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Xpress Front Upper Arm Set for MRR2 – New Arrival

aluminum front upper arm new arrival 001 Xpress Front Upper Arm Set for MRR2   New Arrival
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Following up the previous report of the Xpress Front Upper Arm Protoype. The Xpress development team has finished the production and released the new aluminum front upper arm set for their MRR2 Mini. This aluminum front upper Arm provides more specifically basic settings on the front suspension system for rc racer who find the existing plastic front upper arm is hard to adjust.

Advance Racer Choice
The existing plastic front upper could able to set a wider camber angle and caster angle when the car is steady. However, the caster angle changes following the car bumping on the road when the car is moving. Hence, an advanced racer would notice the different and apply a suitable setting to cope with different road surfaces. Lightweight plastic front upper arm gives more performance on the race.

RC Racer Choice
But with the Aluminum front upper arm the caster angle and camber angle could be adjust separately by insert different thickness of washers. Thus, increasing the accuracy of balancing the car front and the suspension system is more stable while the car is moving. Aluminum made front upper arm could increases the strength of the suspension system if experience any impact.

Tips for camber adjustment:
- Fasten the 3 x 10mm screw before insert the ball end in it to secure the upper arm in a firm position.
- For setting a different camber angle, insert another screw (e.g. 3 x 2mm) in front of the 3 x 10 mm screw then insert the ball end. So that the distance of the upper arm will be longer to provide a normal camber angle.

aluminum front upper arm new arrival 002 Xpress Front Upper Arm Set for MRR2   New Arrival

Source: Xpress

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