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SUPER VALUED COMBO – TT01 M-Chassis Conversion Set!

cb0200 news 002 SUPER VALUED COMBO   TT01 M Chassis Conversion Set!

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TT01 having the glamour to attract a wide range of 1:10 touring car RC fans, and now it can even convert into a 1:10 M-Chassis for much much more fun and excitement with the M-Chassis Conversion Kit. However, the car is not being ready striaght away with the conversion kit only. If you do not want to wait for any longer, please have a look at this SUPER VALUED COMBO OFFER @ rcMart.com. This Combo Set including all of the hop ups parts from Tamiya, 3Racing, Yeah Racing & Moped to assemble a TT01 M-Chassis ARTR version, therefore you can start playing it immediately with the remaining RC components being installed without the second time research and shopping for the TT01 M-Chassis. Furthermore, you can save up to 33% by getting this combo.

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These are the 3 Racing M Chassis ARTR Kit, modifly Tamiya TT01 to M Chassis. The ARTR Kit Just add your choice of electronics & body.
RC 1:10, Car,Electric-Powered, On Road, Almost-Ready-To-Run ARTR

Modifly Tamiya TT01 to M Chassis
Wheel Base Adjustable from 210-224mm
FRP Chassis & Upper Deck
Aluminum Motor Mount
4 Dog bones & Main Shaft
Extra Long Body Post
Velcro Battery Socket
Ball Bearing Steering Track
19 items included

3Racing (#TT01-38/FRP) M Chassis Conversion Kit for TT-01/TT-01E x 1 Set
3Racing Alum. King Pin Shim For TT-01 (LB) x 1 Set
3Racing Graphite Shock Tower Mount For TT-01E x 1 Pc
MOPED Electronic Speed Control ESC V16R (Bravo) x 1 Pc
Tamiya P Parts (Servo Horn) For TT01 x 1 Pc
Tamiya G Part (Gear) For TT01 x 1 Pc
Tamiya Drive Shaft Set (TT01) x 2 Sets
Tamiya Bevel Gear Set For TT01, TGS x 2 Sets
Tamiya Servo Saver High Torque Type x 1 Set
Tamiya Type-E (A Parts) For TT01 x 2 Sets
Tamiya 2x8mm Pins x 2 Sets
Yeah Racing Aluminum F/R Propeller Joint (BU) For TT01 / TT01E x 1 Set
Yeah Racing TT01 Bearing Set x 1 Set
Yeah Racing 3x8mm Round Head Titanium Screws x 1 Set
Yeah Racing 2x8mm Round Head Titanium Screws x 1 Set
Yeah Racing 55mm Damper Set (TI) for 1:10 Touring x 4 Pcs
Yeah Racing 3mm Aluminium Flanged Lock Nut (BK) x 1 Set
Yeah Racing 4mm Aluminium Flanged Lock Nut (PP) x 1 Set
Yeah Racing 1:10 Mini High Realism 6-Spoke (PP) Wheel Set x 1 Set


3rac tt01 38 001 SUPER VALUED COMBO   TT01 M Chassis Conversion Set!

combo cb0200 006 SUPER VALUED COMBO   TT01 M Chassis Conversion Set!

Where to buy?

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