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Last dates for posting of Christmas AIRMAIL 2008

Last dates for posting of Christmas AIRMAIL 2008

All information provided from Hong Kong Post Office apply to rcMart.com

Hongkong Post announced the last dates of posting for this year’s Christmas airmail.  To ensure that the airmail items are delivered before Christmas, customers are requested to post their items on or before the relevant last dates of posting. These dates are displayed at all counter offices.  Alternatively, customers may find the information at Hongkong Post’s website at www.hongkongpost.com.

The latest dates of posting for Christmas airmail to some of the major destinations are tabulated below:

Destination Letters & Cards Parcels & Packets
Asia Pacific
Australia 12.12.08 12.12.08
China, Mainland 10.12.08 10.12.08
India 10.12.08 10.12.08
Indonesia 12.12.08 11.12.08
Japan 12.12.08 11.12.08
Korea, South 10.12.08 10.12.08
Malaysia 13.12.08 11.12.08
New Zealand 12.12.08 12.12.08
Philippines 6.12.08 5.12.08
Singapore 15.12.08 12.12.08
Taiwan 12.12.08 6.12.08
Thailand 12.12.08 6.12.08
Argentina 10.12.08 10.12.08
Brazil 12.12.08 12.12.08
Canada 11.12.08 9.12.08
Mexico 10.12.08 9.12.08
USA 11.12.08 10.12.08
France 12.12.08 12.12.08
Germany 6.12.08 3.12.08
Italy 12.12.08 12.12.08
Netherlands 16.12.08 16.12.08
Portugal 12.12.08 5.12.08
Spain 15.12.08 15.12.08
Switzerland 12.12.08 11.12.08
United Kingdom 10.12.08 8.12.08

Enquiries on the subject can be directed to the Hongkong Post general enquiry hotline at 2921 2222.

Shipping by EMS

Don’t miss the last chance to send your Season’s Greetings

Christmas is just around the corner, and you may have forgotten about sending your Season’s Greetings during your busy workday. You don’t need to worry though, even if the latest time of posting for Air Mail has passed, because you can still rely on Speedpost.

The reliable and expeditious international courier service offered by Speedpost helps to deliver your blessings to your distant loved ones even after the latest posting date for Surface Mail. Speedpost also provides different sizes of Multipack for your easy packing. In addition to more economical postage, the cost of the box can be deducted from the shipment.

You can also check the delivery status of your gift items with our online tracking service anytime you like.

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Source: www.hongkongpost.com

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