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Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP – Race Report ( R2 )

The Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP has came to Round 2. Yeah Racing would like to thanks to the organiser for this fully detailed race report and the success of the F1RCGP so far. Keep up the good work everyone!!

8 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Translation from : http://www2.odn.ne.jp

The second game F1RCGP2009 in Chiba1
RC STADIUM SODEGAURA 2009 years Sunday, February 15

Update R2 Photo Gallery @ 4March,2009.

open021 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Weather: cloudy, temperature: 15 ℃, Humidity: 51%, the surface temperature: 18 ℃
F1RCGP2009, the second leg to move the location Kantou,Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture (MEKI?) Was held in RC STADIUM SODEGAURA. RC STADIUM SODEGAURA, 2006 is a relatively new track from the opening. The circuit features a three-sided GURIPPUONRODOSAKITTO, DORIFUTOONRODOSAKITTO, and finally 1/8GP and adjacent to the vast off-road circuit race and buggy. F1RCGP GURIPPUONRODOSAKITTO this stage and the one lap 120m, 33m and back straight, asphalt road surface is bumpy in some grains. The size of the circuit is 1 / 10 scale F-1 is the best size and speed in the fast-track.

1 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

The number of participants, F-1 Class: 22, F-1 Grand Prix classes: 8 teams of 14, total 36. Gathered from the tournament, especially many drivers have done the usual car engine, F-1  have loved you from the category of both electric cars and engines, SAA surge all together . In particular, F-1 car belonging to the class Naito IFMAR1/10GP Grand Prix race of 2006 World Touring Car champion players Fukuda has attracted a lot of galleries.

fig41 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Practice Day
A lot of dust on the track before the first spring storm, including the grip, gradually regaining the status FURUGURIPPU day now. The track was dry compared to the first snow of the season UETO, much better grip, and speed up the corner.
The practice of a clock that marks the third player in the automotive Naito Naito. RUSH is a strong following of players like Ishikawa. Time from mid-late 13 seconds per lap. 13 I like how you can continue running the game in seconds. The effect of wind from time to time, one can not state with 14 seconds to race influenced the effects of nature.
Reported that a tire is a good time to have players wear a medium front. However, at 2-3 to take time to adapt to the track circuit is unstable until it runs strong. The choice to reverse the high rubber, in place to ensure a high RIAGURIPPU the first lap, there are disadvantages in understeer throughout a difficult and time-out from.
F-1 class 540 MABUCHI is 14 times as fast from the mid-late second. The drift and put too many off-flavor from the motor load, it will destroy the motor. It is the key to the game and select the correct gear ratio.

fig42 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Day tournament
Cloudy day. Dry declaration on competition in a briefing from the Chairman, started the race. The early morning calm, the wind from time to time then, and it’s a different track grip. I think that the impact of pollen, and increase the grip on the track with the progress of the round is not like. I leave a good time in the early rounds, no matter how greatly influence the subsequent fate.
F-1 class, F-1 Grand Prix in both classes, the greatest challenge is how to ensure RIYAGURIPPU. It is important to choose a medium or high in rubber front tire. The line is a good course, very different from the behavior of the tire when we removed the line. Medium is likely to spin, is the tendency to under-high rubber. Looking at the entire pit, high rubber that occupy the vast majority.

fig43 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

First qualifying round
F-1 class first qualifying round, the top four cars in a very narrow margin between second and. The ladder is a round, players Fujitani 16L4: 01.775 time. The best time is 14 seconds 379. Following players 16L4: 02.245. 4 to No. 2 seconds. Swapped position greatly missed by the curb and get a little too much.
Class F-1 Grand Prix, qualifying was one of the first round of the ladder, RUSH Ishikawa player 18L4: 06.755. However, the same two players finished Sato RUSH 18L4: 06.797 prejudication we can not immediately get to the back. RUSH is a local team of course, setting a very good chunk current system 1,2. Sakuma said the team has a solid support.

