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Align RC T-rex Heli parts in-stock now @ rcMart – New Arrival

align trex parts news 001 Align RC T rex Heli parts in stock now @ rcMart   New Arrival
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A good news to the RC Heli pilot and Align’s owner, numbers of Align parts for Trex 450 PRO and Trex 500 series were already arrived rcMart’s stock. Don’t worry if you don’t have a RC Helicopter because the Align Trex 500 ESP Superior Combo and GF Kit Combo is going to be in-stock as well, so you can start the RC helicopter journey pretty soon!

Latest news of the Align products can be found @ rcMart.com or RC Media

Please check the following list for the upcoming Align parts for Trex 450 PRO and Trex 500:

Item No. Description
H45016 Metal Main Rotor Holder Set H45016
H45018 Metal Head Stopper H45018
H45019 Metal Flybar Control Set H45019
H45020 Metal Flybar Seesaw Holder H45020
H45022 Main Shaft H45022
H45023 Metal Washout Control Arm H45023
H45024 Radius Arm H45024
H45029 Carbon Bottom Plate/1.6mm H45029
H45034 Metal Tail Holder Set H45034
H45035 Tail Blade H45035
H45036 Tail Boom Brace H45036
H45037 Tail Boom H45037
H45038 Metal Tail Torque Tube Unit H45038
H45039 Torque Tube H45039
H45045 Ball Link H45045
H45046 Ball Link A/B H45046
H45047 Stainless Steel Linkage Rod H45047
H45048 Linkage Ball Set H45048
H45050 Landing Skid H45050
H45050-00 Landing Skid H45050-00
H45051 Battery Mount H45051
H45052 Canopy Mounting Bolt H45052
H45053 Torque Tube H45053
H45054 Torque Tube H45054
H45059 Motor Pinion Gear 13T H45059
HS1191T* Flybar Paddle (60 X 32 X 3.84)
HS1264T Flybar Rod/220mm
HS1218T-01 New Main Drive Gear Set(White)(whole set)
HS1219T-01 New Main Drive Gear (3pcs )(White)
H45061 Frame Hardware H45061
HS1281 450 Tail Shaft Slide Bush
HS1292 325D Carbon Fiber Blades HS1292
HS1295 Metal Tail Rotor Control Arm Set HS1295
KX017008A T-REX 500 ESP Superior Combo
KX017004A T-REX 500 GF Kit Combo (425 Fiberglass Blades)
H50001T 500 Painted Canopy
H50002T 500 Painted Canopy
H50003T Main Gear Case Set
H50004T Thrust Bushing
H50005T Metal Main Rotor Holder
H50006T Metal Main Rotor Housing
H50007T Metal Head Stopper
H50008T Metal Flybar Control Arm
H50015T Metal Washout Base
H50018-1 Main Drive Gear
H50019T Autorotation Tail Drive Gear
H50021T Main Frame Parts
H50022T Damper Rubber/Black 85°
H50023T Feathering Shaft
H50025T Metal Flybar Seesaw Holder
H50027T CF Main Frame/1.6mm
H50031-1 Carbon Stabilizer/1.6mm
H50036T Tail Boom Brace
H50049T Canopy Mounting Bolt
H50054T Ball Link
H50056T Canopy Nut
H50060T Motor Pinion Gear 13T
H50076-06 500 Upgrade Parts Assembly/Yellow
H50076-83 500 Upgrade Parts Assembly/Green
H50078 500 Painted Canopy/Lightning Red
H50082 Metal Tail Pitch Assembly
H50083 Feathering Shaft Sleeve Set
H50084 Tail Rotor Blade/New
H50086 Main Shaft
H50087 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blade
H50091 500 Linkage Rod
H50096 Torque Tube Front Drive Gear Set
H50097 Torque Tube Rear Drive Gear Set
H50100 500 Carbon Fiber Tail Boom/3K
H50105 500 Painted Canopy/Yellow
H50111 425F Carbon Fiber Blades H50111

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