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LRP New Crawler Brushless Combo + Feature RC Products!!

lrp logo LRP New Crawler Brushless Combo + Feature RC Products!!

LRP Crawler Brushless Combo (#LRP80628)
Maximum power meets total control
The LRP Crawler combo has been specially developed for all applications in crawling, trial, and all other areas
that require precise drivability at slow speed. This LRP Crawler combo is a genius when it comes to low speed
lrp 80628 012 LRP New Crawler Brushless Combo + Feature RC Products!!

drivability, super sensitive starting, and accelerating.
Crawler 21.5T Brushless Motor
• Sensor/sensorless operation
• Hand wound
• Neodymium magnets, sintered
• XTEC K3 Sports teardown
Crawler Brushless Reverse ESC
• Auto-hill brake
• 4 unique crawler throttle profiles
• No reverse delay
• Motor rotation system

LRP SPX Competition Stock Spec Speed Control (#LRP80710)
Fresh out from R&D LRP brings you the LRP SPX Competition Stock Spec. Get the edge over the competition with this speed control
specially developed for stock racing. Features improved hardware and our special “Stock Spec” software which increases stock motor
performance significantly. Fully dual purpose and excellently suited for both stock and modified racing, the power profile 5-8 is specially
for “Stock Spec” and 1-4 profile is ideally suited to modified racing.lrp 80710 012 LRP New Crawler Brushless Combo + Feature RC Products!!
• 4 Stock and 4 modified power profiles
• AutoCell System
• Automatic Brushless/Brushed adaptation
• Sensored design
• Internal Temp-check system
• Big power capacitor
• 24.5g light
• ADPCTM – Advanced Digital Phase Control
• IceDrive Design
• Optimized for use with 4 – 6 cells
• 3.0A BEC
• Blue LED
• Multi-Protection System
• External soldering tabs
• 2.6mm power wire
• Launch Control

LRP High Power Soldering Station (#LRP65800)
LRP releases the first-ever Soldering Station that has been tailor-made for RC applications. Designed and fully set up to handle all the
needs of a soldering station for radio control use. With its 90W power rating and 400 kHz electromagnetic heating element, this
soldering station reaches maximum temperature (480C) super fast, and is perfect for soldering joints on batteries, motors, and speed
controls. Equipped with the Easy Tip-system, the tip of the 90W handle with its comfortable rubber grip can easily be replaced in
seconds without any tools. 1.2mm and 0.5mm tip included.
• Light-weight and compact for easy transport (1kg
and 155x78x120mm)
• Worldwide operation 100 – 240VAClrp 65800 300x159 LRP New Crawler Brushless Combo + Feature RC Products!!
• Multifunction handle holder
- Magnetic Auto Sleep
- Auto Wakeup Function, for increased tip life
- Integrated storage for replacement tips
- Extra large cleaning sponge
• Fully digital for perfect adjustments
• Easy Tip-system
• Blue backlit Display
Output power: 90 Watt
Output voltage: 48 Volt
Operation Temp. : 80-480 C
Sleeping Temp. : 80-480 C
Auto Sleep Timer: 0-250 min

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