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XRAY T2R PRO is available for Xmas

t2r 1 XRAY T2R PRO is available for Xmas
XRAY is pleased to offer the all-new XRAY T2R PRO, the latest release from the XRAY design studio that will surely please the masses. The XRAY T2R PRO represents the latest evolution of the super-successful RAYCER concept – luxury at an affordable price.

t2r 2 XRAY T2R PRO is available for Xmas
The new XRAY T2R PRO is based on the award-winning XRAY T2 high-performance electric touring car platform, a car that has raised the bar in engineering, design, and performance and has won the hearts of racers worldwide along with an exceptional amount of titles and awards.

With the worldwide success of the T2 platform — my best touring car design to date — I wanted to release a platform that would allow everyone to enjoy the design and performance benefits of the T2 platform no matter what their racing needs and budget are.

t2r 3 XRAY T2R PRO is available for Xmas
See it. Feel it. Drive it.

Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy
Chief Engineer, XRAY

XRAY T2R PRO is available for Xmas
Source : XRAY

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