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Team Orion – Alpha line engines



090122 alpha line sm Team Orion   Alpha line engines

Team Orion is proud to announce a complete new series of engines called Alpha line. .12, .21 and .24 engines for off-road and on-road cars make it easy to find the right engine for you!

Team Orion, established innovator, successfully introduced the CRF technology for 2 stroke engines in 2006. Quickly setting new performance standards, the unique CRF engines and their improved torque characteristics now equip competition RC nitro cars all over the World. With Adrien Bertin joining Team Orion as engine R&D manager in 2007 and his vast experience in Italian engine technology, CRF engines have become the engines to beat.

New for 2009
For 2009 Adrien Bertin has developped the Alpha line engines. These engines represent the finalisation of his previous engine projects and fulfill the market‘s request for high performance engines at a competitive price. Using standard crankshaft technology and other proven components reduces costs while maintaining high performance and reliability. Designed by a World Champion, produced by a World champion manufacturer and made for the next World Champion. Alpha line engines, for the cost conscious drivers that want the best performance standard technology can offer.

Alpha Line
The Alpha Line is a straighforward range of engines. ABI engines are ultra competition engines fitted with ceramic bearings, an optimized crankshaft and ABI spec tolerances. Available for Off-road and On-Road cars ABI engines are great competition engines, they are for racers who want the best standard technology can offer.

Part numbers
ORI80653 .21cc Buggy (ABC/3 Ports)
ORI80647 .21 ABI Buggy Racing (ABC/3 Ports/Ceramic)
ORI80654 .24 ABI Truggy Racing (ABC/5 Ports/Ceramic)
ORI80633 .12 ABI On-Road Racing (ABC/3 Ports/Ceramic)
ORI80638 .21 ABI On-Road Racing (ABC/7 Ports/Ceramic)
ORI80663 .21 ABI On-Road Racing (ABC/7 Ports/Ceramic)

Source : Team Orion

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