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TAMIYA The BOOMERANG 2008 new arrival


the boomerang 2008 TAMIYA The BOOMERANG 2008 new arrival
Translation :

The vivid wedge Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe forum which makes running feel.
The intense wedge Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe line which is formed with the body and the large-sized rear wing just the boomerang. It is reissue edition of the boomerang which appeared in 1986 as a 4WD racing buggy for enrollment, instantaneously gained popularity. The section [huainchiyun] was done e.g., basic constitution that way, equips the ball bearing and the thrust ball bearing inside the gear box, sets the chassis cover which raises the reliability of the running with the off load anew.

the boomerang 2008 1 TAMIYA The BOOMERANG 2008 new arrival
In addition to the dust cover of steering wheel servo top, equipping the chassis cover of polycarbonate make. The small stone and invasion of the dust are held down to minimum.
the boomerang 2008 2 TAMIYA The BOOMERANG 2008 new arrival
As for the drive shaft the dog bone type whose reliability is high. It equips also [sutabiraza] in the front suspension of mono shock type.
the boomerang 2008 3 TAMIYA The BOOMERANG 2008 new arrival
Rear CVA oil damper long 2 these equipment. Catching the road surface which becomes rough pliantly, it raises traction.

Adoption power train of hot shot transferring
As for the chassis which adopts shaft drive 4WD, those which basically take over the drive train of the name car hot shot. Approximately the maintainability whose only 3 block constructions which are formed with the gear box and the bathtub frame are high is charm. As for suspension 4 wheel double wishbone. The front the mono shock oil damper and the stabilizer of the hot shot transferring are equipped, the rear 2 has equipped CVA oil damper long. In addition, this time plus doing the chassis cover, it raised the reliability of running more. Furthermore, installing the DF-02 universal shaft and DF-03 aluminum damper set, etc it can enjoy also efficiency rise.


Basic specifications:

Total length -385mm
Full-width -234mm
Total height -153mm
Body weight approximately 1160g (RC mechanic battery not being included)
Tread -F196mm R194mm
Tire width/diameter -F30/88mm ,R38/88mm
Frame -ABS resin make bathtub
Drive system -shaft drive 4WD
Diff. gear -front and back 3 bevels
Steering wheel -3 divided tie rod system
Suspension -4 wheel double wishbone
Gear ratio -8.7: 1 10.04:1
Motor -RS540 type
Speed controller -ESC specification (selling separately)

Source : TAMIYA

Where to buy ?

Where to buy ?
TAMIYA all car kits here

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