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1 / 10 Electric RC Car Series No.428


Item No: 58428

tt01d r32 Tamiya EP 1/10 NISSAN SKYLINE GT R R32 TT 01D

Overall length = 452mm

Transaltion from Tamiya

By popular-R32 GT-R drift in and enjoy! Series: 280 horsepower and an electronically controlled six-cylinder 4WD TSUINTABOENJIN with the 1989 Nissan Skyline five major attention was announced Monday GT-R (R32). Then R33-, R34-and the continued evolution, R32 did not know that the most popular type of erosion. Skyline GT-R with a popular assembly kit in the R32 RAJIOKONTORORUKA-electric reproduced. Flared around the fender, polycarbonate realistic recreation of a good style of the air intakes in the bumper opening. Moreover, the front (white) and rear (red) to high-brightness LED as standard and can be light. The shaft drive chassis to enjoy a thrilling drive 4WD drift of the TT-01D has been adopted.

By adopting a special chassis with the main frame SUPADORIFUTOTAIYA] RC type bath with a flat battery and driving mechanism, drive shaft balance design good low center of gravity of the 4WD, TT-01 chassis is based on specifications drift GEMASHITA. Super Drift tires are made of durable plastic control. In addition, four-wheel DABURUUISSHUBONSASUPENSHON short spring and oil dampers CVA Super Mini set. Ross kept the drive as a full-bearing specifications, features SUPOTSUCHUNMOTA was equipped with ARUMIMOTAHITOSHINKU.
SUPADORIFUTOTAIYA superior control of the plastic (24mm width) set. With little change in performance due to heat and wear, and it is also high durability.
tt01chassis Tamiya EP 1/10 NISSAN SKYLINE GT R R32 TT 01D

Basic Specifications ● Overall length: 452mm, Width 187m, height 133mm ● Wheelbase: 257mm ● Tire Width / diameter = FR 24/63mm ● both ● Frame = bathtub type motor drive system SHAFUTODORAIBUFURUTAIMU Vertical = 4WD ● DEFUGIYA = around ● Bevel with 3 = 3-Tie Rod Steering Suspension split ● ● Damper = four-wheel DABURUUISSHUBON CVA Super Mini with oil dampers and springs around the short gear ratio = 8.35:1 ● ● = RS540 motor speed controller = ESC SUPOTSUCHUN ● Specifications (optional)

[To be] for a separate ● RC Mechanical: GT-I, or ESC CHANNERUPUROPO with 2 ● Battery: battery and a transmitter for driving ● 3 cells form a single 8

- Dress up the cars in high-intensity LED lights that use light – Tamiya LED Light Unit (TLU-01) to enjoy the lights connected to light, characterized by low current consumption and emission of a bright LED light. The size is 5mm diameter and 3mm in diameter and two different colors white, red, yellow, orange, blue, Rainbow also offers a change in emission color.

Source : Tamiya

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