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AMB – World’s leader in automatic timing and scoring system

amb logo3 AMB   Worlds leader in automatic timing and scoring system

AMB i.t., the world’s leader in automatic timing and scoring systems, is the company who introduced the world to the first fully automatic timing and scoring system over 20 years ago.  AMB i.t. is keen to maintain its leader position in the field and has recenlty expand their footprint to several large race circuits including Sepang International Circuit and Valencia International Circuit.  Check below for the detail.

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Sepang International Circuit moves its timing into the 21st century with AMB!

Sepang AMB   Worlds leader in automatic timing and scoring systemSepang International Circuit and AMB are proud to announce the completion of a new timing system installation.

This installation moves Sepang to the forefront of timing technology around the world, with the latest Timegear 2008 software and intermediate timing points around the circuit including 3 sector times, pit entry and exit and speed traps.

The system allows monitoring of all the loops around the circuit to ensure their integrity, uses GPS synchronization to link all timing points and uses the fiber optic cabling around the circuit to link all points.

Together with Sepang’s support of personal transponders (now mandatory for a number of classes) and the TnetX displays, Sepang is forging ahead and is focusing on being the pre-eminent circuit in Asia in terms of facilities and racing experience offered.

Circuit CEO Mr. Razlan Razali commented: “Sepang is focused on moving forward, through the implementation of innovative ideas and the infrastructure we provide. The timing system is key to this, and, with my own experience as a racer, I know that the experience we can offer to racers and fans has improved considerably”.

AMB looks forward to continue to work with Sepang, and to support its focus on innovation and moving forward to improve motorsport at all levels.

Valencia Circuit switches to a new state-of-the-art AMB timing solution!

Valencia AMB   Worlds leader in automatic timing and scoring systemAfter 10 years of using a competitor’s timing system, the Valencia Circuit has decided to switch to AMB for the timing of all its events. The accuracy and reliability of the AMB equipment and the excellent support made the circuit decide there is only one partner to team up with.

The circuit will be fully equipped with state of the art in timing equipment, including start/finish, three sector times, two speed traps and pit lane speed measurement. Practice and event results of the Valencia Circuit will be available shortly on MyLaps.com.

AMB’s partner in Spain, Al Kamel Systems (L’Ametlla del Valles – Barcelona), has convinced the Valencia Circuit that AMB is the most innovative player in the market and is able to help enhance the racers’ experience in the future.

This latest addition to our customer list means that not only all circuit racing events in Spain are being timed with AMB equipment, but every race circuit in Europe with a permanent installation now relies on the accuracy and reliability of AMB technology.

Source: AMB i.t.

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