta’s 3R16L4: 02.840

12 Okamoto Yuki’s 1000 3R16L4: 04.240

Suganuma Yuuya 13 ° 3R16L4: 04.450

14 ° Katou Hiroshi 2R16L4: 04.770

Kenji Suzuki 15 ° 3R16L4: 05.500

16 The ability to place Suzuki 3R16L4: 07.350

17 Shigematsu Takakazu place 3R16L4: 09.450

18 Saitou Makoto’s 3R16L4: 09.740

19 Akihiko Koda’s 1R15L4: 04.860

Saito 20′s comic history 3R14L3: 58.220

21 Umehara Yasuhiro place 2R14L4: 10.370

f1rcgpr7 24 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

F-1 class
Takashi Yasushi Yamasaki a place 3R18L4: 13.320

2 Syouzi Akira’s 3R17L4: 00.160

3 Sakurai Yuuta’s 3R17L4: 02.490

4 Tozaki Hiroshi place 3R17L4: 02.830

5 Sugiyama Hideaki place 3R17L4: 03.350

6 Kubota Akihiro place 3R17L4: 03.540

7 Akabori Satoshi Makoto’s 3R17L4: 03.790

8 Hibino Tatsuya place 3R17L4: 05.280

9 Kubota Satoshi Serpent’s 3R17L4: 05.430

Suganuma Yuuya 10 ° 3R17L4: 05.910

11 ° Terada Masayuki 3R17L4: 05.950

12 ° Harano Naoki 3R17L4: 07.160

13 No. Victory wilderness 3R17L4: 07.500

14′s rock Takahiro Shimizu 3R17L4: 08.300

15 Ozaki Nirou place 2R17L4: 08.660

16 Shinya桜尾place 1R17L4: 09.740

17 ° Katou Hiroshi 3R17L4: 09.810

18 ° Murata Takahiro 2R17L4: 12.270

19 ° Morita Kouhei 3R17L4: 13.740

Sakai Takayuki 20 ° 2R16L4: 00.700

21 ° Hukushima Tokuo 3R16L4: 07.640

22 °川地crown 3R16L4: 08.410

23 Yokoi Kenzou place 2R16L4: 10.200

24 Shigematsu Takakazu place 2R16L4: 11.200

Sato Hisashi 25 ° 3R16L4: 13.170

26 ° Kenji Suzuki 1R16L4: 16.690

27 Nishizawa Makoto’s 3R15L4: 04.040

28 Akihiko Koda’s 1R14L4: 01.260

f1rcgpr7 25 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

Class F-1 Grand Prix
Sakai Takashi Morita a place (FUR) 3R19L4: 12.570

2 Hasegawa Atsushi’s (TRG) 3R18L4: 00.770

No. 3 Kanbayashi Hiroshi (ALE) 2R18L4: 02.160

4th David Tse (FUR) 3R18L4: 03.740

5 ° Yokoi Akihiro (ALE) 3R18L4: 05.000

No. 6 Takeshita Atsushi (TRG) 3R18L4: 05.510

7 ° Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 3R18L4: 05.950

No. 8 Kisho Nakao (LOH) 3R18L4: 07.530

9 Yashima Sadaaki place (ZEN) 1R18L4: 13.850

f1rcgpr7 26 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

For the final
We now begin the final. F1RCGP the main features and to a strict division. That’s what I say and not say, for example, an absent there in the class even if only 11 people, one B and one in Maine. This is why, if 11 players qualifying for the position A case in Maine, 10 people from ANFEA feel. Only one final time, will happen even more top players to retire at any incident. Such players, and a lower position than the main draw of the qualifying is not true. The race is not only fun, it’s the whole point of frustration and bitter race, F1RCGPA consider.
For the race, I looked out around me, and reminded that many players will have to change the setting to greed. RIAGURIPPU order to ensure, to convert from CHITANAKUSURU or carbon stainless steel shaft, adjust the wing angle, changing pace, and everyone was made final adjustments using the know-how. For the front section, a change in the amount of steering TORERUOFUSETTO block, drastic changes in the steering characteristics, the players set to turn more aggressive, and hung off a block or inline, a variety of thoughts. And the number of sides of the drawer, the F103 series from Tamiya, F104 and, TECH F125 series, TRG F109 and diverse, and I think can be flexible. Each player, for the final, it will draw a scenario?

