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F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed-way

f1rcgpr3 24 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way
F1RCGP2009 in Chiba2 Round 3
@March 8th , 2009.
KeiTune Racing Speed-way

Translation from http://www2.odn.ne.jp/~cai36980/F1RCGP/Racereport2009/rr2009r3.html

f1rcgpr3 1 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

Weather: Rain, Temp: 9 ℃, Humidity: 70%, the surface temperature: 10 ℃
F1RCGP2009, third season. I like the game all round, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, one of the best high-speed circuit, one has been moved to the KEICHUN hold. KECHUN, the official name KeiTune Racing Speed-way calling, Ichihara, Chiba (CHIU one) to ready the facility, JMRCA1/8GP held many national championships racing car, RC familiar to fans of the famous is the circuit. Opened in 1996. RESHINGUTORAKKU has a long history as a relatively F1RCGP ONRODOTORAKKU this stage and the one lap 318m, 70m and back straight, asphalt road surface is bumpy in some grains. Features of the scheme is even more than size, is fast on the left and right banks. While you can enter the corners with little slowdown from the back straight to require careful attention because of the damage and crash. Course size is 1 / 10 scale F-1 is slightly wider, F1RCGP type of high speed circuit is one in a series.

f1rcgpr3 2 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

The number of participants, F-1 Class: 11, F-1 Grand Prix classes: 7 Team: 12, Total 23. On the wet track this morning, and conditions of the scattered light rain Unfortunately, F-1, supported by many loving fans, we were able to successfully enact the convention.

f1rcgpr3 3 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way
Radio control car racing, race, and rain usually does not occur. But this is F1RCGP regulation, which carried the announcement of the rain, the players will be ready to take things on that basis. F-1 is open-wheel Luckily (exposed tires) for the style of the state, the wet surface in a simple waterproof measures, without worrying about running it under water and mechanics. F1RCGP, continues to suggest a wet race in the future, the new RC and we want to build a racing style.

f1rcgpr3 4 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

Practice Day
Tuesday RE RI sky is good, just a perfect day for radio control. Courses Courses are usually run to the car engine, on this day are considered safe, electric F-1 with time, practice was to separate the ENJINKATAIMU.
The practice is, F-1 class player participation, F-1 and to begin testing athletes participated energetically in the Grand Prix class, Team Grand Prix class for serious players Banchou toggle 22 and 97 seconds out of hitting the Super Lap fiscal. Looking at the finish of the car, and looked on. Meanwhile, F-1 SUTACHIMU sleeve Matsumoto players step up from the championship class, Mikuni also demonstrate the sail fast in the chassis. F-1 is a time close to the team’s top Grand Prix class.

f1rcgpr3 5 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed wayHowever, most of the team average time of 23 seconds late from midfield. To earn a straight-line speeds, the wings and thin, and increase the gear ratio of the test was repeated. The weather forecast for tomorrow is rain on the day of the tournament. The probability is 80% and, to be sure about how to enable the setting of the track tomorrow was not dry. Tomorrow’s race is expected to expand very rough. F-1 with two classes, and is expected to come depends on whether you are able to run a clever way.

f1rcgpr3 6 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

Day tournament
Unfortunately the semi-wet on the surface scattered light rain. The occasional wisp of rain or strong, or weak. No wind, not even in the sun out, the track is absolutely no hint dry. Long been declared wet by officials in a briefing, the race started. This semi-wet road surface will cause players to participate in a very troubling. Failing to secure a hard RIAGURIPPU a test run in the morning, many players to spin in every corner. If someone falls EKUSUTORIMUUETTO waving around a light weight radio control car is often the reverse grip. Also, because the oil on the car engine running track normally not expected to grip than rubber tires. Each player to make tires in the morning, each team is a very hectic situation.

f1rcgpr3 7 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

First qualifying round
F-1 class, I will start a second round of qualifying, but half of the wet surface to dry out. Heat in the face of each player in the selection of rubber tires, marked a time for good players and sponge it with Takayasu acumen. 30 laps around the players during a timeout late in the second half, the only one in 29 seconds, 29 seconds 938. The players walk out of step Takayasu 8L4: 25.428, Sugawara players to follow it, Higuchi player, here are eight-lap battle. Behind the players , Takahashi 7 laps 4 seconds to 5 seconds was engaged in a fight. The weather is also very sensitive to this, you will become increasingly difficult to choose tires.

