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F1RCGP Round 6 race report

F1RCGP race report

f1rcgp r6 1 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

6th race F1RCGP2009 in Gunma
CREST SPEED WAY 2009 years Sunday, June 14

f1rcgp r6 2 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

Weather: cloudy (indoor) temperature: 27 ℃, Humidity: 51%, the surface temperature: 28 ℃
F1RCGP2009, welcome to the second half of the season’s sixth game, Sawa-gun Tamamura-cho, Gunma (occasionally uneven city’s clamor) in, CREST SPEED WAY was held. The circuit was opened in 1994, 15-year track. Originally opened in indoor asphalt, the course was a car engine running, and the year 1999 and renovated to the carpet surface, is now renovated 10 years welcome. Electric 1 / 12 racing cars that meet the user very much, and there is also a Mecca of the racing car Kantou. F1RCGP it is such a special place in this stage are very emotional.
Track-side, adjacent to the Circuit shop. Tire line-up is in supplies and body. And advice on cars, including the manager Miyata, so tell me exactly of her regulars, do not worry about that way. If I had not yet been visited only once how come?.
The course is not even a week to change the layout, about one-lap 110m, 30m back straight with a carpet surface. I have short legs and the hair of the carpet, I do not yet have a permanent line running right after the change in layout, the road grip of the original 80% KAPETTOGURIPPU situation around.

f1rcgp r6 3 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

The number of participants, F-1 Local Class: 8, F-1 Class: 4, F-1 Grand Prix classes: Team 8, total 20. The tournament is a new, F-1 established a local class. This class, F1RCGP not formal classes, informal classes in the local rules will be no classes that are designed to ease the participation of the local people. Tournament day was cloudy, rainy weather was occasionally KASETA in full the benefits of an indoor track, like he can concentrate on racing each player without worrying about rain.
The highlight of the tournament, now dominate the top teams F1RCGP Alex Racing player, three-season career with four straight wins including a win, or put a major world championship. Increase the combat power of the other teams in the mid-season update, or whether the driver put a stop to it. Will highlight the best here. The new team joins TRG tournament players from the Takeshita, TRG109 launch the first race. KONBAJONKITTO TRG109 of the famous and the highest peak electric 1 / 12 is designed to help the racing, T-side features a sidebar to replace the bar. The team championship was the only one, or how to demonstrate your ability, drew everyone’s expectations. However, ZEN players Hashimoto outstanding combination of stability Yashima player, Team Tech F-1 Tamura players, players race the combination of a clear-cut . And, David was appointed as the third driver from the Futaba F-1 Racing team, his team car updates, Tech F125BR RI, hoping the top players and Morita.

f1rcgp r6 4 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

Practice Day
On to say that the track layout has changed, the first of each player is like that all the time to capture the layout carefully. Then, F1RCGP to migrate to the surface of the carpet and set out first. Steadily and is set in advance, ZEN players Hashimoto, stretched to 6 times 11 seconds, leading man. Yashima team players, showing a stable cornering, good finish. Points leader Alex Racing players, but the pattern did not catch the original run. 6-8 times in the 11s, the best time is not引KI離SE the other car. However, four minutes in total time is running well in ME BETERANRASHII. Perhaps because of the track, RI SHI the understeer, oversteer on the phenomenon of extreme suffering and then, we have many players. This measure, I have to suffer all the oil viscosity and soft around the rear of friction, T is like an effective resistance of the spring to reduce the role of the local bar.
Team Tech F-1 and, Futaba F-1 Racing, united by the same car, built to carry four sets of high-level driver. I ran the first 12 seconds did not quite even, it has certainly extended the time in the afternoon. Also, set out in the direction of change, increased by a set of variations, it has also been accumulating data that can respond to any situation. The good, the driver of each ace, players Tamura, Morita player. 11 have reported a barrage of late-second time.
F-1 class, Haruka is showing good results in running a stable of players, from Aichi Prefecture Fukushima. Tournament, but small number of participants, and worked vigorously tested. F-1 and the overall look of class practice, and feeling the grip of the carpet, I felt like I was having a hard time a bit of a technical layout. Local F-1 class, F-1 is a double entry and allow the class. F1RCGP the many different regulations and it is, and all F-1 was like I’m running.

f1rcgp r6 5 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

Day tournament
Day of the tournament now. And information from the driver after the morning practice, the grip is like the surface better than yesterday. SUBEKU a good time, but everyone has the willpower to come. In a best lap time, total time in minutes, is expected to be another player to mark a personal best. The rise and fall of humidity, or where changes to grip the carpet, in the air, but everyone’s expectations RAMIMASU denial and a positive response to the pavement.
In a morning briefing, the chairman of the tournament competition, and take note of explanation, was declared the sixth season of the tournament against Gunma. The most important thing is to enjoy the race!

