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Traxxas new release products & accessories


5914 slayer ctr diff 350 Traxxas new release products & accessories

Slayer Center Differential

The new center differential for Slayer balances power distribution from the TRX 3.3 Racing Engine to reduce front end lift on acceleration and improve steering responsiveness. When used with the dual-disc rear brake kit (#5417), brake bias and power distribution can be adjusted independently for maximum performance in various conditions. This is the perfect combination for putting power to the ground in rough terrain and maximizing corner speed. The center differential is sealed, and can be adjusted by using different fluid viscosities for specific driving conditions. The Slayer center differential is sold fully assembled and filled with 100k weight Genuine Traxxas™ silicone fluid.

-Sealed center differential is adjustable utilizing various oil viscosities
-Transfers power to the front and rear differentials independently
-Direct compatibility with the Traxxas Slayer
-Allows customization to specific driving applications
-Boosts on-track performance
-Increases tuning options
-Compatible with rear brake kit (part #5417)


3628 sealed rcvr box 350 Traxxas new release products & accessories

Waterproof Receiver Box for
Stampede, Rustler and Bandit

Traxxas’ best-selling Rustler®, Stampede® and Bandit have gone waterproof! A key component of the new all-weather gear is a fully waterproof receiver box, which is also available separately as an upgrade. The complete kit includes all hardware, instructions, receiver mounting tape and grease for the wire-clamp seal. Installs in minutes without modification in Rustler and Bandit; an accessory mounting plate (#3626) is required for installation in the Stampede. Designed for Traxxas’ 2216 micro receiver, the waterproof receiver box also accepts many other popular micro receivers.

-O-ring sealed, waterproof design keeps moisture out
-Compatible with all Rustler, Stampede, and Bandit models, and can also be used in custom projects
-Allows running in snow, mud, or water (when used with waterproof servo and speed control)
-Includes all hardware and instructions for fast, easy installation
-Compact design is excellent for custom projects


5862 bigbore 350 Traxxas new release products & accessories

Big Bore Shock Kit for Slash

For the ultimate in bump and jump control, Traxxas Big-Bore™ shocks are the perfect addition to the popular Slash™ Pro 2WD Short-Course Truck. These fully assembled precision dampers use machined aluminum bodies for consistent action lap after punishing lap, with a hard-anodized finish for extra strength and a “factory works” look. Inside, Teflon®-coated shock bores reduce friction to nearly zero for instant suspension response, and dual silicone X-ring seals provide a perfect seal and super-smooth performance. The shock shafts are also premium-quality, and feature a titanium-nitride coating that resists scuffing, extends wear and reduces friction. The progressive-rate springs are properly sized for the Big-Bore shocks and have the same rates as the stock Slash shocks to maintain the truck’s carefully calibrated “real short-course racer” handling dynamics.

Traxxas Big-Bore shocks for Slash may also be used with Stampede and Rustler (nitro and electric models) and Nitro Sport.

-Precision-machined aluminum shock bodies
-Hard-anodized for strength and style
-Teflon coating for nearly frictionless operation and extended life
-Titanium-nitride shock shafts resist scuffing and reduce friction
-Progressive-rate springs
-Dual silicone X-rings
-Preload spacers, 2- and 3-hole pistons, and mounting screws included
-Fully assembled, just fill with shock fluid
-Includes genuine Traxxas silicone shock fluid

Source : Traxxas

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