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Hara’s HB Cyclone Setup Sheet @ TITC09

20090325 932627 Haras HB Cyclone Setup Sheet @ TITC0920090323 924258 Haras HB Cyclone Setup Sheet @ TITC09

2 / 20 to 22 in Bangkok, Thailand held in RCS TITC2009 at winning the modified class
AH (Hara Atsushi) TC-cyclone data.

TITC2009 RCS (PDF/725KB)

AH is a comment.
Last 11 races at the world, struggled to remember that when they return to the track,
This took the set on the assumption that the training phase.
When the final world front against SP.: Gold, DURUPU about: 9.5mm.
First, here’s where the balance was around from SP. Changes to Silver.
Their initial reaction to reduce the rebound in front,
Increased in the rebound to keep the rear exit of the corner push.
Most others will not change.

The assumption that in the mind of a mechanic could not join the Miura
“When you do this?” Took a set of thinking.
Significantly change the results because they do not feel responsible enough to,
Made the drive to respond well to changes in the road.

Translation from hpi-express

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