f1rcgpr3 8 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way
Class F-1 Grand Prix, when the road conditions further recovery. One of the first qualifying round of the ladder, tire choice sponge, sharp rise, the arms are stretched straight Ishikawa Team RUSH players, 10L4: 13.641,2 place Team Futaba F-1 Racing Morita player 10L4: 20.847 and more, ending a record 10 laps. Despite the time difference, the third Team Miura Banchou 9L4: 08.207. Alex Racing champion players are off the tires 7L4: 31.417 and 10th. I also began to dry the track, wrapped round the best players RUSH Ishikawa, 24 seconds 818.

f1rcgpr3 9 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way
Once the weather showed signs of recovery, the trend deterioration.RI SHI intense rain, the track has been changed to wet conditions. And a wet track, lap fell about 10 seconds, 35 seconds at a stretch it is 40 seconds near the battle. Here F1RCGPA adaptation at the discretion of the special rules. And we can determine the position of each point of the qualifying round. If the conditions were still there, the current best lap time of one round of the rules is almost impossible to measure the catch-up in the second half of the lower qualifying players.

f1rcgpr3 10 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way
From 1 to 1 point, second place 2 points, each given a point and, best of three rounds with the top two in order to lower the point total of the round, established a special rule. In the case of the 3rd point was the low point advantage.

f1rcgpr3 11 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

Second qualifying round
No signs of rain to stop heartless. Temperatures also dropped slightly, the track has fallen away. However, in that the point system, NAOSA compartment close to the race with all players equal. The second round of the track is easy to spin, how sharp is the key to winning the race to care? The F-1 class, but came off before the players Sugawara 6L4: 02.299, Higuchi players 6L4: 04.228. Although most athletes with a mark of six laps, four minutes in two single-time only. The first round, players Takayasu is a mark of a good time, Miss Sponge tire selection 4L4: 11.496 MIMASU to bottom. At this point F-1 top-class players Sugawara. 2nd place: Higuchi players, 3: Takahashi and lasts.

f1rcgpr3 12 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way
Class F-1 Grand Prix champion off-road JMRCA Team Futaba F-1 Racing team will rouse Kimura. In the midst of a very slippery road surface, showed consistent laps. Building a second 10-second gap close, 7L4: 24.571 times and Round Top. RUSH second player stickiness Ishikawa, 7L4: 33.197. 7 entered the name of the four laps. The impact of the puddle, also appeared several mechanical problems. Was also found in the scene and stop SHIKUMO top sail fast. At this point the F-1 GURANPURIKURASUPOINTOTOPPU RUSH Ishikawa player. 2nd: Team Miura Banchou, 3: Matsumoto, followed by players and sleeve starts.

f1rcgpr3 13 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

Third qualifying round
Stable conditions are still low. Conflict point is a chaotic appearance. The third round, round and very focused. F-1 class, a goal切RI抜KEMASU top players in the heat Amano. 6L4: 22.825 and good times. However, the second heat Takahashi, Takayasu players ahead of their time finally came and replaced the rubber tires, 6L4: 15.918,6 L4: 20.203 records. This third round of the SHIMASU She is the final points tally, Sugawara pole position players!

f1rcgpr3 14 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way
Class F-1 Grand Prix, Team RIMASHITA his Banchou. The first heat, the top goal serious players toggle 6L4: 20.439,2 second heat, the top goal Miura 6L4: 01.256, 7 laps behind. Miura has won the round, RUSH Ishikawa another player second. The general point is the distinctive fast, stable, RUSH Ishikawa pole position players! Paul and two consecutive tournaments. The team said Sato RUSH is the unfortunate overlap, rainy day and 12 ° B fell ME. Multiply KONSUTORAKUTAZUTAITORU, a pair of Paul RUSH player, Team player Banchou 2, after this race, this confrontation is a very exciting situation.

