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Yokomo – Option Parts for 1/16 ICHIROKU-M


Translation from Yokomo

img 3324 Yokomo   Option Parts for 1/16 ICHIROKU M


ZERO 16 Motor for ICHIROKU-M

rcmart040 Yokomo   Option Parts for 1/16 ICHIROKU M

ICHI rok M running high scale drift is HAIPAWAMOTA further extend its range. The standard 5-cell battery (6V) for property, you can enjoy a powerful run. 15T pinion with precision.
※ FD3S rok ICHI M apex of the initial product is a non-removable motor products are available in standard, when the motor is mounted separately on your purchase, I ask you to exchange each motor mount.
※ 6V battery-only

 BLITZ ER34 Light Set for ICHIROKU-M

dm er34l Yokomo   Option Parts for 1/16 ICHIROKU M

Rok ICHI M Blitz ER34 light unit. You can easily fit in the work of only one light housing pasted on the back of the body, can be easy to dress up. LED base is sensitive, please note that when attached to the base.

dm er34l 02s Yokomo   Option Parts for 1/16 ICHIROKU M

Source : Yokomo

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