f1rcgpr7 27 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

Maine final C
Local F-1 Class C Maine final, and played the final cancellation Umehara, DNS. Straight, 21 was confirmed. F-1 Class C final Maine. Fukushima players a grid of Ferrari Color, the laggard at the start, NADARE MIMASU the timing of the outstanding players in the corner of Williams instead. After the chaos of the start, came back one of the first lap, Ferrari Fukushima players, players Yokoi Kenzou color Mild Seven Benetton, Williams by the players. Then soon, the players passed away moment he emerged on top quickly, the temptation to fall at the hairpin. Fukushima KIMASU the top players again. In the middle, hard charging Williams players, the players passed out in front straight from Fukushima,  MASHITA the top. The players is ready to build a large lead in the back Fukushima Miss players, while the gap opens. This remains one place: players, 2nd place: Everyone thought that when players finish in Fukushima, Fukushima players slow down suddenly at the end, this second: Yokoi Kenzou players, 3: Jump to Sato up, C ended Maine.

f1rcgpr7 28 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

■ ■ Main C Final Position
Local F-1 Class C Maine
Umehara Yasuhiro D.N.S one place

F-1 Class C Maine
Place a crown川地33L8: 13.560

Yokoi Kenzou 2 ranked 32L8: 10.120

3 Sato Hisashi place 32L8: 13.890

4 ° Hukushima Tokuo 31L7: 47.960

5 Nishizawa Kiyoshi place 31L8: 09.710

No. 6 Kenji Suzuki 29L8: 07.810

7 Shigematsu Takakazu place 28L8: 15.340

8 ° D.N.S Akihiko Koda

f1rcgpr7 29 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

Main Final B
Local F-1 Class B final Maine, Matsuura players decided to a good start and led the race early. From the back, then push hard Okamoto players, players that do not have elementary school driver Matsuura JIRU. Then, further back, RIMASU three players who started from the grid Suganuma. Hashi Suganuma players Okamoto players pass, the two emerged. Then, after repeated over and play dead heat Matsuura, Suganuma finally stands on the top players. Incidentally, this cutthroat contract, all using the F104. Suganuma players remained focused until the end, F-1 class B decided to score top local Maine.

f1rcgpr7 30 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7
F-1 Class B final Maine. Stands a good start at the top players from the starting grid Terada. Then there was the subsequent scene wean more than two seconds, five from midfield players RIMASU Ozaki Ferrari started from the grid. Battle of two people, over 10 laps, melee involving a lapped pattern. Until the last corner of lap REMASHITA, Terada 0.25 RIMASHITA players barely a second.

■ ■ Main B Final Position
Local F-1 Class B Maine
Suganuma Yuuya a place 33L8: 12.170

2 Okamoto Yuki’s 1000 33L8: 14.270

3 Matsuura Kenta place 33L8: 14.630

The ability to place four Suzuki 32L8: 05.920

5 Saitou Makoto place 31L8: 03.030

6 Katou Hiroshi place 31L8: 04.450

No. 7 Kenji Suzuki 31L8: 10.340

8 Akihiko Koda’s 30L8: 13.880

9 Shigematsu Takakazu place 12L3: 34.800

10 Saito’s history Hee 2L0: 25.390

f1rcgpr7 31 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

F-1 Class B Maine
Terada Masayuki one place 35L8: 11.270

2 Ozaki Nirou place 35L8: 11.520

3 Harano Naoki place 34L8: 05.010

4 Victory’s wilderness 33L8: 00.200

5 Sakai Takayuki place 33L8: 01.530

6 Murata Takahiro place 33L8: 10.280

7 Katou Hiroshi place 33L8: 15.170

8 Morita Kouhei place 32L8: 03.720

9 Takahiro Shimizu’s rock 31L8: 09.700

10 Shinya桜尾place 8L1: 54.130

f1rcgpr7 32 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

F-1 class A local Maine
Local F-1 class A main final. Kubota laggard players at the start of the pole, the former MA to follow. Change at the top of the dash made a great start, players Shoji fluorescent yellow color to white. Early second GEMASU 1-3 lead in the second. Behind the players and Ferrari win plain color, having a close battle at the start of play was delayed Kubota. Kubota player is running in the player to win two straight before a wilderness place, Shoji gap with the top players at this time, a bit straight. Edge and from there, you lost the difference between the players and Shoji. Now the final lap, the player RIMASHITA Shoji Kubota, right behind the players, the players in KIMASEN slow and Shoji. Shoji tenacity of the players in the game, stunning the local F-1 class is winning!

