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Tamiya LF Li-Fe LF2200-6.6V Battery

55102 Tamiya LF Li Fe LF2200 6.6V Battery

Translation from Tamiya :

Tamiya LF Li-Fe LF2200-6.6V Rechargeable Battery
Item No: 55102

RC is a lithium ion battery charging pack of high-performance formula of high energy density for the model was developed. Suitable for fast charging, and with excellent discharge characteristics that can be discharged, is also characterized safety profile. “Self-discharge” is very low, typical rechargeable battery “memory effect” to prevent, eliminate the need for maintenance and improve the condition of the battery using the discharger. It can be about 1000 times the charge and discharge. It can play a large current without loss deans connectors use is possible for a secure connection and equipped with KONEKUTAKABA. Furthermore, with Tamiya ESC (speed controller) was set to convert the connector connection. In addition, the cells inside the battery pack includes a book and a connector for charging the appropriate balance can be recharged up to this voltage difference.

 Source : Tamiya


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