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Tamiya – TT-01 TYPE-E CHASSIS with PORSCHE 911 GT3 CUP VIP 2008


top Tamiya   TT 01 TYPE E CHASSIS with PORSCHE 911 GT3 CUP VIP 2008

Item No: 84059

Translation from Tamiya:

Limited Edition (TT-01 TYPE-E Chassis)

By the special unit – a flat white finish in F1 is the pinnacle of One-Make-Race Pre Event held in the race as “the Porsche Super Cup” RAJIOKONTORORUKA electric machine for a complete reproduction of the players invited to play in the . Realize the full body model is a powerful form of polycarbonate. The impressive black and gold stripes based on 2008 as a flat white-colored. In addition, high-brightness LED light can be set around. Of course, the car has been built, wheel-type transmitter, car battery, charger is also set to enjoy the race immediately.

By the shaft controller Bull 4WD, TT-01 TYPE-E Chassis] is adopted, the 4WD MOTA・SHAFUTODORAIBU Vertical TT-01 TYPE-E. Type in the main frame of the bath, we have secured a highly rigid chassis, gear and equipment to cover the upper deck and a glass fiber reinforced nylon plastic. Smooth movement of the steering system is less 3-division play. Design and low center of gravity and good balance DABURUUISSHUBONSASUPENSHON four-wheel, combined with DEFUGIYA and equipment around the steering characteristics of Bull’s controller. The control can be smooth and backwardness before ESC, Tamiya TEU-101BK was mounted.

● Basic Specifications Overall length: 465mm, Width 195mm, height 134mm ● Wheelbase: 251mm ● Tire Width / diameter = FR 27/67mm ● Frame = type and bath ● Vertical motor drive system = SHAFUTODORAIBUFURUTAIMU around 4WD ● DEFUGIYA = and 3 = 3-Bevel ● steering tie-rod split ● Suspension four-wheel DABURUUISSHUBON around ● ● damper = friction with gear ratio = 8.35:1 ● 540-type motor ● Tamiya TEU-101BK with speed controller

 Source :Tamiya


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