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F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

rcmart049 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) reportrcmart048 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

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f1rcgp 6 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

F1RCGP in Japan Fukuoka1
Nexter Circuit @ January 25th ,2009.

f1rcgp 4 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) reportf1rcgp 5 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report
The first prize is a crystal trophy match.

Weather: snow, temperature: 5 ℃, Humidity: 57%, the surface temperature: 7 ℃
F1RCGP first year, but a memorable tournament, F1RCGP2009 of Kokura, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, as the first race was held in Nexter Circuit series. Nexter Circuit, 2007 is a relatively new track opened. Lap 120m, 34m and back straight, flat asphalt surface was fine. The size of the circuit is 1 / 10 scale F-1 to run right to the middle-sized, well-balanced circuit, from slow to fast.

f1rcgp 8 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

Practice Day
Dry track on Friday morning and afternoon half-wet, wet night in the evening and was seen during the violent change of SUNOKONDISHON. Rubber tires on dry high front and rear super soft, and when the snow is wet or cross-TRG is the best tire rubber. If you are a little more GETAI MOARI slick in front of the local agents. To provide excellent grip rubber tires when the snow is amazing how everyone! I will race in the world.

f1rcgp 11 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

Day Tournament
Morning of the tournament, and the snow was abundant RISHIKI and wet declared in a briefing in the morning, go race. Fortunately, the track is not because of the snow accumulates in the snow removal of the staff, you can race on a wet track. The weather in the mountains and the road will be closed for some snow. Our players come to our convention in this condition is actually lower in the head. The photo, in the snow. Image is a sense of scarcity value.

f1rcgp 10 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

First qualifying round
F-1 class, the ladder to a second qualifying round, the players Matsubara 14L4: 00.030 time, second place is up to four players narrowly Anan, MORISHITA player, followed by players and Tamaki. The pace is still running in that wait, 16 seconds from the second half will see a lot of players 17 seconds of the pace. JIRI weather of rain and the snow conditions, some players will lead to unexpected problems and put on no waterproofing measures.
Class F-1 Grand Prix, qualifying in a second round of the ladder, Futaba F-1 Racing team Kimura, 15L4: 00.840, and soon reach the 16-lap pace. Yoshi Muta the two fastest players, followed by a second player to Matsunaga. This class is used so 30T motor, the speed of the UP, are expected to expand more thrilling in the rain.

f1rcgp 9 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

Second qualifying round
The second round will be big time up to each player. I have also used the driving rain, with the power, it feels hard than just a straight spray. F-1 team in Class 15 will mark five laps. MORISHITA top players, 15L4: 09.810 mark. Two of the fastest players in Tamaki 15L4: 11.550 in the difference, and some remained in the lead. A best lap time of 16.120 Matsubara players. 16 times in the first half and early second.
F-1 Grand Prix is the dominating player classes Kimura. The only 16L in-rush, get a provisional TQ. The best 15 seconds 140.2 Yoshi Muta ranked player is 15L4.05.820, held a big difference.

f1rcgp 22 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report
Best looking car

Third qualifying round
Situation can be seen in light rain and occasional sunshine, the water level started to fall in the wet track, has been rising despite the wet track conditions. Many good times to come here. The track conditions were pretty good, so like, you win the round. F-1 class field player jumps up an ax. 15L4: 04.140 mark a good time. The second team narrowly Matsubara 15L4: 04.660. The last lap of the best F-1 rush to class 15 seconds! Asahi 15 seconds of 350 players.
F-1 Grand Prix class, the players chasing Kimura, Kobayashi players, players charge hard pan underneath, and the final goal is a top player Kimura 16L4: 01.920 and to mark the second player Kobayashi 16L4: 04.300,3 place pan players under 16L4: 04.380 MEMASU and its big difference. Top three aspects of the cutthroat contract.

The fourth qualifying round
F-1 class provisional TQ rapidly changing every round, the players finally TQ Nakae time 15L4: 01.150 mark! Nakae Nexter track athletes are SUTORITOTSURINGUKURASUCHANPION 2008 fiscal year. Ax field of play is reversed again in the final heat TQ bravely for the attack, and a crash 15L4: 07.700 RUWAZU. According to a wisp of rain has been recorded in Oita. Are becoming more and more players to change the setting.
F-1 Grand Prix class, and finally the players under the pot! Time 15L4: 07.520 The goal of the top players SHI Kimura! There seems to be a player advantage in the bottom pan with a strong rain. TQ is the second time in three rounds, the players decided Kimura.