fig46 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Second qualifying round
From the second round of the reversal from the earlier conditions, the wind has been gradually balloons. The occasional glimpses of sun through the clouds, the sun appears for a moment.
F-1 class in these conditions, 17 players have been finally put in three laps. Matsumoto played the provisional pole 17L4: 07.823, best time of 14 seconds 325. Fujitani’s top players before the round of 17 to mark the second lap, 17L4: 10.424 There is a little open. Three players finished , 17L4: 14.236. Top three almost equally spaced. The best time to have the top seven players in the tail unit 14 time chopping from mid-to late second.
Class F-1 Grand Prix team remains strong RUSH. This is the very heart of the players ran Sato 18L4: 09.740, Ishikawa team player 18L4.10.290 slightly in the second BAZU. In general BAZU a second time round, will gradually deteriorate KA the road. To track changes in a pair of players Naito Naito automotive car engine 18L 4:12.091, Team player toggle Banchou serious 18L4: 12.635 this third round, and then inspired. Also, a mistake the first round got back, he ran the best ZEN players keep Hashimoto 5.

fig48 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Third qualifying round
The third qualifying round of the final deployment of a floating tension also each player. Because the minute road conditions are getting worse, 11 players at the moment and after the A’s put into the main SHI takes heavy pressure.

fig53 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Matsumoto, F-1 class players, the players saw a great battle Fujitani, and the final two rounds the first time in more than two seconds to update the player Matsumoto 17L4: 05.577 out hitting the pole position. The best two players to update the grid Fujitani 17L4: 09.111 in the grid was determined.
The tail players, the players Togura No. 5 from No. 10 to intensify the fight A ME. SHI also a close battle, update the best players tail 17L4: 03.406 marks a good time.
F-1 Grand Prix class, players Ishikawa (RUSH) Led, Sato (RUSH), players (Alex racing), players Naito (Naito automobile), players Morita (Futaba) to 18 to mark the laps ,及BAZU the best. Toggle serious players, Miura Banchou Team stopped 17 laps. Under these conditions the first three rounds, the update was only one stunning best, Alex racing Canada could double as a team player and mountains.
Class F-1 Grand Prix pole position, and enabled the first time round RUSH Ishikawa players won brilliantly. RUSH is the front row. Multiplied by a check or two, I like the strategy for the final out.

fig55 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Qualifying position ■ ■
F-1 class
Matsumoto Kiyouiti a place 3R17L4: 05.577

2 Huziya Shiyouetsu place 3R17L4: 09.111

3 Kou Masato’s old 2R17L4: 14.236

4 Ji place thanks 1R16L4: 02.245

5 Okamoto Tatsuya place 1R16L4: 02.249

6 Shinya’s tail 3R16L4: 03.406

7 Suzuki Toshio’s 3R16L4: 03.431

Satoshi Hiroshi Yasushi Takashi 8 ° 3R16L4: 04.341

9 Togura Masashi place 3R16L4: 04.867

Place a set of 10 T. 2R16L4: 06.504

No. 11 Mori Takayuki 1R16L4: 10.249

12 Takahashi Yoshizi place 2R16L4: 11.688

13 ° Itoo Shigeharu 2R16L4: 12.448

14 ° Yokoyama Masakazu 2R15L4: 02.274

15 ° Nakayama Atsushi 2R15L4: 02.518

16 place Oomura Humihiko 2R15L4: 04.235

17 yuan’s own aspirations 2R15L4: 04.493

18 Miura Tatsuhiko place 3R15L4: 10.980

19 Konaka Tadashi’s 2R15L4: 11.052

20 Umetsu Kaoru’s 1R15L4: 11.360

21 Yokoi’s Keizo 2R15L4: 14.427

22 Shigeru Aki’s rice 2R14L4: 06.385

fig56 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Class F-1 Grand Prix
Mamoru Ishikawa a place (RUS) 1R18L4: 06.755

