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XCEED – Tyre Heater TH1

xceed 1 XCEED   Tyre Heater TH1
The TH-1 Tyre Heater case is made out of strong anodised lightweight aluminium, green / black colored.

xceed 2 XCEED   Tyre Heater TH1


The covered aluminium tyre cups connect easily to the main case with a socket on each side.






xceed 3 XCEED   Tyre Heater TH1

The USB connector can be used to connect the TH-1 to your pc, for temperature read outs.

The easy to use menu is accessed through the padded buttons on the front and the clear screen.




xceed 4 XCEED   Tyre Heater TH1


 The set includes 2 foam pads to be applied to the top of the case, to be able to rest your car on the case without damage.

The TH-1 connects to your power-supply with the included cables with high quality connectors.



Input voltage: DC 7.2V ~ 15.0V
Quick warming (20~100℃)
3 step warming
Lap timer / Timer
Programmable timer / PC interface
Celsius-Fahrenheit selectable display
8 different beep tones / 10 melody
Front & Rear temperature can be set independently
Temperature of 4 tires is controlled by IC
Includes 4 alu cups / cables for TC tyres
Wireless action by battery pack (option)
USB-connector to pc

Xceed will also introduce a XceedRC 30A powersupply soon, the PS1

Source : Xceed

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