f1rcgp 13 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

Qualifying position

F-1 class
Hiroshi Nakae considered a place 4R15L4: 01.150

N. Tian’s two axes 3R15L4’04 .140

Chapter 3, Matsubara’s 3R15L4: 04.660

4 Nakai Nobukazu place 3R15L4: 06.120

Susumu Hutoshi No. 5 Hongawa 3R15L4: 07.550

6 Ryousuke Yamamoto’s 4R15L4: 07.990

7 Suenaga Kenzi’s 3R15L4: 08.180

8 Haruhi empty place 4R15L4: 08.330

9 Asahi’s Minato 4R15L4: 08.770

10 Waki Hiroshi sheath place 3R15L4: 09.460

f1rcgp 12 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report
We will advise on measures to deal with mechanics of the rain water.

Class F-1 Grand Prix
It’s a mental place Kimura (FUR) 3R16L4: 01.920

No. 2 Taiyuu Kobayashi (PR2) 3R16L4: 04.300

Junichi pan bottom three position (T48) 3R16L4: 04.380

No. 4 Hiroyuki Yoshi Muta (FHC) 3R15L4: 00.140

No. 5 Hotta Mikio (PR2) 3R14L4: 12.930

No. 6 Ooyamazaki (FHC) 3R14L4: 12.150

7 Matsunaga Yukiharu place (NEX) 1R14L4: 06.820

f1rcgp 7 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

For the final
Final round, eight-minute lap race. The main draw for every 10 people, They compete in terms of final position. Is still wet track conditions. Only players who participated in the fighting in the wet track in the morning, often wet skill set, which measures the wet pattern. Throughout, the hard front springs, T in its theory to the bar in the software was implemented by many athletes. The wet production, caused some players to get a clip of the touring car rubber tires, they are likely to grip it a surprise. Measures have forgotten is waterproof. F-1 tires are open, but not seeping into the water than expected,入RI MIMASU to spray water on to the next and from one spin. ANDAKAURU equipment, I was wrapped in Saran wrap method, the best there was a problem was how to wrap a rubber tube mechanism in Tamiya. The Grand Prix class, and exchange of information and data in the rain’s team, which was the scene to clear the problem, one word as he is. F-1 class has a variety of creative ideas, many of the personality, a very entertaining show for better or worse. Class “color”, was impressive in the pocket appeared even under adverse conditions.

Before entering the final interview conducted by ME. I from behind is a lot of encouragement for players to boost the motivation of the players. The main goal for any top player, and “I’ll break a leg!” We were able to feel the enthusiasm he said. A little bit of tension but only ME, ME and enjoy what you watch a race. Like atmosphere that has F1RCGP.

f1rcgp 21 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report
F-1 Class C final
F-1 class C main finals. PORUSHITTAMARUBOROMAKURAREN HONDA, expand Fujita leading players from the beginning. I behind the melee. Side-by-side and a series of half-spin, is desperate to go to any player. Fujita players from dominating the midfield. Line up in a beautiful, B for the main race after what was not very helpful? C as the top goal was magnificent in the main ladder.

f1rcgp 20 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

F-1 Class B final
F-1 Class B final . Chicane at the start of a great line up MORISHITA ROSUMANZUUIRIAMUZU players, players WASHIMASU PORUSHITTA Oshima. The few times REMASHITA The average speed of the players RI MORISHITA gradually to take the game by far. Oshima players in the back, the players follow marshes expand. A SHIKUMO but missed the main, in the final of the last players in the running MORISHITA great RIMASHITA goals.

