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Traxxas R/C model parts for monster truck restocked @ rcMart!

traxxas restock 002 Traxxas R/C model parts for monster truck restocked @ rcMart!

Numbers of TRAXXAS R/C model parts for monster truck (REVO, SLAYER, SLASH) has just restocked rcMart.com! Please check the list below for your desired Traxxas parts:


Spare Parts For Traxxas Slash
1918 Gear, 18-T pinion (48-pitch) / set screw
1951 Half shafts, long truck (external-splined (2) & internal-splined (2)/ metal
2381 Main diff gear w/side cover plate & screws 10 2.10 2 1.00
2382 Planet gears (4)/ planet shafts (4)/ sun gears (2)/sun gear alignment sh
2423 Gear, 23-T pinion (48-pitch) / set screw
2431 Gear, 31-T pinion (48-pitch) / set screw
2458 Springs, front (black) (2)
2458A Springs, front (white) (2)
2555 Suspension arms, (rear) (2)
2742 Rod ends, long (6)/ hollow ball connectors (6)
2753X Stub axles, rear (2)
3195 Top drive gear, steel (22-tooth)
3631 Suspension arms (front) (2)
3632 Caster blocks (l&r) (30-degree)
3637 Axles (front) (2)
3639 Shock tower (front)
3640 Suspension screw pin set, steel (hex drive) (requires part # 2640 for a c
3691 Gearbox halves (l&r) (black) w/ idler gear shaft
3691A Gearbox halves (l&r) (grey) w/ idler gear shaft
3696 Idler gear, steel (30-tooth)
3745 Turnbuckles, toe link, 59mm (78mm center to center) (2) (assembled w
3757 Springs, rear (black) (2)
4686 Spur gear, 86-tooth (48-pitch) (for models with Torque-Control slipper c
4690 Spur gear, 90-tooth (48-pitch) (for models with Torque-Control slipper c
4725 Gear, pinion (25-tooth) (48-pitch) / set screw
4728 Gear, pinion (28-tooth) (48-pitch)/ set screw
4957 Springs, red (for Ultra Shocks only) (2.5 rate) (f/r) (2)
5347 Rod ends, Revo (large) with hollow balls (12)
5525 Rod ends (12)/ hollow balls (12) (fits Jato, includes 4 hollow balls for inn
5552 Rebuild kit, slipper clutch (steel disc/ friction pads (3)/ spring/ pin/ 4.0m
5556 Slipper pressure plate & hub (aluminum alloy)
5835 Bumper, front/ bumper mount, front (black)
5837 Skidplates, front & rear (black)

For Revo
5314 Body mounts, front & rear/ body mount posts, front & rear/ 2.5x18mm

For Slayer
5382X Gear set, differential (output gears (2)/ spider gears (2)/ spider gear s
5914 Differential kit, center (complete for Slayer) (assembled)
5918X Push rod (aluminum) (assembled with rod ends) (2) (use with progres
5938R Toe links, Slayer (Tubes™ 7075-T6 aluminum, red) (83mm, fits front
5998 Sway bar kit, Slayer (front and rear) (includes front and rear sway bar

For Driveshafts
5458X Yokes, differential and transmission (2)/ 4x15mm screw pins (2)

“Traxxas” R/C Model Parts
SLASH 5805
2556 Suspension arms, (rear) (2)
5170 Starter, recoil (complete with screws)

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