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HPI EP 1/10 Cup Racer 4WD M-Chassis new arrival

cupracer HPI EP 1/10 Cup Racer 4WD M Chassis new arrival

Translation from HPI

And those RIARUSUKERUBODI 1 / 10 RITORUSUPOTSUSHASHI package. Cup racers, HPI was fused with a high level of performance and cool stick. Full-time 4WD drive system chassis, FRP double deck structure, specification aluminum center shaft HAISUPEKKU adoption. Choose to match the body with two of the 210mm and 225mm FURONTOSHOKKUREIAUTO and also features adjustable wheelbase and I am happy to pick and choose. With the body, and pursue the reality of the body to adopt PURAPATSU.

Ultimate Scale Realism

Cup racers and TOURUTENSUKERU concept of “the most realistic RC model car looks great.” HPI technical designers the world body, will gather strength design, as reproduced in the real TOURUTENRUKKUSU. Cup racers are not only focused on the performance scale model, width, length, SHIMASHITA to vehicle dimensions and infinite detail.

Authentic Detailing
TOURUTENSHIRIZU attention to design detail than ever before. Polycarbonate body is a faithful reproduction of the vehicle body lines and curves. Door line, trunk, side skirts, like vehicle. Wipers, bumper, muffler, mirror our reality and reproduction parts.

rcmart005 HPI EP 1/10 Cup Racer 4WD M Chassis new arrival

cupracerchassis HPI EP 1/10 Cup Racer 4WD M Chassis new arrival

Ready to Perform
Cup racer chassis is not simply aimed at TOURUTENSUKERU, our driving performance. Equipped with an oil shock in the standard kit, each linkage FURUAJASUTABURUTAIPU adopted. FURONTOGIYADEFU, high stability in the adoption of RIABORUDEFU.

Cup racers easy handling, ease of assembly, of course, the design KODAWARIMASHITA. Grid and lightweight, battery holders, improving the cooling performance, and streamlined to the maximum of MEINSHASHI scale RC car that has been eagerly-awaited completion.

Where to buy ?
HPI (#100600) 1:10 Cup Racer 1M/ Datsun 240Z Mini EP

 dimensions copyt HPI EP 1/10 Cup Racer 4WD M Chassis new arrival

DRIFT Version
Cup racing is not just GURIPPUBAJON lineup drift version. Sale of T-DRIFT enjoy traveling with a drift to the drift-only tire and tire using the same compound.


bg 03 HPI EP 1/10 Cup Racer 4WD M Chassis new arrival

Where to buy ?
DRIFT Version~~Coming Soon

Source : HPI



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