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YOKOMO – Power Station

yz ps1 01 YOKOMO   Power Station
Translation :
Brush motor power station practice is easy. Merge 100V power supply, connected to the motor just switch designed to select the entry you want to suggest to users items please. Usually a 2V ~ 3V from about 15 to 30 minutes to turn the motor commutator of the damaged conditions it is possible to recover. Commutator of the damage is too severe and will be less effective, because if you grip the motor used in running 2 to 3 per pack, drift and other low-load driving if you want to use in 5 to 6 per pack in practice And make the state a better motor can be maintained. In addition, new motor in the brush before using the power station to take the Atari, conducting unnecessary and spark efficiency keep up the motor to maximize the power is possible.

If you rotate the motor for the prevention of risk, such as motor cars to a fixed or fixed to the chassis to work with, please state.

yz ps1 02 YOKOMO   Power Station

Product Specification
- input power: AC100V ~ 240V
- output voltage: 2.0V/3.0V/4.0V
- Maximum output current: 4A
- motor can be used: 11T or more (depending on the specification of motor)
- function Automated Recovery
- input over-current protection fuse (2A) built

Source : Yokomo

yz ps1 03 YOKOMO   Power Station

Where to buy ?
YOKOMO products

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