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F1RCGP – Round 5

F1RCGP race report

frcgp 19 F1RCGP   Round 5

The fifth game F1RCGP2009 in Chiba3
Pitt Stadium RC circuit in 2009 Sunday, May 24

frcgp 1 F1RCGP   Round 5

Weather: sunny after rain, temperature: 24 ℃, Humidity: 85%, the surface temperature: 23 ℃

frcgp 2 F1RCGP   Round 5

F1RCGP2009, back to fifth place in the second round of the Kanto region, Chiba, Chiba, and the last round. After this final round, Chiba, Gunma and up six races of the northern Kanto region, go to the second half and then southward to the East Sea over Kakegawa, Shizuoka. Chiba area of the final round, the RC is a pit stop in the historic stadium. Kimitsu, Chiba (I TOMINO it) take a Hobby Shop Store PIT-IN is now the circuit management. Hobby Shop is open PIT-IN goes back to 1978. Initially, the outlet stores poised to Kisarazu City, in 1984, moved to Kimitsu . And to open a new BAGIKOSU to expand the business, this time in the year 1993 to switch to ONRODOKOSU. Then, in 1997, 2000 and two years after the renovation over the track layout, the track layout of RIMASU Akira Akira Hiroshi Ban said the current design. Very historic, Yukari Tokoro stores in 31 years, this course is 16 years welcome. RASHIKU long-established, including her manager, the staff all together, you are always greeted warmly by the audience.
Side of the track, pit area and indoor, outdoor pit area is equipped with a roof. Also, the neighborhood hardware store, restaurants and houses fleet can spend quite comfortable. Of course, a lap of about 110m, 24m in addition to the back straight, 15m and straight, with an asphalt pavement surface is slightly inclined in front of the grain. Minutes of tilt, left and right front corner of the bank and is reverse. Area can be changed to track the sorts of design, Hiroshi Ban, F1RCGP was changed to the special layout.

frcgp 3 F1RCGP   Round 5

The number of participants, F-1 Class: 11, F-1 Grand Prix classes: 9 Team 14, a total of 25. Despite the rain on the day of the tournament but unfortunately, we have many people to participate. F-1 Grand Prix in a class player, who was also the experience of the track races in rain, there was a somber presence of mind and provide a set of wet weather.
To join a new team from the tournament, pitting the team of local RC Stadium’s regular circuit, the Legion fought Ishikawa. We have great venues tingling. As a highlight of the tournament, Alex Racing of two players to win, Ishikawa RUSH local or hinder the player starts Matsumoto Sato and sleeves? Team Banchou update of the Miura machine to demonstrate just how much combat power? Include even say. In addition, while progress of the Team Tech F-1 maturation F125BR is out of the first course, interested in the corresponding change in mu road surface and grip. And best of all PIT-IN Racing Team of HOME Mizukoshi players can take a point or points on the back of expectations.

frcgp 4 F1RCGP   Round 5

Practice Day
Practice Day is blessed with good weather the day before the day’s radio control, adjust the machine had many players from the morning. Time PIT-IN Racing Team top player Mizukoshi. HOME utilize the advantages of the sharp line at taking 11 seconds to sail fast 7-9 show the time of the blaze. Current points leader Alex Racing of the players, F103 ZEN also hammered in the final stages of conversion, the update is still not particularly large, 11 have been extended until the later second time. I also ran player, Alex Racing behind one’s time can be stable under any situation, I have a strong team structure. Canada’s team and colleagues are doing the test and the players dedicated mountain, because it ace player feedback is a very efficient setup that proceeding. Incidentally, this practice is Canada Day and birthday of the mountain athletes. Committee held a mini-birthday in our area around the pit.

frcgp 5 F1RCGP   Round 5

Haruka Kansai people from the Team Tech F-1 racing team player and Tamura is struggling in the grip of a relatively low outside. F125 Parts nattier test menu of options in work, and gradually the problem is resolved in the direction from left, one other thing MIMASU time. Morita Futaba F-1 Racing team is the first day shakedown Tech F125BR. Futaba F-1 Racing Team was the first attempt to update the car, with no standard set of normal, Alexa Team Tech F-1 to be successful than one’s time. Then, Team Tech F-1, Futaba F-1 Racing and discussion among, IMASHITA ideas and future directions. Development is proceeding rapidly and take advantage of their weekend and thus, F-1 and vehicle in different aspects like.