2 Yuki Makoto Sato (RUS) 1R18L4: 06.797

3 Naitou Shinobu’s (NAI) 1R18L4: 10.056

4 ° Sakai Takashi Morita (FUR) 1R18L4: 11.014

No. 5 Kanbayashi Hiroshi (ALE) 1R18L4: 12.384

6 Kazuya’s serious toggle (BAN) 2R18L4: 12.635

7 ° Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 2R18L4: 13.257

8 Hukuda Kei Akira’s (NAI) 2R18L4: 15.082

9 Ooyama Makoto’s (PSF) 2R17L4: 00.506

10 Miura Masayuki’s (BAN) 1R17L4: 00.587

11 ° Mizukoshi Kazuya (PIT) 2R17L4: 02.611

12 Yashima Sadaaki place (ZEN) 1R17L4: 08.865

It’s top 13 heart Kimura (FUR) 1R17L4: 12.394

Canada ranked 14 and Ken Miyuki Mountain (ALE) 3R16L4: 08.776

fig57 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

For the final
8-minute lap race by race, surprisingly marathon. For the two qualifying times, with care and MOTABURO index (gear ratio) to adjust. Class F-1 Pole Position players reported Matsumoto has worked with parents to ensure that pre-test. Mikuni Factory and chassis to use, very good workmanship and sense of setting. I look forward to a great chase from the back or how to play rock-solid Matsumoto.
F-1 Grand Prix class, pay attention to the fight against subsequent ranking points. The two consecutive tournaments played Futaba F-1 Racing Team players are off form Kimura, B fell ME. What attracts attention to how the player can cover fire Morita Teams fight all the same team so. And when all is said Banchou Team team and running a car engine and car normally Naito, including many of the team’s participation from the local RUSH whether to block the strong performance of the care center expansion . This Grand Prix class, IFMAR World Champion, FEMCA Champion, JMRCA match the champions of Japan, you just watch.

6 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

F-1 Class C Final ME
F-1 Class C final match in the main race. Aims to place a booby prize, and watched the Marshall F-1 Grand Prix class, the peak gradually SEMASU. Cut a tire early in the grip Yokoi players, top players take the rice, and bring it to the goal, the impressive C was the main ladder.

F-1 Class B final ME
ME F-1 Class B final. KYAMERUROTASU drive in a forest of players and PORUSHITTA, the battle begins after the start of the second Takahashi. Along the way, SEZU for power-down or a step leading to the Forest players will be reversed in the second half. Omura player is approaching from behind, finishing third. Later, followed by the players at regular intervals Konaka. 8 in the final minute of the drama occurs in a variety of situations.

fig59 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

F-1 World Grand Prix Finals Class B ME
F-1 World Grand Prix Finals Class B had a shot of Paul ME Pit-in Racing Team RIMASHITA players are quick Mizukoshi. Subsequent steadily pulling away to lead throughout the race. Goal 35 laps to mark it. Alex racing back in Canada and mountains player, ZEN goes against the second driver narrowly Yashima player. Kimura Futaba F-1 Racing team is off the battery, and was forced to pit several times.

fig60 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

■ ■ final position
F-1 class C ME
Shigeru Aki rice, a place 29L8: 10.840

No. 2 Keizo Yokoi 28L8: 05.015

F-1 Class B ME
Takahashi Yoshizi a place 31L8: 12.972

2 Mori Takayuki place 30L8: 05.220

3 place Oomura Humihiko 30L8: 06.873

4 Konaka Tadashi place 30L8: 07.733

5 Yokoyama Masakazu place 30L8: 09.459

6 Umetsu Kaoru place 29L8: 07.068

7 Itoo Shigeharu place 29L8: 09.981

8 yuan’s own aspirations 29L8: 16.837

9 Nakayama Atsushi place 28L8: 12.348

10 Miura Tatsuhiko place 25L8: 01.197

F-1 Grand Prix Class B ME
Mizukoshi Kazuya a place 35L8: 15.171

Canada No. 2 and Ken Miyuki Mountain 31L8: 09.425

3 Yashima Sadaaki place 31L8: 09.756

It’s ranked four heart Kimura 21L8: 03.182

F-1 Class A ME
F-1 Class A Final ME. NAKI PARATSUKIMASHITA got a light rain before the start. And start. To expand the lead throughout the race from pole position players Matsumoto. Follow second, followed by Fujitani players will suffer a KOSUAUTO unfortunate.古江players, the distance a player can lock on a gradual Matsumoto Okamoto players and no difference in the open while. Passing from the back is cool BETERANRASHIKU 10 players in the starting grid set of 4 float to the corner. At that time, the two fastest players already Matsumoto top on goal difference of 10 seconds or more. F-1 has been a wonderful class ladder.