f1rcgp r6 6 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

First qualifying round
Local F-1 class first qualifying round, Morita (Kohei) player 18L4: 05.448 marks Temporary stands on top. Yamamoto’s last two players below the 17-lap time was.
F-1 qualifying round first-class, top-to-head battle with players players Fukushima Koizumi. Fukushima is the least number of mistakes the players maintain a two-second lead, 19L4: 10.181 Top Goal. Fukushima two players ranked 19L4: 12.282 marks. , Kita players, 18 players did laps Kato.
Class F-1 Grand Prix, Round 1 Marks Futaba F-1 Racing team Morita good time. Time 21L4: 06.301 in the next heat and I thought no one could top, Alex Racing the player 21L4: 06.240, Top reversal. What is time difference, 0.061 seconds. One very close to the time difference from the first round, each player SEMASEN surprise. Third place Tamura Team Tech F-1 team, while players like five players ranked TRG by Takeshita said. However, included among the 20 laps. The track conditions were good from the beginning, each player running patterns faster than the PURAKUTISUTAIMU yesterday, too. Best lap round, Futaba F-1 Racing team Morita, 11 seconds 538.

f1rcgp r6 7 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

Second qualifying round
The second round of qualifying, the track conditions this morning in good order, and is expected to encourage players to come this time round. Whether this time a round kick, you will be pushing to change the degree round.
F-1 is a local class, this is up slightly to grip the track, the steering is severe, the overall time to slow unexpectedly. Morita (Kohei) the error affected the players, 18L4: 12.571 commonplace that stops time. This marked a personal best round of changes, on the top, Koizumi player. 18L4: 11.537 total at the time. In addition, each family update Igarashi best. Igarashi, the father  players show dignity, 17L4: 08.827 total also marks the fourth time.”
F-1 class, the players more time to update the Fukushima. 19L4: 03.394 and an update about seven seconds from the first round. A best-lap, 12 seconds 416. Kato players in this round of the battle. 19 laps, but received SHIKUMO, 18L4: 00.795 and 4 fastest times. So far, this class F-1 in a best lap time of all the players are all in the mid 12 seconds. REMASU can have a very balanced level.
F-1 Grand Prix class, second qualifying round. What 5 players of the 21-lap mark. Top 21L4: 05.739 in, Team Tech F-1 team Tamura! Top 出MASU temporary reversal. The second is also 21-lap five seconds. 21L4: 05.867 in, Alex Racing player. Ran a front row SEMASU removed any situation. The third of David Futaba F-1 Racing team. It is the third driver, a lot of performances. Time 21L4: 08.308 in the fourth fastest overall. The team’s ace player driver Morita, stop the middle of mission failure. This round has been retired. A best lap Tamura Team Tech F-1 team. 11 sec 432 great time. Hashimoto’s ZEN players, players Yashima, and sluggish. The direction of the setting, the game check back, office GE want to continue to the final round.

f1rcgp r6 8 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

Third qualifying round
The last round of laughing and crying and finally, the third qualifying round. Effective use of practice time each player lunchtime, the last MIMASU prepared to attack.
Local Class F-1, Morita (Kohei) to update only the best players. 18L4: 04.842 in pole position to end a great run beautifully. A best lap only 12 seconds. 12s 762.2 is now ranked players in Japan 18 laps. Yamamoto was the No. 3 player, SHIKUMO 17L4: 00.021,4 place your father came Igarashi (Takumi) players, 17L4: 00.163, 3 and the difference is only 0.142 seconds behind places.
F-1 class, with players running out of a Kato, update your personal best. 19L4: 10.490 in overall time. The best one-lap, 12 seconds 385 pretty good time. However, so far as F-1 Hukuzima players have been leading the class, 12 seconds in the 376-BETERANRASHIKU running a best lap of SEMASEN a chance. In this round, I had best update, and activate the first time round, the players earned an impressive pole position Fukushima. Koizumi is a third player, 19L4: 11.590,4 by Kida to the player said.
Class F-1 Grand Prix, Alex Racing team to  consecutive pole position, try to start the attack, the movement of heavy rear BI MIMASU time. This round was stopped 20 laps. This last round, showed a particularly run TTA, ZEN players Hashimoto. 11 seconds I was 416 and the sail fast lap to mark the best of the tournament, came in the middle of a big mistake. A damaged front wing, was suspended during the state body, the top Heat goal is defend it. If only it was running at high pace was enough for pole position and if there is no mistake, very unfortunate. The ZEN also running a personal best in good players Yashima. Check the setting of the last pattern that lead to good results. Still strong in the final heat, Futaba F-1 Racing team Morita, Team Tech F-1 team Tamura. Futaba F-1 Racing and the players continue to form David. They are very smooth and cornering is better than the car from rolling. Three Tech F125BR This is a great performance at this tournament. After all, in the second round of Team Tech F-1 enables the record player out of Tamura, a player’s first pole position Tamura. Alex Racing second team, third place is the Futaba F-1 Racing team Morita.

