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Team Magic – 09′ 1/10 E4RS Electric Touring Car (Rubber Spec)


0920e4rs20left20side1 Team Magic   09 1/10 E4RS Electric Touring Car (Rubber Spec)

Relentless innovation for the perfect

Introducing a new E4RS 2009 Edition

Renowned as“ the most creative and high quality model industrial company”, Team Magic is never-ending in pursuit of breath-taking speed, mixed with tank-tough durability, competing against all odds with everything on the line. Continuing with the TM eternal principle, the E4RS 2009 Edition is definitely the one born of the spirit.

0920e4rs2045 Team Magic   09 1/10 E4RS Electric Touring Car (Rubber Spec)

Motor Mount, Main Shaft Left Mount and Upper Deck Mount

We recognize that enough space for fitting all brands motor is the key issue we should focus on since drivers always have their own idea to equip their car. Therefore, with this well thought need, we enlarge the space among motor mount, main shaft left mount and upper deck mount for placing a wide range motors to 52mm. More surprising, they are all aluminum one piece design to raise the new E4RS 2009 Edition quality and induce the weight.

motor20mount Team Magic   09 1/10 E4RS Electric Touring Car (Rubber Spec)

New 2mm Carbon Fiber Upper Deck

E4RS 2009 Edition is equipped with a new 2mm carbon fiber upper deck with the advantage of adjustable battery placement. You can place a LiPo battery or five to six SC batteries depending on your preference. When you place only 5 batteries, the thinner fiber upper deck gives you the option to place them either forward or backward. This superior breakthrough advantage allows for multiple setups and weight distribution.

2mm20carbon20fiber20upper20deck Team Magic   09 1/10 E4RS Electric Touring Car (Rubber Spec)

NEW HD Battery Mount Set

The remodeling HD battery mount set has two main advancements. First, we choose a special plastic which has the lightweight and rigidly features that can endure much more tension without flexing than ever before. Second, the extra indentations in the right and left side are well suited for fiber tape when securing the batteries, preventing direct contact with the ground during the high speed racing.

hd20battery20mount20set Team Magic   09 1/10 E4RS Electric Touring Car (Rubber Spec)

New 2.5mm Carbon Fiber Chassis

The new E4RS 2009 Edition makes a small change in the new 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis. The newly unique chassis aims for the lightest purpose, and the average holes in the both sides easily balance the weight distribution and achieve force in equilibrium. Besides, we especially eliminate the extra part in the chassis also help to reach the lightly purpose.

rcmart043 Team Magic   09 1/10 E4RS Electric Touring Car (Rubber Spec)

Single Bell Crank Steering System

Single bell crank steering system differs from other steering systems, a Bell

crank has a bearing raced single pivot point and the steering arms attach to wheel hub from there which can

increase Ackermanangle for instant response and crisper turn in. This is an excellent way to increase the strength of your steering

system , and operate very smoothly due to the ball-bearing supported pivot points.

single20bell20crank20steering20system Team Magic   09 1/10 E4RS Electric Touring Car (Rubber Spec)

New PU Belt

Three belts material are changing from rubber to PU which has durable, excellent resilience, and longer lifetime advantages, can endure the highly powerful motor.

pu20belt Team Magic   09 1/10 E4RS Electric Touring Car (Rubber Spec)

New Shock Shaft & Piston Set (E-Clip)

These two parts act as a damper for your suspension system. It is the shaft and the piston (round plate with holes) that moves up and down. Improvements can be in the form of length, metal quality of shaft, the piston and it’s material, the holes in the piston and how many, how wide in diameter. Then the way the piston is attached to the shaft, usually the piston slips onto a thinner diameter of the shaft and then an E clip is used to hold it in place.

new20shock20shaft202620piston20set20e clip Team Magic   09 1/10 E4RS Electric Touring Car (Rubber Spec)


Source : Team Magic

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