fig62 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

A Class F-1 Grand Prix, ME
F-1 World Grand Prix Finals Class A ME. Rainy day back in pole position players RUSH Ishikawa. RUSH on behalf of team-mate Sato leading the race. The track in the evening as the players who led in the direction of oversteer, the pace of上GARAZU Sato, five from the grid Alex racing team approached, the  MASU. After that, the game takes on more and more players ahead  . Team back with a clip of Banchou Miura, RUSH Sato, Ishikawa cutthroat contract players. Team was also seemed to join the serious players toggle Banchou gradually receding. Eventually Alex racing DAIREKUTODORAIBU veteran players decided to win . Team Director, Canada and the players were delighted Mountains.

fig64 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Awards podium champagne fight
The annual award is F1RCGP podium. F-1 the speed of the winning class players Matsumoto, F-1 Grand Prix class, the winner was Alex racing tournament players Takumi TTA the . Memorial Award to take photos, let us fight in the entire hall tingling champagne at the end. I was on the podium GARA, Congratulations, really.

fig65 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

■ ■ final position
F-1 Class A ME
Matsumoto Kiyouiti a place 33L8: 01.978

2 Kou Masato’s old 33L8: 15.014

3 Okamoto Tatsuya place 32L8: 10.638

Set of four place Tsutomu 32L8: 14.284

Satoshi Hiroshi Yasushi Takashi 5 ° 31L8: 09.097

6, Shinya’s tail 31L8: 10.069

7 Togura Masashi place 31L8: 11.384

8 ° Huzitani Shiyouetsu 31L8: 11.887

9 Suzuki Toshio place 31L8: 12.851

10 Ji-place thanks  30L8: 06.082

fig76 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

A Class F-1 Grand Prix, ME
A place Kanbayashi Hiroshi (ALE) 35L8: 11.703

2 Yuki Makoto Sato (RUS) 34L8: 03.706

3 Miura Masayuki’s (BAN) 34L8: 03.981

4 Mamoru Ishikawa’s (RUS) 34L8: 05.490

5 Naitou Shinobu’s (NAI) 34L8: 12.116

6 Kazuya’s serious toggle (BAN) 33L8: 03.481

7 ° Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 33L8: 04.434

8 Ooyama Makoto’s (PSF) 32L8: 10.715

9 Hukuda Kei Akira’s (NAI) 16L3: 47.421

10 ° Sakai Takashi Morita (FUR) 34L8: 13.742 (A fall vehicle inspection ME)

3 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

BESUTORUKKINGUKA award was decided to play MAKURARENHONDA Fujitani. This is a very beautiful place from the face KERU Senna’s helmet visor. Marlboro Red in color and body, and vivid color development indicates the height of the coating technology.

7 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Awards draw overall
Finally the whole ceremony. Gathered in the pit area of the room with decals of the participating prize award card, F-1 top 10 in the class was awarded 540 MABUCHI motor. The relaxed atmosphere of the party snacks, with the prize per draw is that many many players participate, GARIMASHITA hard. Temporary and your constant smile.

fig72 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Tournament data F1RCGP major equipment
Major equipment F1RCGP event data is published in the coming days. (Total current) next F1RCGP2009 Round3, Sunday, March 8 event in Chiba KeiTuneRacing Speed-way (Ichihara).

4 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

Everyone join the players, we rent the track circuit owners, we help everyone in the club management team, everyone of the staff, everyone received the support and cooperation of the manufacturer’s product sponsors, Thank you very much.

5 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )
Source : F1RCGP
fig75 Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report
R1 Photo Gallery

R2 Photo Gallery update @ 4 March , 2009.

R3 F1RCGP in Chiba2 @ 8 March , 2009.

Yeah Racing All New Formula One Parts Development!!yr f1 hop ups parts Yeah Racing Sponsored F1RCGP   Race Report ( R2 )

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