frcgp 6 F1RCGP   Round 5

Practice Day, made good the last time, Team Miura’s Banchou. 1st toggle serious player in the drivers championship was absent busy, 2nd car Miura HPI drivers have been updated to the new car was much attention. TEN formulas of F-1 car and say, F103 RONGUHOIRUBESU than specifications. The linear growth, in corners and showing signs of berko, was also 11 seconds behind the car. The machine still-baby debut at the hobby show yet, you can always see a further evolution.

frcgp 7 F1RCGP   Round 5

Day tournament
Cloudy in the morning of the day, I still did not wet the surface, including rain from the sky and around the POTSUPOTSU and when the track was wet a surface. Yesterday I only had a dry set of all, you are prompted to switch immediately to the wet track. Rubber tires, and rear-TRG, wear it a good ride in the front. It would also provide a stable grip KYAPPUDOTAIYA of Tamiya. The pair bond in the SuperX were many players wear. It is a little less time in practice, they provide a solid grip and better turn. F-1 class player, and setting of the Grand Prix class, and from watching other people and how to waterproof mechanism, seems to come right up to the potential of the car. The all-time low in the morning practice, and influenced the outcome of the game increased the drawer or the specification of how much rain.
Declared wet, two officials from the chief, he would probably decide not stable in every round of the wisp of rain vertiginously track, three in round two and I will be racing in the points race turned round, the race finally starts .

frcgp 8 F1RCGP   Round 5

First qualifying round
F-1 class first qualifying round, played in the rain Nakayama stable throughout the run-time, time Round Top 16L4: 04.992. 14 seconds with a best lap 553, but lower than 1.5 seconds and dry track, wet track is a great time. The second is Takahashi, 16L4: 11.377, time difference of about 6 seconds. The gap to three additional players at the tail about 10 seconds, and said that many good players and still not run out. Sail fast and the best way round this, Brown’s 14-second running 096 laps of the GP with a color player David, 10, failure of electrical equipment around in laps. Unfortunately, the stop marked the beginning of the storm including.
Class F-1 Grand Prix, qualifying was a ladder in an overwhelming victory over the first round, Alex Racing player. Difference between the two places and two laps with a time difference of about 16 seconds, 19L4: 12.698, best lap was 13 seconds and 074 in the wet road surface is super amazing time. The second is to wrap up most ME 14 seconds in the first half, the rain Yashima, ZEN players in the Yashima Sadaaki 17L4: 01.993. 3 ranked player Tamura Team Tech F-1. Tech track in the rain at the F125 is very good movement, SAA cornering stability. Move the load in the rain no less of a role is nothing like the excellent performance.

frcgp 20 F1RCGP   Round 5

Second qualifying round
Qualifying the track conditions were put on two rounds of the rain lull. I took leave from sprinkling a bit, begin to fall the entire time. Wet road surface is easy to tire of choice for the heavy and wet, and then only with a firm grip on ordinary rubber tires. In other words, like some easy time.
F-1 class, showing a bold offensive players tail, the only round of this 16-lap mark. 16L4: 12.009, 15 seconds 154 Best Rap! Also, running a solid, stable and keep the two Takahashi. MASU the top overall points.
Class F-1 Grand Prix, where Alex Racing sail fast the players are RIMASU , KERUBEKU a stop to it, showing a nearly perfect run of play starts Matsumoto sleeves, give the time of Round 2. Players are 17L4: 12.604, Matsumoto player 16L4: 13.890. Only a little difference in the second, an advantage of about a second round player is missing like that. Also, the PIT-IN Racing Team will race the following Mizukoshi players. HOME circuit even in the rain and wet pavement is a little one can not always demonstrate.

