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Serpent 960 version 09 is coming soon

1234570008size350  Serpent 960 version 09 is coming soon

Serpent will release the 09 version of the successful Serpent 960 platform in February 2009.

Michael Salven has developed a number of new idea’s over 2008 and discussed the performance of the current 08 version with Serpent drivers and Team drivers. Feedback of the drivers is used to take the 960 platform to its next level of development. It was clear that the Serpent drivers are really happy with the current 08 version already, as results also show clearly. So just wait and see how Michael Salven takes the 960 to an even higher level of engineering and performance.

The new design is concentrated on the rear end of the car to make it both stiffer , easier to assemble and maintain and feature new easy ways to change set-up. Special attention has been given to the alignment of the 2-speed and rear shaft, to ensure a very free drivetrain, especially under power. Lots of attention to detail and beautifull design all aimed to improve handling and sheer performance: faster, easier icon wink  Serpent 960 version 09 is coming soon

The proven rear-end geometry remains, so wishbones and uprights (OS2) remain. Also design of the transmission parts remain the same, but quality of the parts will move up further to cope with the ever increasing engine power. Superb quality spring-steel will be the basis for the transmission parts. The chassis changed a little along with the new rear end. The middle and front sections of the 960 remain, and also there quality of all parts has moved up where needed. RCC shocks have been revised slightly, but making a big difference.

You will be delighted with many detail changes in this new car, making the 960 even nicer to work on. So both driver and mechanic happy !

The 09 version of the 960 ( final name to follow) will be introduced as complete kit in a nice smaller packing with full color manual/ ref guide and new decals.
Serpent will also offer a conversion-set to turn the 08 version car into the new 09 version. Also this set will come with a full instruction-set.

For those who want to pre-order, here are the item-numbers to make your reservations:
903009 Serpent 96X 4wd 1/8 scale racing car
903326 Conversion-set 960-08 to 96X

More details and images to follow in next publications.

Team Serpent
Michael Salven / Ronald Baar

 Source : Serpent

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