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Futaba 4PK 2.4Ghz Radio Restock!

4pk restock 001 Futaba 4PK 2.4Ghz Radio Restock!

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For those RC fans who has been waiting for so long, the Futaba 4PK controller is now in stock!


  • The design goes beyond stylish; the 4PK is also very well-balanced and ergonomic. The transmitter weighs only 1.5 pounds, which racers will appreciate at the end of a long, grueling main, and you can also position the wheel and adjust the trigger location to perfectly fit your hand and your type of driving.
    While driving, you’ll enjoy performance pluses such as built-in 40-model memory, 10-character naming and super-sensitive 2048 resolution, to name just a few. Because the 4PK was designed as a native 2.4GHz spread spectrum system, there’s no need for a separate module to worry about, a state-of-the-art receiver is included, and all of the incredible benefits of Futaba’s FASST system technology are at your command.
  • Feature:

  • MC Link Function
  • Backlit 128×64 LCD Screen
  • Tilt or Swivel Steering
  • Adjustable Trigger Position
  • Switchable for Right and Left-hand Use
  • Jog Switch Key Panel
  • Vibrationg Alert System
  • 7 Color LED
  • 5 Point Throttle Curve
  • Mechanical ATL
  • Advanced Braking System (ABS)
  • Throttle Acceleration
  • Throttle Pre-Set
  • Throttle Auto-Start
  • Fail Safe
  • Programmable Mixing
  • 40 Model Memory
  • 10 Character Model Name



  • Model:T4PK
  • Transmitting Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Modulation: FASST


  • Model: R604FS
  • Receiver Frequency: 2.4Hz
  • Modulation: FASST
  • Dimensions: 39 x 26 x 14 mm
  • Weight: 14 g


  • 4PK-2.4G Transmitting (1 Pc)
  • R604FS Receiver (1 Pc)
  • Transmitting Ni-MH Battery Pack (Installed in Transmitting) (1 Pc)
  • Receiver Switch (1 Pc)
  • Wheel Offset Adapter (1 Pc)
  • Hook (1 Pc)
  • Instruction (1 Pc)
  • Where to buy?

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