frcgp 25 F1RCGP   Round 5

Third qualifying round
Lunch break in front of the third qualifying round, rain MI it all, only the surface begins to dry. Here, have some points in the system, to encourage players to participate in resolving the problems of early selection of tires, wet MASU to declare the lifting operation. However, immediately prior to the final three rounds, also started to rain mercilessly, it is now re-issued the Declaration wet.
The third round qualifying round, F-1 class, David showed a great race to hold off other players cars. This is the only round of 16 laps, 16L4: 16.053, GIMASHITA the point at once. David around the rear of the players, Yeah Racing has been equipped with a new motor mount. She took second place to Turn Ferrari and third place players has emerged Williams.
Class F-1 Grand Prix, Futaba F-1 Racing Team players Morita. 18 laps in four people get too close to call and say, 18L4: 10.283, the best 13 seconds in the 258, and round the top mark the time. The strength was impressive victory. Furthermore, ZEN players Yashima round two with a time of time. 18L4: 11.672. Yashima wet in the rain at the half-track is alive and well.
In general, F-1 to fight for pole position in Class BIMASHITA the player’s points, his first pole position Takahashi third in points. Second tail players, three players ranked in order of David. Class F-1 Grand Prix, was catching a round or two players, Alex Racing consecutive pole position in race two. Yashima ZEN players in second place, third place is a local player in Ishikawa RUSH.
HPI’s new car, the Formula Team TEN brought the Banchou Miura are at the mercy of the changing track conditions were repeated, like he was struggling quite. Still less the number of parts, in addition to the SENAI the roof, but no data set of dry conditions last Sunday. Even in the absence of serious players toggle partner, jumped down the speed of data collection. In all of the first things I would rather it was a bitter experience. Based on this experience, we expect the next big breakthrough. F1RCGP, especially Class F-1 Grand Prix, F-1 will have the result of brute force against each other constructors. Speed, usability, scale, and is easily said, F-1 as a test field for the rapidly increasing not only the basic elements of this RAJIKON is looking to leverage the event.

frcgp 9 F1RCGP   Round 5

Qualifying position ■ ■
F-1 class
Total R1 R2 R3

Takahashi Yoshizi a place 4 2 2 2

Shinya’s two-tailed 4 3 1 4

3rd David Tse 4 9 3 1

4 Nakayama Atsushi # 7 1 8 6

5 crown position 71,143

No. 6 Satoshi Rei 9 4 6 5

7 Tatsuya Thursday’s hand Shigeru 105,510

8 place Hutoshi Masaru 13,677

9 ° Itoo Shigeharu 167,109

10 Ishibashi Yuusuke’s 171,098

Yada Masaru Motoe 11 ° 19 8 11 11

frcgp 22 F1RCGP   Round 5

Class F-1 Grand Prix
Total R1 R2 R3

A place Kanbayashi Hiroshi (ALE) 2 1 1 4

Yashima Sadaaki 2 position (ZEN) 4 2 4 2

Sakai Takashi Morita 3 position (FUR) 5 4 13 1

4 ° Mizukoshi Kazuya (PIT) 8 13 3 5

5 Mamoru Ishikawa place (RUS) 9 6 6 3

6 Matsumoto Kyouiti’s (SOD) 10 12 2 8

7 Tamura Hideki place (TTF) 10 3 7 14

8 ° Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 11 9 5 6

9 Yuki Makoto Sato (RUS) 13 5 8 10

10 Takahashi Masahiro’s (ISI) 14 7 10 7

11 of Canada’s Ken Miyuki Mountain (FUR) 19 10 9 11

12 Miura Masayuki’s (BAN) 20 11 11 9

13 Tatsuya Ishikawa’s (ISI) 21 8 14 13

14 Shinya (TTF) 24 14 12 12

frcgp 10 F1RCGP   Round 5

For the final
Rain before the final round MI start point from the sun break in the clouds, rain clouds to the left immediately afterward. The track is very dry easily be tilted in relation to nature, we work with our emergency drainage of the participants to accelerate further. Want to run the final say in good condition as possible, you will feel your enthusiasm and quick. Then, lifting the wet half of the Declaration from Chairperson competition (run by tire foam tire control) is, it will wait for the race. However, players will also delight in the fragile conditions improve, this is a design change without used to dry the wet. Setting the machine to dry the first version, today, the mechanical abnormalities and fever and remains waterproof measures, because the risk for retired, takes the cover off the subject. Is the final stage, the players ran in yesterday’s dry conditions, may become favorable for the player who knows the local dry.
10 and each class divided by Maine, Maine and dry conditions during the eight-minute race will start now. In an interview before the final, you look a bit nervous. And is not wet, you’re expecting a battle of speed in dry conditions.