f1rcgpr3 15 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

Qualifying position ■ ■
F-1 class
Total R1 R2 R3

Sugawara Kazuaki 1 ranked 3 2 1 4

Satoshi Hiroshi Yasushi Takashi 2′s 31,112

3 Takahashi Yoshizi No. 4 5 3 1

4 ° Higuti Hiroyuki 5 3 2 8

5 No. 9 Tomomitsu thanks 4 5 6

Set of six place Tsutomu 11,965

No. 7 Amano Hiroyuki 118,103

8 Shinya’s tail 13,679

9 Mori Takayuki’s 14,797

Usui Hiroyuki 10 ° 15 11 4 11

11 ° 18 10 8 10 crown

f1rcgpr3 16 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

Class F-1 Grand Prix
Total R1 R2 R3

Mamoru Ishikawa a place (RUS) 3 1 2 2

2 Miura Masayuki’s (BAN) 4 3 8 1

3 It’s Kimura’s heart (FUR) 6 12 1 5

4 Kazuya’s serious toggle (BAN) 8 7 5 3

No. 5 Kanbayashi Hiroshi (ALE) 8 10 4 4

6 Matsumoto Kyouiti’s (SOD) 12 9 3 10

7 Yashima Sadaaki place (ZEN) 13 5 9 8

8 ° Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 13 6 10 7

Canada ranked 9 and Ken Miyuki Mountain (ALE) 13 11 7 6

10 ° Mizukoshi Kazuya (PIT) 14 8 6 9

11 ° Sakai Takashi Morita (FUR) 14 2 12 12

12 Yuki Makoto Sato (RUS) 15 4 11 11

f1rcgpr3 17 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

For the final
The final round of qualifying times for the eight-minute lap race. The main draw for every 10 people, They compete in terms of final position. Is still wet track conditions. Race wet season and the first two races, a lot of players come and players designed to rubber tires. Or to put the story in SURIKKUGOMU cutter, and place or using a cutter and nipper Yokomizo grooved rubber tires and the ride. If you put the sponge and oversteer is only the front, you can shake a lot of understeer. If you want to get the middle, like a good idea to only half a roll of glass tape FURONTOGOMUTAIYA. In addition, the double-sided tape Tamiya tires are also found as well, like many things come off at high speed. The change is, G17 (rubber-based adhesive) or coated on the surface of the tire, MASHITA players have a good result without the inner. The main idea is a wealth of experience to originate from the F-1 Grand Prix driver of class, F-1 like I said, imitating a class player, was born in the exchange of know-how beyond the boundaries of class .

f1rcgpr3 19 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way
The final track is wet, it is expected that conditions will get worse gradually. F-1 class for each player, F-1 Grand Prix classes in the direction of each team, will become a race?

f1rcgpr3 20 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

Before entering the race, A ME only did the interview. Each player, so they know how to publish recklessly, and you can see. Tournament was slightly less participating athletes, with a laugh, cheer and fun NIRIMASHITA interview.

f1rcgpr3 21 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way
F-1 Class B final ME
ME F-1 Class B final. Unfortunately players will start at 1. Position is already fixed, I ran close to the best finish in order to update the record. There have been scenes of frustration early in the spin, was a wonderful time up in the second half.

f1rcgpr3 22 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

F-1 World Grand Prix Finals Class B ME
F-1 World Grand Prix Finals Class B ME. A grid Team Futaba F-1 Racing player and Morita, the grid was expected to be RUSH Sato battle, this is not possible to say that both mechanical starter for the rain, no race NARIMASHI .

f1rcgpr3 23 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

■ ■ final position
F-1 Class B ME
Place a crown 10L8: 05.047

F-1 Grand Prix Class B ME
Sakai Takashi Morita’s a DNS (Did Not Start)

Sato Nobuyuki place two DNS (Did Not Start)

f1rcgpr3 25 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

F-1 Class A ME
F-1 Class A Final ME. Between players, players get a late start for a moment at the start of the pole position Sugawara, Takayasu IMASU the top players at once. A control line to pass a lap-top players Takayasu, followed in second place: Takahashi, 3rd place: player, fourth: Higuchi, followed by closely by the players. Top four cars in disarray, the early close of the side-by-side. Guard down or anything, the barrage of spin and CHI EMASU rush it. Between midfield players lead one Takayasu, Takahashi continued to fight for two places, followed by the players still in TERUTSUNOZU . Then, spin or broken out as a leading player in the top Takayasu! She stands on top. Top athletes are hoping to quickly , poignant spin! Takahashi, Takayasu players and match racing. Takayasu play fast straights, the straight path to Takahashi. I had a little contact, the pace of上GARIMASEN subsequent Takahashi. Takayasu late-race players, two racing cars in 2008 JMRCA1/8GP ability to provide a stable position, while maintaining superb and top goal lead intact.