f1rcgpr7 33 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

F-1 Class A Maine
Maine Class A final F-1. Great start in Yamasaki’s star player, Paul, and protect the top. After the battle position is a very early scramble. Williams Best Looking Car Award, and Sakurai Yuuta players, players scramble through the first Kubota has increased. The further back in the confusion following the 1:06 start Akabori players had to run the fastest. Lucky Strike is a top player Yamazaki color, place a little distance between the top two players Kubota, entered the match with three players in midfield in order Akabori. Akabori players will play hard and Kubota charge, it is a mistake Invitation Kubota players, and only two stabs in place. Then takes the player catching up to Yamasaki. Difference at that point, one-minute round and straight. Gradually difference boils down to is, Yamazaki players are in a little cruising. The second half, it was assumed to be MOTABURO the heat and push it. Minutes remaining, while several players to MOTABURO, Yamazaki players made a clever run to the final race, F-1 class was a ladder. Second place is catching up players showed Akabori. F-1 was third in his class at the local Kubota players entered.

f1rcgpr7 34 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7


A Class F-1 Grand Prix of Maine
F-1 World Grand Prix Finals Class A Maine. The pole Morita Futaba F-1 Racing team has lost its grip at the start, back up to third. Alex Racing 。 The final, and demonstrate great concentration. Second TRG Hasegawa. Immediately after the start, TRG’s 1st retired early because of problems with drivers Takeshita player missions, this is where I want hard Hasegawa. A scramble early in the wet, the four players at regular intervals. 1st: Alex Racing players, second: TRG Hasegawa, 3rd: Futaba F-1 Racing team Morita, fourth: Futaba F-1 Racing’s like David and the team goes. And reach the middle, TRG butt mistakes Hasegawa, Futaba F-1 Racing Morita two players emerged. Alex Racing IMASU players. Then, after two laps the battle for the lead, contact HEAPINKONA near it. There were also put in place TRG Hasegawa involving the top three cars will be a mess. Was the ANRAKKI, TRG will be a fall in Hasegawa. Later, back at the top players , and fall immediately after the mistake at the hairpin. Morita player stands on top. At the point of HEAPINKONA today, I’m going to a lot of drama here. Here, once the race settled, David and two players to jump up. Morita Futaba F-1 Racing team is to win it takes a two-game winning streak. The 3rd team of driver David KIRERE keep the game player, a very advantageous situation up even more opportunities. However, David athletes, the narrowly player. Back then, Alex Racing driver of the 3rd player Yokoi, TRG has just come fall Hasegawa. Passed around the midfield, Alex Racing team tried to pass David players around the corner letter S, it contacts the two cars! Important development in the late crash involving a successor. Then, the starting grid! Team Nakao house loan two players jump up to third. Renault yellow color of nostalgia, excitement and a large gallery, the cheer Fly. Then, David athletes, athletes , and followed by Hasegawa. This 4 car then back to David the top players on the grass, which controls the car well and the gap that way TRG Hasegawa has to jump up two places. And third by Alex Racing player. At this point, Morita players running for the top alone is about an eighth of a second lead, cruising state. Then the sound of eight-minute call, won a fierce battle in the summer of Shizuoka Morita players decided to win! 2nd: TRG Hasegawa, 3rd place: Alex Racing player, fourth: Futaba F-1 Racing David athletes, 5th: Alex Racing player and resulting Yokoi.

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Morita players will continue to win two races ago. As a member of the team, Futaba F-1 Racing is for the advancement KONSUTORAKUTAZUTAITORU. In DORAIBAZUTAITORU, F-1 world champion for, points leader Alex Racing is where I want to go any RAITSUI player. Next, Kakegawa tournament against No. 8, the title race more interesting, is expected to be a race full of spectacular. Do not miss it.

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Awards podium champagne fight
The annual award is F1RCGP podium. Local F-1 class, F-1 class, F-1 Grand Prix class for the top three awards in three classes. Local F-1 class, winning the veteran players Shizuoka Shoji local drivers. Tamiya TA05Ver2 was awarded with the prize. 3 players will win a wilderness place, TEAM EPOX received help in the operation. The strong performance of both the race and do the operation is great. F-1 class, won the perfect race team Yamazaki. EPOX Akabori placed two players on the members, and operated a very hard race here. Class F-1 Grand Prix, Futaba F-1 Racing team’s second straight win Morita! Has emerged to DORAIBAZUPOINTORANKINGU. The top point of the current Alex Racing player, ranked three in the six points gained steadily. And suddenly in the race’s first two grades are good, TRG Hasegawa. TRG F109 was not demonstrating the full potential.

