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Yokomo – Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

img 2659 Yokomo   Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

Translation from Yokomo :

Decorate the kickoff event of the year 2009 “Tokyo Auto Salon 2009″ was held. Como Yo exhibitors at the event this year, held a promotional package of products drift.
This year’s YOKOMOBUSU 3 hole in the middle of five holes and was able to take a good location in the very heart of the whole.KA is that a severe recession, like the passion is still CHUNINGUKAFURIKU, we visited many thanks to you, events around the booth was so crowded, there is always the crowd. The event was held three-day total number of visitors was about 23 million people.
The two-day open day for a total of four times the talk show, D1 for professional drivers and other drivers have come to the people. Special courses on the west parking lot and D1 KIKKUOFUDEMORAN, busy professional drivers and the manufacturers of a talk show and was only a few points have the professional YOKOMOBUSU it could be relaxed. In the first two KIKKUOFUDEMORAN D1 team win the round, but players TOYO Kawabata Makoto, the second day of a color change to the RE Amemiya Suenaga Masao players with two rounds over, the overall winner in the Total Points Suenaga MARIMASHITA is in the hands of players. D1 Grand Prix Series races this year a total of eight rounds will be, so that the exhibition will be in addition to the familiar in Odaiba. D1 YOKOMO course throughout the event we plan to exhibit, please come to the circuit.

img 3257 Yokomo   Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

Source : Yokomo

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