f1rcgpr3 26 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

A Class F-1 Grand Prix, ME
F-1 World Grand Prix Finals Class A ME. After the start of the pole in a corner RUSH Ishikawa players, the second Team WASHIMASU Banchou Miura. Behind the crash of the early stages of grief toggle serious team players. MIMASU lower. Miura is at the top, keep a constant difference between the players and Ishikawa. The pace of these two units are selected and determined as Thailand, so the pace is faster than other cars, depends on three ahead of second place after a gap. Third place from mid-Team Futaba F-1 Racing Kimura player, ZEN players fight Yashima. Not allowed even a moment of carelessness so very narrowly. Miura’s top players, showed the race settled BETERANRASHII, Ishikawa player takes on by far the second half of the race. Miura is also a spin in the final only once. Other players at least 3-4 times and spin, Team Miura Banchou and driving, the height of the outstanding race to secure RIAGURIPPU SETINGU capacity, impressive, the goal kicked off the top of the Miura closed. RUSH 2 ranked player in Ishikawa third Yashima players had got back off a little perseverance.

f1rcgpr3 27 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

Awards podium champagne fight
Each collected three top-class players and six awards at the podium. F-1 player of the winning class Takayasu, F-1 Grand Prix Team for winning class is awarded a plaque to their Banchou Miura received a congratulatory round of applause from everyone. Champagne in the last 6 Fight! Despite the cold weather was very, very hard to top with champagne BISEYOU.

f1rcgpr3 28 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

■ ■ final position
F-1 Class A ME
Satoshi Hiroshi Yasushi Takashi one place 11L8: 25.741

2 Takahashi Yoshizi place 11L8: 35.150

3 Tomomitsu place thanks 11L8: 39.611

4 ° Higuti Hiroyuki 11L8: 45.410

5 Sugawara Kazuaki place 11L8: 46.303

6, Shinya’s tail 10L8: 01.172

7 Usui Hiroyuki place 10L8: 19.433

Amano Hiroyuki 8 ° 10L8: 29.544

9 Mori Takayuki place 9L8: 17.653

Place a set of 10 T. 8L8: 11.373

f1rcgpr3 29 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

A Class F-1 Grand Prix, ME
Miura Masayuki a place (BAN) 12L8: 17.126

Mamoru Ishikawa 2 position (RUS) 12L8: 21.896

Yashima Sadaaki 3 position (ZEN) 12L8: 39.579

It’s ranked four heart Kimura (FUR) 11L8: 00.641

5 Kazuya’s serious toggle (BAN) 11L8: 18.109

No. 6 Kanbayashi Hiroshi (ALE) 11L8: 18.539

7 Matsumoto Kyouiti’s (SOD) 11L8: 19.037

8 ° Hashimoto Tsutomu (ZEN) 11L8: 43.484

Canada ranked 9 and Ken Miyuki Mountain (ALE) 10L8: 38.317

10 ° Mizukoshi Kazuya (PIT) 9L8: 44.076

f1rcgpr3 30 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

BESUTORUKKINGUKA award, Benetton B192 was to reproduce the color of a fine, we have determined Takahashi machines. The entire line is also very beautiful and the colors, was the top of the NAI run. Doll driver is Michael Schumacher.

Awards draw overall
Finally the whole ceremony. Each team received sponsorship from manufacturers to support each product with the award card. Even in the relatively few number of participants, I was very pleased to participate in the many awards. KUJI also good, also WARUKATTA, OMEDETOUGOZAIMASHITA elected.

Tournament data F1RCGP major equipment
Data is the major equipment F1RCGP tournament. Machine, a professional post, amplifiers, batteries, F-1 and share GURANPURIKURASUMOTA, participating player Prefecture. Those who participate in the next, and who is the expedition, please do help. Next F1RCGP2009 Round4, Sunday, April 12 tournament Nara (RC SEIKI Stadium).

f1rcgpr3 18 F1RCGP R3 Race Report @ KeiTune Racing Speed way

Everyone join the players, we help everyone KeiTune Speed-way operation of the staff the owners, staff members SUTAKURABU sleeve everybody, everybody received the support and cooperation of the manufacturer’s product sponsors, Thank you very much.

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Source : F1RCGP @ Japan

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