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Translation from ABC Hobby :

Skyline GT-R of 50 to stop the winning streak, but failed in the familiar, and Capella”overthrow GT-R” for his legendary rotary sports coupe, “Savannah”. Rotary was born in a bet to survive the battle, the great pioneer of the rotary sports victory. 70 I a sporty coupe-style compact is the trend of the decade, details are as wild in the name of Savannah’s wild feel. ABC is a new generation of technology in the power of HAIDIFINISHONDEKARU 3DCAD Hobby, RAJIKONBODI are reproduced in the Savannah Real of this legend!


The animals run to the earth! Form of a sporty coupe, the name shown in the modeling 3DCAD Savannah, beautifully reproduced in bold. HAIDIFINISHONDEKARU made with computer graphics, the subtle richness SHIMASU details of the savanna.

■ 01 Super Body: Mazda Savanna GT Coupe details
Overall length: Body / Length: 456mm
Body Width / Width: 190mm
Wheelbase / Wheelbase: 260mm
Accessories decals, masking film, a private electric light cover

savanna sample ABC Hobby   01 SUPERBODY SAVANNA COUPE GT

Savannah Mazda (1971-78)
Savannah is the second car were also MATSUDAROTARI Capella Cosmo RUCHE familiar as the first five years were introduced in 1971. From the time of the Cosmo Sport, the world’s first practical application of rotary engines, Mazda is actively began to race in the world that recognized the power of Rotary. Rotary Cosmo Sport was familiar with the race of the world’s attention to the steady accumulation of experience and education into the Rotary successful.
However, Works Nissan Skyline GT-R At the same time because of the lack of race experience in domestic violence was a hardening of the Mazda, GT-R is run from outside of the race and fear to lose a Some say you get a slur. Works for the overthrow Mazda GT-R’s are no longer necessary to avoid blocking roads, to make a decisive advantage of the Rotary May JAF 1970 touring car race in Japan Grand Prix did. Capella familiar with the sport and at the roundabout, however, GT-R TANAKATTA tooth movement in performance and power. Overthrow GT-R to achieve, I needed to persevere for some time now. The Savannah-born until the day.
The 1971 sports year was the debut of the Savannah Rotary’s basic performance while cornering performance to reinforce the weakness of the Capella is up significantly. Linearity, especially when the GT-R’s acceleration and power that exceeds the full. Cornering the GT-R, Savannah straight, NDA a lot of people are not competing against . And 1971 at the Fuji Speedway in 12 years Monday, GT-R’s 50 blocked brilliantly to win the Savannah.
The Savannah is a fluke victory! Very beginning of the march, the influence of Rotary or deny a voice like that. In 1972 the output was raised from Savannah 12A conventional version for the export-RX3 rotary engine, RESHINGUBAJON obtaining homologation by the RX3 Savannah, will be invested. RX3 Savannah was once again in the 1972 Grand Prix GT-R from Japan to the second billing SHI, won the Savannah RX3 Capella Rotary decorated with a 1-2-3 finish. 7 showed that the strength proved decisive in front of a crowd of 10,000 people.
Thus, GT-R Savannah invincible champion of a new era in the RX3. Soon after it was marketed in the savanna, GT, RX3 RESHINGUREPURIKA was in a direct line with the same power unit. About 850kg lighter heart and body strength, style, stylish coupe, a sporty interior, and help even the relatively cheap price of the vehicle and a sports coupe established cost-effective, however, fall 1973 suddenly pounce on the tragedy. , The energy crisis.
Savannah early AP (ANCHIPORYUSHON: anti-pollution measures) design exists, even though I was in the clear while SUPEKKUAPPU exhaust gas regulations, and to face the problem of fuel to come here . Savannah Development in Mazda’s struggle after a 20 percent fuel efficiency improvement, 1978 RX-7 until its debut, and he lit a fire in the roundabout.

Source : ABC Hobby

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