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Yokomo BD5 Customers Purchased Attention

keypoint01 Yokomo BD5 Customers Purchased Attention

This is pure competition for touring cars YOKOMO MR-4TC BD5 purchase, very thoughtful.

For assembly of the chassis is that you often refer to the instructions that are designed to be assembled in the state for individual reports have been driven by the failure of the difference between , notes that We will notify you.
It is about the interference of the motor and upper deck first. It is not part of the problem at all if usually have to stop if you want to peel away the moment the adhesive side of the upper deck plate in the rare carbon, BD5 tight clearance in the motor mounting face Because they are made, and apply glue to this moment, it interfering with the minutes of the thickness of the motor. When you’re stopped peeling or do you have a degree chamfering and waterproof paper, if you want to apply the adhesive desperate moment, and you do the cutting of carbon, taking into consideration the thickness of the pre – Please.

Another bad point is rotated about the center of the pulley, to ensure minimal clearance in the normal assembly here, we have designed to rotate smoothly, installed on both sides of the bulkhead of the center, the Center It looks like they may be unable to ensure adequate clearance of the bulk and pulleys. When attached to the bulk center MEINSHASHI is that you can avoid up to gradually tighten the screws evenly, remove the pulley side of Center Sim if rotation is still to be (or of different thickness control) and please support us. Sincerely.

Translation from Yokomo

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