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Tamiya PORSCHE 911 GT3 CUP Team KTR (TT-01 TYPE-E)

~New Arrival~

1 / 10 Electric RC Car Series No.422
Item No:58422

top550 Tamiya PORSCHE 911 GT3 CUP Team KTR (TT 01 TYPE E)

Translation from Tamiya
[The regulation] KARERAKAPPUJAPAN in his own world PORUSHEKARERAKAPPU eight are held by countries and regions worldwide places. Held in Japan from 2008 to KARERAKAPPUJAPAN sponsored by KRH race, driving his players by Isao Yoshinari already assembled kit of the Team KTR RAJIOKONTORORUKA reproduce the electric car. The full body modeling experience is a unique form of polycarbonate. KI MEMASU door mirrors and rear wing is available in detail the different parts. Also, the set of marked with stickers and coloring GARIMASU easily. In addition, the headlight 2 light (white), two tail lights (red) high brightness LED light you can enjoy the set.

chassis Tamiya PORSCHE 911 GT3 CUP Team KTR (TT 01 TYPE E)

[Shaft 4WD, TT-01 TYPE-E Chassis] is adopted, the 4WD MOTA・SHAFUTODORAIBU Vertical TT-01 TYPE-E. To the mainframe of bathtub type, and ensure high rigidity chassis, gear and equipment to cover the upper deck of a glass fiber reinforced nylon plastic. Steering system is smooth-moving 3-division play less. Design and low center of gravity and good balance DABURUUISSHUBONSASUPENSHON four-wheel, combined with equipment and DEFUGIYA around to demonstrate the characteristics of a steering controller Bull. The black mesh wheels good, RESHINGUSURIKKUTAIYA set.

Basic Specifications
Overall length: 465mm
Width 195mm
height 134mm
Wheelbase: 251mm
Tire Width / diameter = FR 27/67mm both
Frame = bathtub type motor drive system
3-Tie Rod Steering
suspension = 4 DABURUUISSHUBON split ring around Damper
friction with gear ratio = 8.35:1
Motor = 540 type
speed controller = ESC specification

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Source Tamiya

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