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Tamiya Spares & Optional Parts Re-Stock!!

tamiya restock 04281 Tamiya Spares & Optional Parts Re Stock!!

Tamiya Spares & Optional Parts Re-Stock!!Please check the list below for your desired Tamiya parts:

Item No                                Description
49473       06 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (22T)
51003       TT-01 B Part (Suspension Arm)
51004       TT-01G Part (Gear)
51005       TT-01 P Part (ServoHorn)
51006       TT-01 Drive Shaft Set
51007       Urethane Bumper M/TT-01,TGS
51008       Bevel Gear Set/TT-01,TGS
51226       Urethane Bumper L (TT-01, TGS)
51252       DF03 E Parts (Suspension Arm)
51296       TA05-IFS C Parts (F. Upright)
51308       DB01 Front Upright
51310       DB01 Rear Upright
51312       DB01 M Parts (Damper Stay)
51313       DB01 Rear Suspension Arm
51315       DB01 Differential Joint
51316       DB01 Front Drive Shaft
51317       DB01 Rear Drive Shaft
51320       DB01 Dish Wheel F/Wh.
51342       TRF416 Alu. Diff. Joint
51369       DF-03Ra Spur Gear Set
53127       66/69T Skyline Speed-Tuned Gear
53227       M2 Radial Tires *2
53255       M-Chassis 60D Inner Sponge (Hard)*4
53294       Reinforced Slicks Type-B *2
53335       Reinforced 1-Piece Spock Wheels
53336       Reinforced 1-Piece Mesh Wheels
53344       M03 Alu.minum Heat Sink
53390       M03/04 Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft
53407       0.4 Aluminum Pinion Gear38,39T)
53425       0.4 Aluminum Pinion Gear (50/51T)
53523       M03,M04 Aluminum Front Upright Set
53582       Medium Narrow Med.Inner Foam(1 Pair)
53671       TT-01 Front One-Way Unit
53684       TB EVO 3 Aluminum Heat Sink Motor Mount
53690       0.4 Pinion Gear (30T, 31T)
53691       0.4 Pinion Gear (32T, 33T)
53705       Reinforced Tires Type B3 (24mm Width w/Wheels)
53806       TT-01 Ball Differential Cup Joint for Universal Shaft
53922       05 Pinion Gear (23T,25T)
53925       DF-03 Slipper
53931       DF-03 Center one-Way Set
53941       DF-03 Alu. Turn. Steering Rod
53943       3x46mm Hard Turnbuckle Shaft*2
53954       DF-03 Front One-Way Bevel*2
53984       Buggy Racing Wing (the same as 1834018)
54015       DB01 Assy Univ. Shaft F
54016       DB01 Assy Univ. Shaft R
54017       DB01 Front One-way Set
54018       DB01 Slipper Clutch Set
54027       DB01 Slipper Pad
54033       DB01 Carbon Reinforced A Parts (Diff Cover)
54034       DB01 Carbon Reinforced D Parts (Caster Block)
54035       DB01 Carbon Reinforced L Parts (Steering Arm)
54036       DB01 Carbon Reinforced M Parts (Damper Stay)
54038       DB01 Alu. Sus. Mount Rear
54039       DB01 Alu. Sus. Block*2
54129       Aluminum Motor Spacer
56509       Truck Alumnium Rear Wheels

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