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AMB (#AMBrc) Personal Transponder For RC RESTOCK!!!

ambrc restock AMB (#AMBrc) Personal Transponder For RC RESTOCK!!!

The AMB (#AMBrc) Personal Transponder For RC has been Restocked @ rcMart.com!

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Personal Transponders: Efficient Registration and Results:
Registration is one of the most time-consuming duties of putting on a race. With each racer owning his/her own AMB transponder, registration goes quickly and smoothly. As the race timing software stores each driver’s information, registration is as simple as a click of the mouse. Personal Transponders also eliminate the need for keeping track of club rental transponders, which can be costly and often seem to get lost.

Personalized Laptimes and Results:
With our MyLaps.com web site, racers with Personal Transponders have unlimited access to their personal racing history including laptime data, lap charts and side-by-side driver comparison charts. Clubs no longer need to print individual driver reports since uploading the data to MyLaps.com takes only 30 seconds.

Simple Setup, Instant Results:
From the start, the AMBrc system was designed to provide small clubs and tracks with pro-level race results in an efficient manner. With its competitor database, quick connect hardware, and easy to learn software, performing timing for even the largest event can be done by one or two people
- Individual Laptimes, Results and more
- Plug and Play Hardware/Software
- Starting Grid and Restart Lineups
- Thousands of RC Riders Already Own a Personal Transponder
- Accurate Results Relied on by RC Clubs Worldwide
- Live Output Feed to Digital Scoreboards/Monitors
- All AMB Hardware Includes a Full 2-year Warranty


AMBrc Direct Powered Transponder
- Max. Speed: 120 km/h (75 mph)
- Max Height: 15 cm (6 inch)
- Operating voltage/ Power consumption: 4-8 VDC power/ <10 mA
AMBrc Rechargeable Transponder
- Operating time after full charge: 18 hours
Track Detection Loop
- Track Width: max. 10m, 1 loop
- Coax to Decoder: max. 100m

Where to buy?

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