f1rcgp r6 9 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

Qualifying position ■ ■
Local F-1 class
Morita Kouhei a place 3R18L4: 04.842

2 Koizumi Sakai’s 2R18L4: 11.537

3 Yamamoto Yukio’s 2R17L4: 00.021

4 Igarashi Takumi’s 3R17L4: 00.163

5 ° Tiba Yuuzi 3R17L4: 04.457

6 Igarashi Hirohiko place 3R17L4: 07.987

7 ° Nishizawa Kiyoshi 3R17L4: 13.918

8 Tabata Toshikazu place 2R16L4: 15.126

f1rcgp r6 10 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

F-1 class
A place Hukushima Tokuo 2R19L4: 03.394

Place 2 Shin Kato 3R19L4: 10.490

3 Koizumi Sakai’s 3R19L4: 11.590

Osamu Osamu Kida 4 ° 1R18L4: 00.538

Class F-1 Grand Prix
Tamura Hideki 1 place (TTF) 2R21L4: 05.739

No. 2 Kanbayashi Hiroshi (ALE) 2R21L4: 05.867

Sakai Takashi Morita 3 position (FUR) 1R21L4: 06.301

4th David Tse (FUR) 2R21L4: 08.308

5 Shinya place (TTF) 2R21L4: 09.429

6 Hashimoto Tsutomu place (ZEN) 2R21L4: 11.021

7 Yashima Sadaaki place (ZEN) 3R21L4: 12.120

8 ° Takeshita Atsushi (TRG) 2R20L4: 04.263

f1rcgp r6 11 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

For the final
After qualifying, is soon to breathe EMASU the final round. This difference is not much time in the race for the final 8 minutes I can not exactly expect to win? The characteristic features of this course, I have enough time to push MERE. In other words, if you SABORE attack, or be caught up, you can either extend the gap. How to maintain your concentration longer than it would be a good race and I asked the mental aspect.
Each player in the interview, he points us to aspire to and setting. Finals continue? Drama that lies ahead? Particularly in Class F-1 Grand Prix, Alex Racing through a melee of players, you can achieve victory, or the Team Tech F-1 Pole Position of the Tamura F125BR a good player using it How to stop and pay attention.

f1rcgp r6 12 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

F-1 class A local Maine
Local F-1 class A main final. Morita of the pole position in the chicane after the start (Kohei) players, two players pass the grid Koizumi. Body color, the player Jordan Morita, Koizumi McLaren team. The midfield and back players without the players Morita Koizumi became the top goal to keep the lead intact. Behind the players Yamamoto, Igarashi (Takumi) is followed closely by the players, Igarashi (Takumi) is the players three podium places.

f1rcgp r6 13 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

F-1 Class A Maine
Maine Class A final F-1. Start off to a superb player ROTASUKARA Fukushima start from pole position at the top. Emerged from the grid to place two players of color Koizumi McLaren. The lead-off Fukushima No. 2 and No. 5 players had seconds, and break out behind the middle of the lap, the situation changes slightly. Between slow lap behind the path of the same players play ROTASUKARA Kato Fukushima, RIMASU McLaren’s players to a second Koizumi. Koizumi player, step up to the players RIMASHITA Fukushima, stalling over a small mistake. Fukushima players until the second half, YASAZU concentration F1RCGP F-1 Legue impressive win of the class.

f1rcgp r6 15 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

A Class F-1 Grand Prix of Maine
F-1 World Grand Prix Finals Class A Maine. Team Tech F-1 Pole Position of the player determines the dash is a great start Tamura. 2 player Alex Racing of the grid, but a moment later out of position slightly. Meanwhile, Futaba F-1 Racing team Morita, where the player tries to pass , contact. player gets to spin the bad luck, the group MA, damage around the rear, the early start and early development of the storm was large and retired. The melee came out well early, Futaba F-1 Racing team of David. Skillful in steering work, has risen to 1:02. Morita player’s team lost some time in contact with just the three runs the fastest. 4 laps Team Tech F-1 team, followed by the players and the fifth TRG Takeshita. Morita Futaba F-1 Racing team, David and then pass the player. Leading Team Tech F-1 players IMASU Tamura. No. 1, followed the lead of the place until after the middle, the end of the straight after a corner, approach the corner where the path where the good players Morita bulging out players Tamura. Stands on top. Tamura will play a two player ME TEMASU Morita again even in the third, and last the pace dropped a pass in a minute, run a Futaba F-1 Racing’s David is the path to the players. David was on the top two players of the difference is slight MEMASU Morita team player, the sound of the call, the players determine the winning Morita’s first F-1 Grand Prix class. Futaba F-1 Racing has 18 points to finish at 1-2. Can successfully take the lead in the series jumped Teams.
Fight back, in the final lap of the ZEN player Hashimoto, Team Tech F-1 without the players , 4 goals. Yashima ZEN player from the midfield, TRG Takeshita players in the money player, then ripped the ladder to scramble to the very final days of the top four, you probably felt a sense of accomplishment.

