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Tamiya Transpeed Motor + ESC / 12T Motor Set New Arrival!

tamiya transpeed motor restock 016 Tamiya Transpeed Motor + ESC / 12T Motor Set New Arrival!

The Brand New Tamiya Transpeed Brushless Motor has arrived rcMart.com.
The high performance motor which actualizes maintenance free with the brushless system. Adopting the thin t draw tar which uses the neodymium magnet. Equipping the slim type cooling front cover.
As for ★3.5T for on road
As for ★6.5T and 7.5T for off road.
High torque output is achieved by using the latest Neodymium magnet sintered rotor technology. Size 540.

Where to buy タミヤ?

45039 Tamiya Transpeed Motor + ESC / 12T Motor Set New Arrival!

rcMart.com had the new Tamiya TBLM-01 12T Brushless Motor and the TBLE-01 Brushless ESC 01

Brushless motor and is being touted as the next generation power sources. By placing a magnet on the inside of MOTAKAN, motor brushes are now equipped with a brush to change the direction of electricity flow through the rotor coils wrapped. The brushless motor is placed inside the coil MOTAKAN, the rotor is equipped with a magnet. The speed controller (ESC) and change the direction of electricity flow through the coil built into the electronic circuitry. It does not have to brush supplies, essentially maintenance free. Moreover, there is no point of contact, such as electrical and mechanical brush KOMYUTETA and low noise so that no spark, also features a high-speed rotation possible.

Tamiya brushless motor set 01 12T ESC01
Item No: 45039 RC System Series No.39

Brushless motor, brushless motor and a dedicated 01 12T Tamiya ESC (speed controller) has been included. 01 is a brushless motor, 23T corresponds to the motor brushes. ESC01, PURISETTOPUROFIRU addition to five types of brake output stages 10, 10 can be configured individually and NYUTORARUBUREKI output stage. Temperature, over-current, low voltage circuit with three types of protection. NIKADO power, as well as nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion battery.

Where to buy?

Source: Tamiya

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