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Tamiya EP 1/10 M-03M FIAT 500

1 / 10 Electric RC Car Series No.427
FIAT 500
Item No: 58427

Translation from Tamiya
58427 Tamiya EP 1/10 M 03M FIAT 500
Overall length = 347mm (photos are assembled, painted state)

2007 was announced Monday, the Italian car lovers are not only a good collection of KAOBUZAIYA Europe won the 2008 Fiat 500 electric RAJIOKONTORORUKA kit assembly. 1957 Fiat released in the year 500 (CHINKUECHENTO) over the image, reproduced in full in the polycarbonate to form a cute feel. Circular line is fun just looking. Front wheel drive chassis and a motor mounted on the front to adopt the M-03M. Lightsome to control the running, as well as align the Fiat 500 to a rich color, and spread more fun to drive GERE in your favorite color.

Front wheel drive chassis and is equipped with a motor vehicle in front as we adopt the M-03M chassis. Skeletal frame of the chassis strength is slim, lightweight, monocoque type plastic that is easy to follow assembly. DABURUUISSHUBON equipped upright lightweight nimble running around by creating a four-wheel independent suspension. In addition, bearing a total of around eight HOIRUAKUSURU OSAEMASHITA 1050 with a loss to drive the ball bearings. Also, to optimize the weight balance of left and right tie-rod of equal length to the center line and set the car on the steering servo. Will provide easy steering characteristics without the habit.

chassism03m Tamiya EP 1/10 M 03M FIAT 500

● Overall length: 347mm ● Width 170mm ● Height 140mm ● Wheelbase: 225mm ● Tread FR with 138mm ● Tire Width / diameter = FR 25/59mm ● Frame with monocoque type = = drive front wheel drive system ● ● ● DEFUGIYA = 3 bevel steering = isometry 2-tie-rod split ● Suspension four-wheel DABURUUISSHUBON around ● ● Damper = friction with gear ratio = 5.8:1 ● ● Motor = RS540 type speed controller = ESC specification (optional)

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