f1rcgp 19 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

F-1 class C
1 place Huzita Takashi 25L8: 19.050

2 Inoue Megumi Humi place 23L8’10 .820

3 Toyohara Atsushi 23L8: 13.200

4 Omachi 23L8: 17.700

5 Kasuga Ryousuke place 22L8: 09.150

Ishikawa’s six good education 20L8: 18.480

Exit No. 7 measuring Yoshiyori 16L5: 42.460

8 Raizo place at the end of 16L8: 04.190

No. 9 Nishishima Hiroshi 02L0: 55.660

Hiroshi Tomimatsu Arrow’s 10 DNS

f1rcgp 18 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

F-1 Class B
Morishita Riyuuhei a place 31L8: 15.300

No. 2 Ooshima Kouzi 30L8’16 .030

Shin Yoshi’s three Anan 29L8: 11.130

4 Shingo Jianchao’s marshes 28L8: 04.380

5 Takada Makoto place 27L8: 00.630

6 Shirao Katsuhiko place 26L8: 00.760

7 Kotani Hiroki place 26L8: 06.940

8 Akira Taro’s Yamaguti 25L8: 06.940

9 Matsuno Hiroyuki place 25L8: 21.670

10 Tamaki Hiroshi Takashi place 01L8: 10.920

f1rcgp 17 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

F-1 Class A main
F-1 Class A final . Nakae laggard players started from pole position in the top two cars in contact with a rocky, rough deployment from the beginning of the race. The way qualifying came a gap of five players from the grid Hongawa, Asahi players. Because they have a speed comparable to the best lap and lap Nakae players were expected to deploy the cutting away of keeping the lead intact. He played in the middle of the morning delayed the processing of the players embarrassed Hongawa rap emerged. There is little sense of get up and look back to the second place behind the grades three players will chase the driver Yamamoto year. The reason athletes are never slow the pace of the morning is not a hard charge Yamamoto’s young power players! Once you get to the top and back of catching up rapidly, KEMASU to shake from side to side. The players spin Asahi grief! Yamamoto stands on the top players. Back in second place, three heat up the battle position, meanwhile, will keep the top players Yamamoto stunning run to the end NAGENAI. It was her first victory of the joy!

f1rcgp 16 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

A Class F-1 Grand Prix
F-1 Grand Prix final class A main. Futaba pole position from the start of the pace of play GARIMASEN Kimura. To have a problem with the under-two players signed to the grid Kobayashi. Kobayashi is a great player in the driving rain, the subsequent SHIMASU steadily. Team48 players in driving down the pot with two mistakes in one’s own time to emerge. Kimura’s position down to three players. The pace was unchanged until the second half of each player, wonderful class F-1 Grand Prix is the first round was Pro2.stn Masayoshi Kobayashi players.

f1rcgp 15 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

Fight awards podium champagne
Collect all three top class players and six awards at the podium. F-1 Young Driver of the winning class players Yamamoto, F-1 race of the veteran players Kobayashi was impressive winning the Grand Prix class. Champagne in the last six Fight! People move around and run around in, and did a good impression of the courage of the players did not move an inch from the podium Yamamoto. I think the champagne is cold, then was greeted with warm applause from everyone.

f1rcgp 14 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

Finial Pos
F-1 Class A main
Yamamoto, a place Ryousuke 29L8: 01.260

Chapter 2′s Matsubara 29L8’07 .900

Susumu Taro No. 3 Hongawa 29L8: 09.980

4 Waki Hiroshi sheath place 29L8: 11.330

5 Minato’s Asahi 29L8: 13.520

No. 6 N. Chun ax 28L8: 03.550

7 Haruhi empty place 28L8: 04.490

8 H. Ko Nakae place 27L8: 01.520

9 Nakai Nobukazu place 25L8: 07.700

10 Suenaga Kenzi place 01L0: 19.270

f1rcgp 24 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report
F-1 class Top 3

A Class F-1 Grand Prix Main
A place Taiyuu Kobayashi (PR2) 30L8: 00.680

Junichi pot place 2 under (T48) 30L8’14 .950

It’s three heart Kimura’s (FUR) 29L8: 01.450

No. 4 Hiroyuki Yoshi Muta (FHC) 29L8: 15.310

No. 5 Hotta Mikio (PR2) 28L8: 02.630

6 Matsunaga Yukiharu place (NEX) 26L8: 12.680

No. 7 Ooyamazaki (FHM) 11L8: 12.740

f1rcgp 23 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report
F-1 Grand Prix class Top 3

BESUTORUKKINGUKA award was to reproduce the work of an impressive body of the Ferrari, we have decided to play Anan machine. And good color, good and beauty, was very well. BESUTORUKKINGUKA award in the future if the original concept and how to reproduce the actual car, bon appétit him elected. (However, do not run the machine is not covered.)

f1rcgp 2 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

Awards draw overall
Finally the whole ceremony. Gathered in the pit area in the room, each player received the goods in the draw card with the award. Meanwhile, the snack and soft drinks are distributed, it will form an atmosphere of party snacks. Sponsors of the goods and manufacturers to support the many faces of our people gloat.

f1rcgp 1 F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

Major equipment data F1RCGP tournament
Major equipment will F1RCGP data tournament. Machine, a professional post, amplifiers, batteries, F-1 and share GURANPURIKURASUMOTA, players participate Prefecture. The next time you are participating, such as those expeditions, please do help. F1RCGP2009 Round2 next, Sunday, February 15 tournament in Chiba (Sodegaura).

f1rcgp F1RCGP in Fukuoka1 (Round 1) report

Everyone join the players, we help management track Nexter, PRO2.stn staff of everyone, and everyone received the support and cooperation of the manufacturer of the product sponsors, Thank you very much.



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