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ABC Hobby – M-Chassis Nissan Fairlady Z


ABC Hobby (#24200) Genetic Fairlady Z

s30 01 ABC Hobby    M Chassis <Genetic> Nissan Fairlady Z

Translation from ABC Hobby :
Z now continue the history of the origin of all that here.
40 also appeared to look after the current year, the styling also feels a speck old. The reason is, Z is nothing else to ITA styling and the ultimate already appeared at the time. The first S30 Fairlady Z faithfully reproduced with the ultimate styling of the 1 / 10 M-Chassis Nissan Fairlady Z, a legendary life of 1 / 10 to be indoctrinated in the world of M-Chassis !

ABC’s new-generation technology hobby, 3DCAD CG body in shape and full HAIDIFINISHONDEKARU, fully reproduce the fine detail from the body shape! The emblem is a version of both domestic and export several versions, is equipped with rear SAIDORIFUREKUTA included only export specifications. This Z Z432 240Z DATSUN240Z (export version) can be reproduced.

decal sample ABC Hobby    M Chassis <Genetic> Nissan Fairlady Z

Body Clear Body and unpainted state, in your favorite color to paint with Z can work out! Shimo Makoto Akira Makoto to reproduce the colors of the time, Shimo Makoto modern finish in custom colors, and expand the imagination excited.
Fairlady Z to support the drive chassis has been made in the design of high-performance JENETIKKUSHASHI low center of gravity. A reputation of stability and driving JENETIKKUSHASHI, tells us the depth of the back of the drive and enjoyment of RAJIKON from beginner to advanced.

 genetic ABC Hobby    M Chassis <Genetic> Nissan Fairlady Z

Shaft Drive 4WD
Ball differential

ARUMIMOTAMAUNTO (formula clamp)
Universal Joint
Foil (White)

Overall length: 295mm
Width: 157mm-163mm
Foil base: 208mm
Tire diameter: 55mm

■ Nissan Fair Lady Z (S30) KURIABODIDETA
Overall length / Length: 382mm
Width / Width: 160mm
Foil-based / WheelBase: 208mm
Accessories: Light-only cover masking film decals
With: Decal. Masking Film. Light Bucket

Fair Lady Z (S30) 1969-1978

Fair Lady Z,Japan’s first sports car that was made shortly after the war’s DATTOSANSUPOTSU DC-3 (1952), dating back to the. 1954 Auto Show was first held in Japan (Tokyo Motor Show today), which was exhibited in the car, gave a big impact in those days was a dream car for people to say things. The planning for this show, the Z man after he called the American Automobile Hall of Fame father’s car, it’s Mr. K, Katayama Yutaka was.
At the time, Katayama was enrolled in Public Relations Division of the Nissan had a vision. The判RI to appeal to the masses more attractive not only sports car of the car. Sports car design is beautiful in the wild win the hearts of the masses in the period of time. Demand for the automotive industry and the need to educate the public. Era, it was not important and what is public relations, but has continued to practice and learn it faster than anyone else. The first domestic sports, racing and winning the rally, Fair Lady Z and development …

Katayama was at the time president of Nissan North America, was promoted in newspaper ads as Z.

This is a special racing car. We are a sports car for you,

Long drive reliability to withstand the harsh Americas huge trunks full pace, good gas mileage, low prices … beautiful design and it seems everyone is watching. They filled a real sports car, Fairlady Z, the realization that hold a variety of ideas and efforts. Production vehicles diverted from other parts to most of the low cost, Cedric the old design was to focus on venture-maintenance and durability than the peak performance of L-type engine. This choice is cheap and accessible, reliable and durable parts, and the benefits created, 40 have emerged as one of the individual factors are still relatively good condition after a year.
Was pumped at a low price below half of Porsche and Z is a huge hit record and release more than imagination. The initial production was scheduled at the peak with 10 more than the order was unusual and popular vehicles waiting up to six months. China even more success in a spectacular race car, MG and Triumph boasts wins against the Porsche sports car in the world and said, his DATTOSAN (Nissan North America) and of a strong brand image.

Fair Lady Z S30-1969 from the 1978 debut of the S130, like between FURUMODERUCHENJI was added to the type of models.
Skyline GT-R (KPGC10) of the S20 engine to race officials and some of the Z432 and A sold-class license holder only Z432R (regular Z432 acrylic glass in a close up of the body than have made necessary 80kg lighter), the North America version 2.4 was released in Japan a liter 240Z, and G-equipped nose 240ZG, added a back seat body stretched 2by2. 9 years and over the long term Total sales worldwide production continues to be his amazing numbers, 55 million say.

Once the flow ceased Fair Lady Z 2002, playing as a symbol of Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn, CEO of the stunning revival under a new regime. And in 2008, the latest Z34 model appeared. The design of the original Z33 Z was thinking more massive than the compact . Wild styling appeal to the emotions of the people, not designed to show off the mechanical performance, as a foot of daily RERE SUPOTSUDORAIBINGU If the answer to that whip, price and easy to reach by hand … the spirit of the Z, be immortal now.

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Source : ABC Hobby

Where to buy ?
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