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ZEN – for F103 products coming soon


Translation from ZEN:

ZEN is a new product that will in future releases


Black White 3D rear wing20090121000013 ZEN   for F103 products coming soon

3D is a rear wing to 08 years.


There are mounted high on the vehicle can be secured from some downforce.

And the flap on the vertical version of the wing flaps and the lower base and two by the division

If the White Wing, the same as the base remains a black vehicle.

The firm will look back.

200901210000061 ZEN   for F103 products coming soon

Silver front-rear wheel

20090121000107 ZEN   for F103 products coming soon

Silver wheel is a lot of requests.

The expression was hard, molded in color, and shape it.
(Black / Blue) wheel stopper

 20090121000045 ZEN   for F103 products coming soon

It is the hub of the wheel KURANPUTAIPU lot of requests.

The hardness of the strongest aluminum alloy in 7075 using the materials, design and strength.

When you use very high precision carbon shaft will reduce the damage of the shaft.

The photo shows a prototype


Upright King Pin Shaft

20090121000132 ZEN   for F103 products coming soon

Under the normal upright shaft not need a little space in the abolition of the ring.

I put a spacer in the lower tension spring attached to the

You can adjust the spring tension.

You can even adjust the ride height of the spacers in position.

Spacers easily taking out and putting the ring type E

Is included in the red part of the image.



You can adjust the rod to adjust the FURONTOKYANBA NOMARUSASUAMU

The normal 0 to -1 degree can be adjusted to about the time

Fewer pieces of foam tires -1 degree is no longer about most.


Century F1 Body ZF03

F1 before and after 2000, has reproduced the shape of the body

Flap of the back-end side pontoons from two types of multiple-choice

Flap to use version 09 of the body would be F1.


Source : ZEN

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