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rcmart013 HPI   EP 1/10 2WD SWITCH

  ~~~COMING   abarth HPI   EP 1/10 2WD SWITCH   SOON~~~

A novel mechanism in the condensed KONPAKUTOSHASHI sophisticated, providing you run exciting mighty. HPI FWD model is the first “switch”, adopting a rigid BASUTABUSHASHI very simple but important. The weight of all low-, and proso millet and ran a few rolls. Also earned a front-load enough MOTAREIAUTO FURONTOMIDDOSHIPPU was placed, the machine will go hard. FWD is a quick and easy to run a specific but anyone can enjoy regardless of the skill of driving. RTR switch, you’ll enjoy running so soon after purchase is completed model set.

001 w HPI   EP 1/10 2WD SWITCH

Translation from HPI

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