frcgp 12 F1RCGP   Round 5

F-1 Class B final Maine
F-1 Class B final Maine. Unfortunately Yada players will start at 1. The track was dry, and, F-1 Grand Prix class Marshall and the barrel, he boldly challenged to update its own records. Although there were several crashes on the way and the goal to bring the car to drive hard to the end, beautiful F-1 Class B main finish is winning!

F-1 World Grand Prix Finals Class B Maine
F-1 World Grand Prix Finals Class B Maine had a shot of Paul and Alex Racing Canada players exchanged early in the mountains, the end of the Start Team Tech F-1 team leader . He is followed by qualifying SHIKUMO is hit by misfortune and failure of electrical machinery, showing us the ability to run here. Best lap also a 12 second 654, as the top goal Legue. Canada Mountains and players, and players battle the Legion Ishikawa Ishikawa. However, the addition of local players having a player Ishikawa Mountains, has two goals and results.

frcgp 11 F1RCGP   Round 5

Final position ■ ■
F-1 Class B Maine
Yada Masaru Motoe a place 21L8: 22.725

Maine B Class F-1 Grand Prix
Shinya a place 36L8: 00.610

No. 2, Tatsuya Ishikawa, 35L8: 04.626

Canada’s three mountains and Ken Yuki 35L8: 11.721

4 Miura Masayuki’s DNS (Did Not Start)

frcgp 13 F1RCGP   Round 5

F-1 Class A Maine
Maine Class A final F-1. She failed at the start of the pole, jump up on behalf of the players tail. Stands on top. Nakayama players then the players by Ito. Ito player is up from the grid positions. The concentration of the start of a reputation. Soon after, the players retreat Nakayama tail players away with the top two ranked players in the ITO, the second and final round of qualifying David comes from a good player. In the midfield, David follows the path of the players in front of the players, the top RI MASU MIRUMIRU. Best lap in 13 seconds to lead a 193 GEMASU time. Behind the players Ito, highly ranked players fight for two tail. Fight until the last minute REMASHITA, Ito players jumped into the spare in the tail player, and has a wonderful opportunity. Final ranking is No. 1: David team, 2nd place: players tail, 3: Ito player. Best lap four players ranked Ishibashi GET. 13 seconds 146 mark.

frcgp 14 F1RCGP   Round 5
Best looking car

A Class F-1 Grand Prix of Maine
F-1 World Grand Prix Finals Class A Maine. First a shot of Alex Racing Pole Position Paul players are determined. The starting grid or ZEN players can not get into the pace of Yashima, the back, Futaba F-1 Racing Morita two players emerged. The melee followed by three large, ZEN player of Yashima, Team Tech F-1 team Tamura, PIT-IN Racing Team of players Mizukoshi, RUSH Ishikawa and players, many RI REMASU. Meanwhile, Alex Racing feeling is that players take the lead , Morita players desperately RAE extension. Gradually emerged in the late laps of the top two is the difference between people leaving KAZU said. Unopposed from the back from PIT-IN Racing Team is a group of players missing from last Mizukoshi. Mizukoshi play has become the second player the difference between the two MEMASU Morita. At one minute remaining and, finally leaving without Morita player, PIT-IN Racing Team Mizukoshi of two players to breakthrough. 087 best of the best 12 seconds! However, this time up. ~ To be unable players, winning, Alex Racing player. He showed a rock-solid race. The second was hurt early in the melee, PIT-IN Racing Team player Mizukoshi, but HOME impressive in his first point, the first podium GET. Third place Morita Futaba F-1 Racing team. RUSH Ishikawa fourth player, now 12, was playing a high pace in the first half-second battle.
Alex Racing does not stop the momentum of three victories this season, and now Canada-colleagues adding a flower shape on the birthday of the mountain athletes. Which team will Alex Racing drivers which put a stop to it?