f1rcgp r6 16 F1RCGP Round 6 race report
If you look at the end, Tech F125BR of finish 1,2,3. In the fourth game of the tournament and Nara, the combat power is immense and has written, and leave early so far the results are perfect, I may surprise everyone.
TRG109 debut, Takeshita drive players, many will probably be made part of the practice test. Also, F1RCGP to decorate their debut in the company do what, go to the private teams, but the wall is like a hard fact. However, by repeat and improve on the original data to improve practice, gradually you will find the solution. In a very difficult thing, but the sense of accomplishment when they achieve the purpose will not have to replace things in everything.
The next race, Tamiya F104 I have the players come to the race. I would like a performance which I think many people will be in very good now. F1RCGP second half of this year, the machines that dominate the climax, or really any of the machines.

f1rcgp r6 18 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

Awards podium champagne fight
The annual award is F1RCGP podium. Local F-1 class, F-1 class, F-1 Grand Prix class for the top three awards in three classes. F-1 of winning the class players in Fukushima, from Nagoya in the race, and was worth coming a long way, I was very happy. Class F-1 Grand Prix, winning the Futaba F-1 Racing team will Morita, Alex Racing game winning streak stopped by the players have been missing the world championship. From the floor, to the players who showed great run was given a warm applause. Champagne buckets will be a fight to the end. Why Tamura Team Tech F-1 team are always on target, ZUBU .

f1rcgp r6 17 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

Final position ■ ■
F-1 class A local Maine
Morita Kouhei a place 36L8: 10.695

2 Koizumi Sakai place 35L8: 03.505

3 Igarashi Takumi place 34L8: 01.360

4 Yamamoto Yukio place 34L8: 06.766

5 ° Tiba Yuuzi 34L8: 11.095

6 Nishizawa Kiyoshi place 33L8: 09.248

7 Igarashi Hirohiko place 31L8: 00.204

8 Tabata Toshikazu place 29L8: 07.886

f1rcgp r6 19 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

A Class F-1 Grand Prix of Maine
A place Hukushima Tokuo 38L8: 08.117

2 Koizumi Sakai place 37L8: 05.578

Shin Kato 3 ranked 37L8: 11.717

Osamu Osamu Kida 4 ° 17L4: 57.011

f1rcgp r6 20 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

A Class F-1 Grand Prix of Maine
Sakai Takashi Morita a place (FUR) 42L8: 08.793

2nd David Tse (FUR) 41L8: 00.755

3 Tamura Hideki place (TTF) 41L8: 01.242

4 Hashimoto Tsutomu place (ZEN) 41L8: 05.334

5 Shinya place (TTF) 41L8: 05.520

6 Yashima Sadaaki place (ZEN) 40L8: 01.500

7 ° Takeshita Atsushi (TRG) 40L8: 07.884

8 ° Kanbayashi Hiroshi (ALE) 1L0: 03.038

f1rcgp r6 21 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

BESUTORUKKINGUKA award, Morita (Kohei) Jordan-Honda team made a decision. Has been a very beautiful yellow color, were also able to ensure good visibility in the dark for some indoor situations. It is also important that the color stand out.

f1rcgp r6 22 F1RCGP Round 6 race report

Awards draw overall
Finally the whole ceremony. Track-side group, participants with decals of award award card, F-1 class participants received a 540 MABUCHI motor. The snack bar is available, use the waiting time among themselves, REMASU communication. In the draw, held in a relaxed atmosphere, luxurious prizes to go round each player to all participants enjoy the event with ticket NIJAN Finally, very RI GARIMASHITA.

Tournament data F1RCGP major equipment
Data is the main equipment F1RCGP tournament. To enter, please try to help prepare the equipment. The next scheduled F1RCGP2009 Round7, Sunday, July 26 is a circuit TAMIYA Shizuoka Convention.

Share Share PUROPOSHEA Car Amplifiers

Participating players share share Prefecture Motor Battery

Everyone join the players, owners Miyata Takizawa like we rent the track circuit, and we help everyone in the management committee members, track staff and everyone, we support the manufacturers of products for your sponsorship everyone, Thank you very much. We can safely hold the tournament in .

Translation from http://www2.odn.ne.jp/~cai36980/F1RCGP/F1RCGP.html

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