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Xpress M-Drift Car Kit Drift Specification Coming Soon!!

Xpress M-Drift Car Kit Coming Soon!!
Expect at early 2009!!

400 M drift Xpress M Drift Car Kit Drift Specification Coming Soon!!

- XFS turnbuckle camber / caster link system
- High efficiency 2 belt driven 4WD drive system
- Low C.G. Structure
- Damper with tunable spring strength
- High performance full kit ball bearing
- 64 pitch spur delrin gear
- Alloy motor mount


Chassis length : 283mm
Width : 160mm
Wheel base : 203 – 210mm
Motor gear ratio : 3.605 – 13.657
Camber : Front / Rear
Caster : Front
Toe-in / out : Front / Rear
Down-stop : Front / Rear

More information coming soon!

Source: Xpress

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