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Tamiya F104 PRO Performance Parts arrived rcMart.com!!

tamiya f104 parts 011 Tamiya F104 PRO Performance Parts arrived rcMart.com!!

F104 PRO is definitely going to be the hottest RC product from Tamiya in 2009. After the long term success of the F103 Series, the F104 PRO will be the improvement base on the F103. Suppose the Formula RC fans are looking forward to this amazing chassis. The F104 PRO Chassis Kit will be out on 20th June but now you can do the preparation for your dreamed F104 PRO because the optional parts already arrived rcMart.com. Such as Carbon Deck, T-bar and motor mount. Please check the following list if you want to be the first to built a high spec. F104 PRO:

Item No. Description
51380 Tamiya (#51380) F104 D Part (Battery Holder)
51381 Tamiya (#51381) F104 F Part (Front Suspension Arm)
51384 Tamiya (#51384) F104 Sponge Tires (4430, Front)
51385 Tamiya (#51385) F104 Sponge Tires (4435, Rear)
54158 Tamiya (#54158) F104 Aluminum Differential Housing Set
54159 Tamiya (#54159) F104 HT Saver Aluminum Horn
54160 Tamiya (#54160) F104 Titan Coat King Pin*2
54162 Tamiya (#54162) F104 Carbon Rear Shaft
54163 Tamiya (#54163) F104 Carbon Lower Deck
54164 Tamiya (#54164) F104 Carbon Upper Deck
54165 Tamiya (#54165) F104 Soft T-Bar
54166 Tamiya (#54162) F104 Aluminum Motor mount R/L
84058 Tamiya (#84058) F104 Titanium Screw Set

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