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Serpent S400 Henriet wins in Belgium

s400 1 Serpent S400 Henriet wins in Belgium
“Last week, it was the MRCZ International Open Race in Zwevegem (Belgium). There were more than 80 drivers for all category. The track was very difficult and very technical, it was very hard to fast on 5min.
the level was very strong, and the TQ’s was for Olivier Bultinck, second Benoit Thomaes and I was 3…
s400 2 Serpent S400 Henriet wins in Belgium

In superstock class, the TQ was for the Serpent driver Nick Logie.

1.Olivier Bultinck
2.Benoit Thomaes
3.Manuel Henriet S400

1.Nick Logie S400
2.Andy Vandeborre S400
3.Renaud Gysemberg

For the finals, I’ve made some change on my car (tire additive, droop and camber link), and the car was faster to win the 2 last finals

In superstock, Nick Logie was the fastest in the 3 finals

1.Manuel Henriet S400
2.Benoit Thomaes
3.Olivier Bultinck

1.Nick Logie S400
2.Renaud Gysemberg
3.Andy Vandenborre S400

s400 3 Serpent S400 Henriet wins in Belgium

It was a perfect weeken for Serpent and S400.
I would like to thanks my sponsor, Serpent, Rc Connect, Mikovic Art Painting, Team Ptityo, xXx Racing and my father ;)”

Manuel Henriet

Source : Serpent

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