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Much More – Cell Master Legend Charger

~COMING SOON~mm1 Much More   Cell Master Legend Charger


LiPo charge current: 10A

NiMH charging current: 10A

Discharge current: Linear 10A, Pulse 30A


Master power supply and docking LEGEND (MATCHIMOADOKKINGUSHISUTEMU, available without the input wires)



C IKORAIJINGU sub-board battery charger (the master cells of the right LEGEND I / O Port used in conjunction with)

IKORAIJINGU ability to charge the battery while the battery voltage is high and low peaks. With temperature sensor, automatic recognition.

High-current electrical discharge machine (discharger currently under development, the master cells of the right LEGEND I / O Port used in conjunction with)

LEGEND cell charge master in charge, discharge is discharged into a large current discharge, the automatic recognition.

mm2 Much More   Cell Master Legend Charger

Basic Specifications

Super linear charge mode

Super linear charge mode 2

Nickel metal-hydride battery mode (only set amps)

Nicad charging mode (only set amps)

LI-Po balance charger mode (with balancer)

LI-Po charge mode races

LI-ion mode, ion charge

LI-Fe charge mode

PB battery charging mode

Cycling functions (charge -> discharge, discharge -> charge can be set)

Discharge mode

mm3 Much More   Cell Master Legend Charger

2009 Master TITC cell MATCHIMOARESHINGU new master race and power LEGEND LEGEND was announced. Hara Atsushi, RAINADO mark is in use in the race Kim players.

LEGEND NYUSERUMASUTA the DERUTAPIKU can be detected more accurately in the linear-only super-charge, can be used without a temperature sensor in the race for high-temperature Thailand.

LCD 4 line 20 character types (the fourth column is the best description of each menu. It is only available without a description.)
LCD cover with foil for up-and-down, and PURAPATSU button is chrome plated.

Foil is like a PC mouse.

During the charging of the foil on the LED (blue) to light.

During the discharge of foil under the LED (red) to light.

mm4 Much More   Cell Master Legend Charger

LEGEND cell body is the master of its own aluminum case MATCHIMOA.
LCD cover screw can be dressed up to match the color of each charger.
Visible holes in the heatsink cooling is handled by GANMETAARUMAITO.

LEGEND of the master cell LCD.
Blue LCD prototype. Character is white. The previous two times the size.
Can be used in conjunction BATTERIUOMA and the master cell KURINGUFAN Like the previous series.

Part LI-Po balance charger. SERUBARANSA SERUMASUTAREJENDO is the visceral, balancing is not required.

Port from the front left part.

Right equipment to connect the temperature sensor and optional I / O port.

Posterior surface of the connector to connect the wires, is entered into the system when not docked.
Connectors used in conjunction with the Ministry of Genus Remove rubber cap.
KURINGUFAN uses a new type of quiet. IC to control the speed control.


The underside of the dock and can PAWAMASUTAREJENDO, dedicated connector connection.

The docking PAWAMASUTAREJENDO as easily.

The docking system will not have any input wire.

Pit table is solid, because it does not change the position of the charger.

Each port is used in the rubber cap KONEKUTATO. Designed to detail.

Compact temperature sensor in the world.

Magnet-type temperature sensor.

Use it to touch the battery.

When the compact size and use of BATTERIHITOSHINKU MATCHIMOA

Temperature sensors can be used perfectly.


Translation from http://muchmore08.cafe24.com/tc/mrblog


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