frcgp 23 F1RCGP   Round 5

Awards podium champagne fight
Each collected three top-class players, who made the award podium. Class F-1 of the winning player is David Brown, determined to win his first GP race like the first like a baton, and it is full of a sense of accomplishment. F-1 Grand Prix, winning the class players Alex Racing . F1RCGP determined to win the first two, the state KIMASHITA off runaway points leader. Each player is awarded a bronze trophy, was awarded to the applause of many blessings from everyone. The last six fights in the traditional champagne! ! MI the rain eased and we chill in the air, we have KE IKKIRI. Congratulations indeed!

f1rcgp5 1 F1RCGP   Round 5

Final position ■ ■
F-1 Class A Maine
1st David Tse 35L8: 05.164

Shinya’s two-tailed 35L8: 08.572

3 Itoo Shigeharu place 35L8: 09.955

4 Ishibashi Yuusuke place 34L8: 05.902

5 Nakayama Atsushi place 33L8: 02.200

No. 6 Satoshi Rei 33L8: 04.220

7 crown place 33L8: 12.110

8 Takahashi Yoshizi place 32L8: 03.897

9 ° Hutoshi Masaru 31L8: 04.796

Shigeru Tatsuya Thursday’s 10 ° DNS (Did Not Start)


frcgp 15 F1RCGP   Round 5

A Class F-1 Grand Prix of Maine
A place Kanbayashi Hiroshi (ALE) 39L8: 06.993

No. 2 Mizukoshi Kazuya (PIT) 39L8: 12.012

Sakai Takashi Morita 3 position (FUR) 38L8: 00.103

4 Mamoru Ishikawa place (RUS) 38L8: 06.644

5 Yashima Sadaaki place (ZEN) 37L8: 05.045

6 Hashimoto Tsutomu place (ZEN) 37L8: 06.205

7 Yuki Makoto Sato (RUS) 37L8: 09.203

8 Tamura Hideki place (TTF) 37L8: 09.484

9 Matsumoto Kyouiti’s (SOD) 36L8: 09.875

10 Takahashi Masahiro’s (ISI) 34L7: 46.389


frcgp 16 F1RCGP   Round 5

Award BESUTORUKKINGUKA the Renault R28 was reproduced in color, we have decided to play Yada machine. The bodywork and a single wing and a carefully finished, I feel pretty good and aerodynamic.

frcgp 18 F1RCGP   Round 5

Awards draw overall
F1RCGP and annual, awards overall, the draw is a large banquet. Recognition Card so that you have to be organized into compact business card, and was also popular. F-1 top-10 class, 540 Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd. was awarded the motors. Also, to win from the tournament, TECH Racing F-1 machines later, F125 was awarded. Before the luxury of a premium not the past, players were very happy. Since the lottery is about rotating the meantime, everyone of our players had participated in and enjoy refreshments at the banquet.

frcgp 21 F1RCGP   Round 5


Tournament data F1RCGP major equipment
Data is the main equipment F1RCGP tournament. Machine, a professional post, amplifiers, batteries, F-1 and share GURANPURIKURASUMOTA, participating player Prefecture. Those who participate in the next, and who is the expedition, please do help.
Next F1RCGP2009 Round6, Sunday, June 14-CREST SPEED WAY-Gunma tournament. Well everyone, we look forward.

Share Share PUROPOSHEA Car Amplifiers

Participating players share share Prefecture Motor Battery

frcgp 24 F1RCGP   Round 5

The rain and bad weather during the first half, everyone was participating athletes, RC pit operation and assistance received from SUTAJIAMUSAKITTOONA, everyone of the staff officers, everyone supports the manufacturers of the products we offer the sponsors, thank you GOZAIMASHITA.

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