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Serpent S120 improved and more complete

1234570001size350 Serpent S120 improved and more complete
The Serpent S120 has made a very strong introduction on race-tracks around the world.

The new look with the one-piece machined rear pod, the unique central monoshock, the adjustable t-bar tweak-station with blades and the fully adjustable front end has brought a lot of innovations to 1/12.

1234569998size350 Serpent S120 improved and more complete

A few area’s needed some improvement and that has been taken care of now.
- improved T-bar design
- improved rear shaft

Now as standard in the kit 3 degree, 6 degree and 9 degree front blocks !!

1234570000size350 Serpent S120 improved and more complete

In the process are now more flexible body-posts front and kingpins with allen key adjustment. Will be released as soon as ready and will then flow into kit-production too.


Serpent S120
Ready to race.


Source : Serpent



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