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Novak HV Pro 6.5 Brushless System

3100 hv conversion combo2 2 Novak HV Pro 6.5 Brushless System

Novak is making it easier than ever to convert your 1/8-scale nitro off-road vehicle into an electric buggy by offering 10 inclusive HV Pro 6.5 Brushless System / Conversion Kit Combos with a Free Pinion Gear (#3100 – #3109). These 10 combo sets include the popular HV Pro 6.5 Brushless System – equipped with the fully-programmable HV Pro ESC and the powerful HV brushless motor – all of the necessary conversion components, including a specially designed motor plate and two exclusive battery boxes, plus a free Mod 1 Hardened Steel Pinion Gear. By investing in this all-in-one package, you will be able to save money, as opposed to buying all of the conversion items individually. Never before has the conversion process been simpler or more affordable. All of the benefits of brushless-electric power can be found in one box, so jump on the brushless bandwagon for a leaner, cleaner and less noisy-racing experience.

R/C enthusiasts can experience a new way to drive and race by converting their 1/8-scale buggies into brushles-electric machines.

*Better Performance: Novak sensored-brushless motors provide extraordinary throttle response and controllability, and better acceleration and low-end feel. This translates to better control on bumpy courses and makes clearing jumps easier. Brushless motors also operate consistently in varying weather conditions, so you don’t have to be a tuning expert.
*Lower Center of Gravity: Electric conversion provides a lower center of gravity for more agile and nimble handling. The weight of a converted vehicle is comparable to a nitro setup.
*Less Maintenance: Brushless systems are virtually maintenance-free. No engines to tune or rebuild and no spilled nitro fuel to clean up, so more time can be spent racing or bashing.
*Cleaner Environment: Brushless motors are far cleaner to run than nitro-powered vehicles and are healthier for indoor racing.
*Quieter: Brushless-powered cars are quieter than nitro-powered vehicles and will allow 1/8-scale buggies to run where noise restrictions are imposed.
*Plug and Play: With a brushless-powered system, just turn on the switch and go. No engines to start, tune or warm up.

Source : Novak

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