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Yeah Racing 1:10 mini rubber tire set arrived @ rcMart

wl2007 rcmart Yeah Racing 1:10 mini rubber tire set arrived @ rcMart

*Click the image to buy
*Photo for reference only, the rims are not included

Yeah Racing has released a new tread (WL-2007) rubber tire set for 1:10 mini / M-chassis. The tread is designed in “V” shape pattern to give the RC driver an optional choices of gaining more grip or additional speed by ratating the direction of the tire.  This set of rubber tire can cope with any weather condition either indoor or outdoor track.

- For: 1:10 Mini / M-Chassis use
- Material: Rubber
- Color: Black

- Width: Approx. 24.5mm
- OuterDiameter: Approx. 53mm
- Inner Diameter: Approx. 38mm

- Tire (4 pcs)

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