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F-1 and class, F-1 Grand Prix class 3, a total of six people, with great champagne I Fight to the end! Hasegawa has TRG until they fled far away before Oita, players that have been soaking MASEN, GARIMASHITA hard. The rationale of the last nails in the eyes of everyone, TEAM EPOX Akabori player. KEZU the cork, it just made you pull out and everyone was cheering. Fight champagne is not hard to do normal things, the next race, you have potential and should practice at home!

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A final ranking ■ ■ Maine
F-1 class A local Maine
A place Shiyouzi Akira 34L8: 09.100

2 Kubota Akihiro place 34L8: 09.670

Victory’s three wilderness 33L8: 01.940

While Akira Fuji’s four Yun 33L8: 07.620

Takuya Yamamoto 5 ° 33L8: 07.860

6 Itoo Tatsuo place 33L8: 16.500

7 Harano Naoki place 32L7: 59.340

8 Sakurai Takao place 32L8: 04.910

9 Sakurai Hiroshi Serpent’s 32L8: 08.090

Volume 10 of this table top 2L1: 14.180

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F-1 Class A Maine
Takashi Yasushi Yamasaki a place 35L8: 04.990

Satoshi Makoto No. 2 Akabori 35L8: 09.790

3 Kubota Akihiro place 35L8: 12.300

4 Tozaki Hiroshi place 34L8: 03.870

5 Sugiyama Hideaki place 34L8: 06.060

No. 6 Syouzi Akira 34L8: 10.920

7 Sakurai Yuuta place 34L8: 14.330

8 Serpent’s Kubota Satoshi 33L8: 04.310

9 Suganuma Yuuya place 33L8: 04.580

10 Hibino Tatsuya place 32L8: 12.200

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A Class F-1 Grand Prix of Maine
Sakai Takashi Morita a place (FUR) 37L8: 11.880

2 Hasegawa Atsushi’s (TRG) 36L8: 05.950

No. 3 Kanbayashi Hiroshi (ALE) 36L8: 07.640

4th David Tse (FUR) 36L8: 07.770

5 ° Yokoi Akihiro (ALE) 36L8: 08.990

6 Hashimoto Tsutomu place (ZEN) 36L8: 10.650

7 Yashima Sadaaki place (ZEN) 35L8: 03.050

No. 8 Kisho Nakao (LOH) 35L8: 25.450

No. 9, Takeshita Atsushi (TRG) 2L0: 29.420

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BESUTORUKKINGUKA award, players Sakurai Yuuta Williams, FW14 was determined. Were separated very carefully painted and detailed, it is also perfectly located stickers content. Mansell helmet is on the air. Also, Good Year and also favors the step of sealing tires.

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Awards draw overall
The number of participants, so many, I pressed a little time in the last entire award, go to the closing ceremony. Thank you for participating athletes gathered in the off-road course and did the entire award. We each received a commendation card, F-1 class of 10 has received sponsorship from 540 Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd. was awarded the motors. The draw was conducted. And highlights a number of batteries, chargers, and discharge care. The sponsors have been increased by drawing lots of products, our athletes are participating in the premium prevailing MORENAKU.
Closing Ceremony. Today’s race is a comment from the chairman of the competition. And also present information for the next Kakegawa, and we can look forward to your participation in our addition. Everyone cheers for good work in the hot weather.

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Tournament data F1RCGP major equipment
Data is the main equipment F1RCGP tournament. For participation in the next, try to help? How. The next scheduled F1RCGP2009 Round8, Sunday, August 9th Circuit tournament is Kakegawa TAMIYA KAKEGAWA.

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Share Share PUROPOSHEA Car Amplifiers

Participating players share share Prefecture Motor Battery

f1rcgpr7 43 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP @ Japan Round 7

Received help in the management of the tournament, Epoch Co., Ltd., and the TEAM EPOX everyone, we rent the track Tamiya Inc., manufacturer sponsor, represents a huge thanks to everyone and participants. Thank you very much. The SAMA, exiting the tournament made it to safety.
In addition, RC-like magazine, RC-like world, thank you for reporting from afar.

Translation from : http://www2.odn.ne.jp/~cai36980/F1RCGP/Racereport2009/rr2009r7.html

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