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Tamiya TAKATA Dome NSX TB-03 Chassis new arrival


Tamiya (#58424) 1:10 TB-03 Takata NSX 2008 EP

takata dome nsx tb 03 chassis Tamiya TAKATA Dome NSX TB 03 Chassis new arrival

The Takata NSX 2008 now comes as an 1/10 R/C car ready for you to take it for a blast. The polycarbonate body shell accurately captures the famous shape of the NSX and and when painted in its green livery you will definitely turn heads down at the race course.

~The new TB-03 chassis is totally improved upon its predecessor the TB-02.
~Bathtub frame comes with a motor cooling duct to improve heat dissipation for better performance.
~In-board Front Suspension system features horizontally-mounted front dampers to enable a low-nose profile to mount the aerodynamic polycarbonate body shell.
~The body shell is also compatible with TA05-IFS chassis
~Newly-designed one-piece aluminum motor mount makes changing and adjusting gears a breeze.
~3 piece propeller shaft.
~Equipped with front and rear ball differentials for greater power transmission efficiency.
~Race-proven reversible short suspension and TRF416 front and rear knuckles.
~Includes body, wheels, tires, and Type 540 motor.
~ESC, 2-channel R/C system, 7.2V battery and charger separately required.


TAKATA NSX which develops the champion dispute
It is the electromotive radio control car assembly kit of the TAKATA child dream NSX which participates through season, unfolds the champion dispute e.g., in super GT 3rd game Fuji 2008 2 rank, furthermore pole to Wien is decorated in 5th game SUGO. The polycarbonate make body the central part of the bonnet 1 steps goes down reality reproducing the actual car similar low nose fully. Without leaving the feature of actual car such as form, low side line of [eaautoretsuto] louver and front [eainteku] of the headlight rear section and the rear fender which is projected largely model. Furthermore, the door mirror and the large-sized rear wing of aero type tighten the forum. Real aero dynamics which is superior even by the RC car can expect the forum.

The shaft four running which stared race/lace and fights, TB-03 chassis adoption
As for the chassis TB-03 of vertical ranging motor [shiyahutodoraibu] 4WD which the BASIC part for race/lace standard is equipped. Low as for the bathtub frame whose also dustproof characteristic is high in addition to center of gravity the motor cooling duct co-cured. The propeller shaft makes 3 division types of high efficiency, equipping the ball diff. on front and back. As drive efficiency is pursued more, also satisfactory maintainability actualized. As for suspension 4 wheel double wishbone which makes the front inboard type. Furthermore, using front and back upright of the short reversible suspension arm and pure racer TRF416. It is the high potential chassis which includes the know-how which is obtained from many encounters in the various parts.

 chassis Tamiya TAKATA Dome NSX TB 03 Chassis new arrival

Basic specifications:

Total length -442mm
Full-width -191mm
Total height -116mm
Body weight -1077g
Wheel base -257mm
Tread front and back -165mm

Motor -RS540
Drive system – vertical ranging motor 4WD
Diff. gear system F/R – ball diff
Steering wheel tie rod -3 division
Suspension F/R – double wishbone
Damper also -F/R CVA (oirudanpasupamini)
Gear ratio -7.09: 1
Tire also -F/R width/diameter 24mm/64mm
Speed controller -ESC specification

Source : Tamiya

Where to buy ?

Tamiya (#58424) 1:10 TB-03 Takata NSX 2008 EP

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