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Tamiya EP 1/10 Mercedes-Benz C11


1 / 10 Electric RC Cars

Mercedes-Benz C11 (FINISHED BODY)
Item No: 58351

tamiya c11 Tamiya EP 1/10 Mercedes Benz C11

Overall length = 490mm

Translation from Tamiya

[1990] car champion, has dominated the 1989 Le Mans 24 hour race and win the Championship, World Sports Prototype Car (WSPC) victory in eight races and seven wins and improved to C9. 1990 Mercedes-Benz has been introduced as a fighting machine, the C11. With improved aerodynamics, the rear of the 5-liter V8 with TSUINTABOENJIN KABONKONPOJITTOMONOKOKKU. All nine races 7 wins, 4 times and 1-2 in the strong expectation that sink a precise finish, the machine KIMASHITA champion this year.

[DAIREKUTODORAIBU produce sharp run 2WD chassis employs] the main chassis to BASUTABUFUREMU ABS plastic, the plastic frame around the space, on the undersurface of employing more KONPOJITTOTAIPU combination of FRP plate. KINGUPINKOIRUSUPURINGU independent front suspension, rear 1.5mm-thick FRP T bar CVA oil dampers to control the type 3P. To the surface, the two-stage front and rear ride height is adjustable to each stage. In addition, direct drive motors deliver power directly to spur gear 2WD. Configuration is fully equipped with attractive and effective with the ball differential RIMITEDDOSURIPPU and smooth operation. Unique aerodynamic body painted racing car is already finished marking・specifications.

[] ● Basic Specifications Overall length: 490mm, Width 206mm, height 110mm ● Wheelbase: 280mm ● Tread = F: 172mm R: 152mm ● Tire Width / Diameter = F: 28/64mm R: 45/68mm ● Frame = ME a plastic tub KONPOJITTOTAIPU space frame and equipped with FRP plate ● Direct drive system = rear wheel drive two-wheel-drive ball differential ● ● DEFUGIYA = = The rear suspension features CVA oil dampers that 3P type ● gear ratio = 5.6.: 1 ● Motor = ● RS540 SUPOTSUCHUN SUPIDOKONTORA = ESC specification (optional)

Source : Tamiya

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